Ranking the top 5 moments from “Ash vs Evil Dead” season 3 episode 4: No Boys Allowed

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 episode 4 last night, I think it’s about time that Brandy bonded with someone other than Ash, her dead grandpa, or the queen of hell.  After all, this poor girl needs a break.  While Kelly is an excellent choice for this, it’s clear that they will not be braiding each other’s hair anytime soon.  Rather, they will need to team up to keep the forces of evil from ripping them to shreds.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “Unfinished Business,” Ash’s dad returns from the dead…again, but this time there are some good intentions behind it.  Meanwhile, Kelly and Brandy get attacked by a demon Pablo, Ruby learns that the Knights of Sumeria have surfaced again, and Ash finds out about the lost pages from “The Book of the Dead” before stumbling upon an unexpected bundle of…well maybe not joy.  My top 5 moments from Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 episode 4 are:


Ash’s dad is back…again.

After using his chainsaw to rip his already dead dad to pieces in front of poor Brandy, Ash’s dad returns again, but this time as a ghost.  Ash is more tolerable this time since the ghost is not influenced by Ruby and tells his dad “it’s nice to see you even though I’m looking through you.”  Ash’s dad always wanted to be a ghost and it looks like his dream has finally come true.  He reveals that he has returned to show Ash something important and proceeds to take him on a journey to his past memories.  Ash seems confused at first and his dad comically asks, “haven’t you seen It’s a Wonderful Life?”  While the memory reveals that his dad had the best intentions to protect Ash from harm, it shows him something even more important:  a Knight of Sumeria who possessed the lost pages of “The Book of the Dead,” which could be the key to Ash destroying all evil.


Ruby tries to get Dalton to talk.

Ruby is not pleased to learn that the Knights of Sumeria have re-surfaced and immediately recognizes the threat that they could bring.  She tracks down Dalton who is a deadite now and temporarily pushes away the evil so that she can get information from him.  Ruby demands to know where the rift is that contains the lost pages, but Dalton is not about to betray his calling or his friends.  He lets her know that they have the Kandarian dagger and will use it against her, right before blowing off his own head in a valiant, but really gruesome way to protect his friends.  Farewell new guy. 


“If you’re a deadite I’m in no fucking mood.”

Kelly proves once again why she is so bad-ass and amazing when she comes across Brandy, who is in desperate need of some female guidance.  After Brandy begins to whine about everything that has happened, Kelly cuts her off and says “hold up Daria.”  Kelly provides Brandy with a much needed reality check and tries to set her straight on Ash and Ruby.  While Kelly is a little rough around the edges at first, she does confide in Brandy about her own loss and tries to help her through it.  Unfortunately their female bonding is cut short when a demon Pablo jumps on the truck to attack them.  What’s the perfect background music for this violent attack?  You guessed it…Air Supply’s “All Out Of Love,” which really sets the mood for some serious ass-kicking.  Brandy and Kelly lock themselves up in Ash’s trailer, but Pablo continues to try and get in to retrieve the Kandarian dagger.  Pablo will stop at nothing to get in, which includes trying to wedge his way through Kelly’s open gash on her leg.  Talk about thinking outside of the box.


Ash learns about the lost pages from “The Book of the Dead.”

After re-visiting the past with his ghost dad, Ash decides that they need to return to the hardware cellar in present time to see if the lost pages are still there.  They discover a corpse that has been down there for way too long surrounded by empty cans of spam.  Ash’s ghost dad seems displeased by this, but Ash tries to remind him that the Knight of Sumeria was literally trying to survive since his dad locked him in a basement.  Ash comes across some type of hidden portal or rift in the wall and even sees Brandy’s friend Rachel.  While Ash desperately tries to put the pieces together, he gets attacked through the rift and has to put his chainsaw to work.  Ash’s dad has served his purpose and somewhat attempts to have a heart-to-heart moment with his son when he tells him that he will be a good father.  However, this moment is short-lived when Ash questions it and he admits “well not really.”  Either way, it appears that his dad has proven to be quite helpful, revealing the lost pages to Ash that could ultimately save the day.


Ash comes face to face with his demon offspring.

Ash tries to bring the fight right to Ruby and is surprised to find a woman chained up singing a lullaby in overwhelming fear.  Ash comes face to face with his demon offspring, although he doesn’t realize this just yet.  The woman begins to freak out and Ash tries to calm her down by telling her that he’s just sucking his thumb.  He quickly realizes that he is sucking someone else’s thumb and says, “ok that’s a choking hazard.”  Ash tries to get the woman out of there and tells her that he’s dealt with kids like this before just as the demon baby opens his mouth full of razor sharp teeth and the lights go out.  Even Ash is out of ideas here when he asks “what’s Norway for up shit creek?”  Will Ash be able to escape unharmed?  Is there still hope for Pablo?  Stay tuned for some more Ashy Slashy fun!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Ash vs Evil Dead below.  Happy viewing!


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