Ranking the top 5 moments featuring Fiona from “Shameless” season 8

Happy Monday TV fans!  As I woke up this morning, I felt a void not having a new episode of Shameless to discuss.  However, just because Shameless is done for the season, it doesn’t mean we have to take a break from the hilarious Gallagher family and friends cold turkey.  For today, I am going to be recapping and ranking the top 5 moments featuring the lovely Fiona Gallagher from season 8.  Whether she was trying to make a point to her family or giving her tenants a piece of her mind, Fiona fully embraced her new role as a land lady with spunk and class…well maybe not class, but she does get her point across after a few tries.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the full season yet.  My top 5 moments featuring Fiona from Shameless season 8 are:


Fiona is not a step in anyone’s rehab. (Moment from Season 8, episode 4)

Sean is back and Fiona is not about to let her heart stay shattered.  When Sean walks through the door, Fiona’s first reaction is to walk out and leave him standing there with his mouth open.  After she eventually goes to find out what he has to say, she learns that he is clean now, but also married and she realizes that she is a step in his recovery.  Fiona storms out of the restaurant but is not done just yet.  She writes down every lie and every promise in a fury and decides to let his wife know just how she is feeling.  Sounds like the perfect revenge, only Fiona tells all of this to the wrong woman and she starts screaming at her husband thinking he is using drugs again.  Sean then walks out of his motel room with his wife and Fiona just gets into her car laughing.  It’s great to see Fiona can still have a sense of humor even when she is dealing with the jerk who broke her heart and left her on her wedding day.  Fiona realizes that Sean is not worth it and heads home to be with her family.  You are much more than a step in a program Fiona, you are our hero!


Fiona was right.  (Moment from Season 8, episode 3)

When the kids come to Fiona about what to do about the angry meth dealer, Fiona is more than willing to help set it right.  But not before she has each and every member of the family say “I was wrong, you were right Fiona.”  Fiona has been telling them the entire time that this was a bad idea, but the kids continued on anyway and she wants them to learn a valuable lesson.  The Gallagher family then proceeds to dig up Monica.  So it happens that Fiona buried the rest of the Meth with their dead mother, Monica which leads to an interesting bonding moment between the siblings.  They are covered in dirt, digging for an eternity, and you would think this would be bad enough.  Carl then uses a forklift to speed up the process, only to drop the coffin, which opens suddenly as their dead Mother falls out.  Their screams of horror are hilarious, but they work together as a team while they continue to tell Fiona that she was right all along.


Fiona says “Game On!” (Moment from Season 8, episode 7)

Throughout episode 7, Ian demonstrates that he is not backing down and is still mad at his sister for preventing him from obtaining the shelter for the homeless kids he works with.  He pours ice-cold buckets of water on her, throws eggs at her apartment building, and sets up tents in the lot next door to bother Fiona.   “Occupy Fiona!” the kids scream repeatedly, while Ian uses a megaphone to get the full volume and effect he is looking for.  Fiona tries to be the bigger person and refuses to let Ian see that she is angry, but when he calls the fire marshal on her and messes with her business, it’s game on.  Fiona bribes the homeless teens with pizza and when that doesn’t work, she whips out her wallet.  “You get a 20 and you get a 20!” she shouts proudly, happy to have won.  Her pride is intact, but most of her money has been sacrificed for the cause.  Ian is furious that she has done this, but she tries to make amends by finding them another space to open the shelter.  She tells Ian how much she cares about him and loves him, genuinely worried about his well-being, remembering that family comes first.


Fiona rescues her dog, Rusty. (Moment from Season 8, episode 11)

After learning that the injured roofer, Rodney and his family are suing Fiona for 6 million dollars, she weighs her options and learns that she is basically screwed.  Not only did she hire an unlicensed contractor with no insurance, she also only has liability coverage up to half a million dollars.  Fiona would have to give up the apartment building and her house and still be in debt for the rest of her life if Rodney goes through with the law suit.  Fiona tries desperately to get the family out of her apartment and is shocked when she finds out they even changed the lock.  Fiona tries to make a deal with Ronald’s wife and even offers for them to stay in the apartment rent free for a year, but is not getting anywhere.  Fiona’s main concern is for her dog, Rusty, however.  She demands that “there better be water in her dog’s bowl” and launches a plan with her boyfriend, Irish Ford to save him.  After sealing the door shut and turning off the water, Fiona drills her way into the apartment and gets her dog, Rusty to safety.  Ronald’s daughter screams out for “Sparkles,” horrifying Fiona even further that they had the audacity to rename her dog.


“Time to go Gallagher.” (Moment from Season 8, episode 12)

After Fiona talks with her lawyer, she is horrified that Rodney and his family are actually demanding custody of her dog, Rusty…or “Sparkles” along with 3 million dollars.  Her lawyer explains that her best option is to sell the building and to declare bankruptcy but Fiona is not ready to give up on her hard work just yet.  After consulting with a few others, Fiona realizes that she is going to take back what is hers.  She meets Frank’s friend, “Pyro Paulie,” who provides her with instructions on how to smoke out Rodney and his family…literally.  After they vacate the building, Fiona gives them an offer on her terms.  She says she will pay them a few thousand now for them to leave and never come back and that she will continue paying them $500 a month after that.  Rodney’s wife refuses the offer, which prompts Fiona to begin lighting cash on fire to show them she means business.  Rodney realizes that a lawsuit can take a very long time before he may see any money and takes the deal.  Fiona is able to keep her building and now has a new relationship with Irish Ford to look forward to.  Things are looking up for Fiona after all.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Shameless below.  Happy viewing!


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