Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Mick” season 2 episode 17: “The Night Off”

Happy Wednesday!  After watching Fox’s The Mick season 2 episode 17 last night, I think it’s important to let those around us know how much they truly mean to us.  Expressing gratitude can go a long way, especially when you find yourself locked in a jail cell with a woman trying to make you into her “doll.”  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “The Night Off,” Alba is excited to take a much needed vacation weekend, leaving Mickey and the rest of the family in charge of a very important list.  Meanwhile, Jimmy makes a new friend, Chip tries to prove that he can be left at home unsupervised and Ben takes a lovely stroll down a back alley with his grandpa. My top 5 moments from The Mick season 2 episode 17 are:


Mickey listens to Ben’s story.

When Mickey agrees to let Ben tell her about his dream, she has no idea what she is getting herself into.  The story goes on and on and involves some type of werewolf robot but the details are not what are important.  The story goes on and on and seems never ending, as Ben follows Mickey around the house to fill her in on all of the details.  Mickey begrudgingly listens but gets to a point where she can’t take it anymore.  She tucks Ben in and he is confused since it is still light out.  “It will be dark when you close your eyes,” Mickey tells Ben in defeat and further explains that she doesn’t want to hear the end of the story “only because I want to marinate in the suspense.”  While this is only a part of Alba’s day, Mickey feels like she needs to go out to let off some steam since she just spent way too many hours invested into trying to follow Ben’s story.  After all, this is hard work.


Alba gets stuck in the train bathroom with a rat.

In the beginning of the episode, Alba is very excited to go on her spa weekend in New York.  When it seems like no one understands why she needs to get away, she reminds the family that “I am the glue that holds this house together.”  Alba is absolutely right and a vacation is just what she needs.  Only it doesn’t turn out the way she expects it to when she finds herself locked in the train bathroom with a rat.  While initially terrified of the rat, Alba warms up to him and even shares her booze with him.  The two hit it off and become friends, as Alba confides in the rat about her relationship with Mickey.  When the train conductor finally comes to let her out of the bathroom, the rat scurries off to her horror.


Jimmy makes a new friend.

After Mickey and Jimmy get into a fight after taking someone’s parking space, Jimmy meets his new best friend, Doug who jumps in to help out in the fight.  He even takes one guy out by punching in both eyes and explains that he “racooned him,” which is his signature move.  Jimmy is beyond impressed and spends the night out with his new friend.  He is thrilled to tell Mickey all about it and lets her know that they have a double date the next night.  Jimmy is beyond shocked when he learns that his new friend, Doug is gay and has a boyfriend.  He later explains to Doug that he is not homophobic and tells him about his friend, Anderson when he was growing up who used to practice kissing on him and ended up being gay.  Jimmy and Doug patch things up and it looks like the bromance will continue on after all.


Chip and Ben prove that they can take care of themselves…well maybe just Ben.

Ben is used to being left alone to his own devices and takes matters into his own hands, by pushing his grandpa, the Colonel in a wheel chair down the street.  Only the street leads him through several bad neighborhoods and dark alleys.  Ben even speaks to a prostitute who is offering up a good time and politely informs her that “we’re already having a great time but thanks!”  Chip, on the other hand, is not as capable as his younger brother.  When he learns he is home alone, he takes this opportunity to make a sandwich while shimmying around the kitchen as if it was his own personal dance floor.  It seems like everything is going fine until Chip slices off several of his fingers when he goes to cut the sandwich.  Chip screams out in horror and when Alba returns, there is blood everywhere.  This doesn’t faze Alba in the slightest, however; who tells Chip to find his fingers so she can get him to the hospital.


Mickey asserts her dominance.

Mickey is infuriated when Sabrina leaves the kids unattended, trying to get her to realize how much she does for the family.  When Sabrina tells her that it’s not her concern, Mickey takes things up a notch and handcuffs Sabrina to her younger brother, Ben, forcing her into babysitting duties.  Sabrina is not about to just accept this cruel twist of fate, however.  She chains up her grandpa, the colonel, to Mickey’s car, and the two are forced to hand over the keys to one another.  When Mickey leaves Sabrina to figure out what to do with Ben and the colonel, Sabrina is upset and storms into the restaurant.  Mickey warns her by saying, “don’t battle me…you will lose.”  Sabrina is up for the challenge, however; and both of them end up being arrested and thrown into a jail cell.  Sabrina is horrified by her surroundings and asks Mickey to protect her, but Mickey asks her to first admit how thankful she is for everything she does for her and the family.  Sabrina’s pride gets in the way and she quickly realizes she is on her own.  Sabrina’s nightmare is unfolding before her when her hair is being braided by another inmate who refers to her as a “doll.”  Mickey reminds her again that she can stop the madness if she just shows some gratitude.  Sabrina finally gives in, but not before the inmate rips out a chunk of her hair.  Mickey shrugs it off and tells her that “she earned it to be fair.”  It’s clear this hour in jail has changed Sabrina for the better as she offers to watch the kids for a few hours so that Mickey can relax in jail.  When the officer tries to explain to her that she needs to leave because she is free to go, Mickey asks what she needs to do to stay for a little while to get some much needed rest and relaxation.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on The Mick below. Happy viewing!


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