Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” season 2 episode 15: “There Will Be Blood”

Happy Thursday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Riverdale season 2 episode 15 last night, I am pondering whether or not blood really is thicker than water?  On the surface, it seems like familial bonds are the strongest there are, but it’s more than just sharing blood.  It’s about love, trust, and unconditional support.  While some characters manipulate the need for this bond to get what they want, others go in a completely different direction and swear allegiance to what could be their greatest enemy in an attempt to do the right thing.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Chapter Twenty-Eight:  There Will Be Blood,” Jughead gets closer and closer to finding out the truth, tracking down every lead he comes across.  Meanwhile, Betty enlists Kevin to help her find out what Chic is hiding, Hal wants a divorce, and a secret will from Mr. Blossom brings new and familiar faces to town.  My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 2 episode 15 are:


Cheryl and Toni continue to bond.

Choni is back for this episode and it’s about time Cheryl has someone in her corner.  When Cheryl learns about the secret will, she invites Toni to attend the reading and even helps her try on some of her clothes.  Cheryl’s mother is clearly not happy with her presence, but Cheryl is not about to let her ruin this.  Toni points out that Cheryl’s mother “is a nightmare” and Cheryl agrees with “isn’t she though?”  While this seems like a harmless observation, Toni is spot on when Cheryl eavesdrops on a private conversation between her mother and her long-lost Uncle Claudius, who seem to be hinting at getting rid of Nana Blossom and then Cheryl.  Is Cheryl’s life in immediate danger?  Who can she turn to for help?  Hopefully, Toni will continue to be there for Cheryl, as it looks like she may be in the need of some serious rescuing.


Jughead tries to uncover the truth behind Mr. Lodge’s master plan.

In the beginning of the episode, Jughead is hard at work, desperately trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle staring in front of him.  When Archie approaches him and tells him that Mr. Lodge bought Pop’s diner without anyone knowing, Jughead feels the need to get to the bottom of this because he thinks that Riverdale is in great danger.  After interviewing Pop and learning that Pop wants to keep this from getting out because he is trying to protect his family, Jughead obliges but not before he gets a mysterious phone call from a bus driver that has some information.  After learning that Mr. Lodge has a connection to “Shankshaw Prison,” he turns to his father, FP for some much needed assistance.  FP pays one of his former connections a visit in prison and they get some seriously helpful intel.  Intel so helpful, that it prompts Mr. Lodge to make some serious moves to avoid Jughead releasing a story that will hurt his plan.  Jughead is quickly becoming a dangerous threat to Mr. Lodge, but will Mr. Lodge take action against Jughead and FP or keep his plan moving quietly?


Cheryl’s father has a secret will.

Cheryl is surprised to find out about her father’s secret will, especially when she learns that a public reading will be held.  Everyone quickly discovers that half of Mr. Blossom’s assets will go to Cheryl and the other half will be split among anyone who can prove they have Blossom blood running through their veins.  Alice Cooper is beyond angry, when she realizes that this is the reason why Hal has now asked her for a divorce.  It also explains why Polly has decided to pay her family a visit as well, finally introducing them to her adorable twin babies.  While it’s clear that everyone wants their fair share of the money, Betty is surprised to find out that Chic does not want to have his blood tested, which immediately gets her spidey senses tingling.  After Cheryl delivers a heart-warming speech and tells the public that she wants “no more blood, no more madness, no more horror,” it’s like she unknowingly opened up a door to a new dangerous threat.  The spitting image of her father walks in the room, causing her to faint.  Don’t fret, Mr. Blossom is not back from the dead, but his identical twin brother, Uncle Claudius is here to claim his fortune as well.  While it initially seems like Uncle Claudius has good intentions and was merely trying to outrun the Blossom curse previously, he clearly has other motives, as he seems more than willing to comply with Penelope Blossom’s plan, putting our beloved Cheryl in great danger.


“CSI Nancy Drew.”

Betty has been having her suspicions about Chic for quite a while now, but has no solid evidence against him.  She enlists the help of Kevin to “webcam” with Chic and to probe him for information.  It seems like they are getting somewhere, but Kevin has second thoughts and feels bad about lying to Chic.  Even though Kevin is out, Betty takes matters into her own hands after hearing about Chic’s refusal to get his blood tested.  His suspicious actions continue when he makes side comments about wishing it was just him, Betty, and Alice again, after Polly has arrived with the twins, making Chic feel unwanted and overcrowded.  Chic gets what he wants after taking the twins out for a night stroll, when Polly announces that she is going to move to San Francisco.  While Polly may be out of the picture…literally, as he cuts her out of a photo, Betty is still on the case.  She sneaks into Chic’s bathroom and takes his dental floss to have it tested behind his back.  Betty is done with the lies and deception, as she confronts Chic and throws the results in his face.  She looks him straight in the eyes and convincingly says, “you’re not who you say you are so who are you?”  This is a question that we are all pondering right now for sure.  Since Chic is not Betty’s biological brother, what does he want with the Cooper family?  Is Betty in danger now that she has confronted Chic about his lie?


Archie and Veronica blur the lines between family and friendship.

When Mr. Lodge strategically suggests that Archie’s dad, Fred run for mayor, it seems like he is making Fred’s childhood dream into a reality.  However, Archie knows that being the mayor means becoming a “dog on a leash,” and he is not about to let his father get mixed up with this.  Veronica faces a difficult choice when her family asks her to convince Archie to get on board with this, which she clearly has mixed feelings about.  While both Archie and Veronica have trouble knowing which side to choose, Veronica jumps in to protect Archie from her father’s “apocalyptic wrath” and takes the blame for telling Jughead about Pop’s diner.  It’s apparent that Veronica loves Archie and will protect him, but will her father learn about her betrayal?  This is not the first time that Veronica has chosen to do the right thing over what her family wants.  After Mr. Lodge learns that Jughead is uncovering his plans to turn South Side High School into a prison, he quickly reveals this to Fred, hoping to keep him on their side.  The plan back-fires, however; when Fred announces he is out and wants no part of this.  This is not the future he wants for his town and for his son.  When he asks Archie to leave with him, Archie makes the bold decision to stay behind and hear what Mr. Lodge has to say.  He goes even further with his loyalty, when he signs a blood oath with Mr. Lodge and throws his notebook into the fire, destroying all of the secrets he has learned along the way.  Is Archie making the right choice or are his feelings for Veronica blinding him from the truth?  Mr. Lodge keeps things moving without showing any weakness, however; and Hermione Lodge announces that she is running for mayor with confidence and poise.  Now that all of the chess pieces appear to be in place, it looks like there is only one thing standing in Mr. Lodge’s way….Jughead Jones. 

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale below.  Happy viewing!


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