Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Mick” season 2 episode 18: “The Car”

Happy Wednesday!  After watching Fox’s The Mick season 2 episode 18 last night, I think it’s important to be able to use your street smarts and common sense if you are in a jam that you didn’t expect.  Whether you turn it into a game of football or even fishing, it’s sometimes necessary to think outside the box and use your head…literally in Mickey’s case, rather than wait for someone else to save the day.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “The Car” Mickey has had it with everyone being more involved with the internet than the real world and is determined to prove that a real life experience is much more rewarding.   Meanwhile, Jimmy buys a used cop car and meets a new friend from the future, Chip tries to embrace the false online persona he created to get closer to Sabrina’s friend, and Alba turns the tables on them out of boredom and love for the drama.  My top 5 moments from The Mick season 2 episode 18 are:


Mickey doesn’t like the internet.

In the beginning of the episode, Mickey is beyond frustrated when all of the kids are paying more attention to their phones than what is going on around them.  Mickey explains that she prefers the real world and “God forbid we have a human interaction.”  The kids mindlessly nod to her, clearly not paying any attention.  Mickey says, “Put your phones down.  Have an experience!”  When these motivational words don’t really make a dent, she is determined to go out and have an experience of her own.  She takes Ben along for the ride as well, hoping to change the mind of at least one kid.


Jimmy’s adventure.

Jimmy makes the impulsive decision to purchase a used cop car and it seems like he is living the dream, riding through the countryside with Mickey by his side and Ben locked in the back.  Mickey is not as thrilled, especially with all of the bullet holes decorating the windshields, but Jimmy insists that the car is built like a tank.  After he tries to convince her to take it for a ride herself, they go to switch seats and end up locking themselves out of the car with poor Ben in the back seat.  Trying not to panic, Mickey comes up with ways to get inside without alarming Ben, which include all sorts of smashing.  Jimmy tries to explain that they will be better off with a hanger and Mickey calmly asks, “It’s built like a tank but you can get into it with a coat hanger?”  Jimmy decides to go into town to fix the problem and save the day but becomes exhausted from the heat.  A stranger named Gary picks him up and Jimmy wakes up not knowing where he is, but completely fascinated with the smart car he is in.  At the end of the night, Jimmy says “thanks for the ride Morpheus.  Good luck in the future.”  Too bad he couldn’t predict that he would arrive hours too late after Mickey and Ben had already “saved the day.”


Chip pretends to be a fake online persona to get closer to Sabrina’s friend.

Sabrina seems thrilled to meet up with this guy she has been talking to online named Marcus, who is a tattoo artist.  Mickey is baffled by her lack of good judgment on this and asks, “are you sure he’s not a sick new murderer coming over to turn your skin into a cape?”  Sabrina doesn’t heed her warning, and Mickey gives up and tells her to have fun getting “chopped to bits by some nerd pervert.”  Chip later reveals to Alba that he is the one who created the online persona, Marcus in an effort to get closer to Sabrina’s friend, Holly.  His back story is beyond detailed and he even plans out his death from aids to explain his disappearance when the time calls for it.  “Creepy,” as Alba pointed out.


“It was hot.  I was bored.  I like drama.”

After learning about Chip’s fake online persona, Alba sees an opportunity in front of her that she just can’t ignore.  She tells Chip to give her $200 and she will help him with his plan so that he can “get the girl and get away clean.”  Chip takes the bait, not realizing that Alba has also approached Sabrina.  Sabrina explains that she knows the online persona is Chip and Alba explains that she will help her with her own plan to embarrass him in front of her friend, Holly if she pays her $200.  Alba is now successfully working both sides, carefully planning each detail with care.  Sabrina invites her friend, Holly over and Chip is chatting away with her when the doorbell rings.  In walks Marcus, who fits the online persona description to a T.  Chip is beyond confused and Alba explains that she hired a prostitute she found online to pretend to be Marcus.  Once everything is out in the open, Sabrina and Chip realize that they were both played by Alba and ask her why she did this.  She gives the perfect answer too when she merely explains that “it was hot.  I was bored.  I like drama.”  Go Alba!


Mickey saves the day…repeatedly.

After Ben gets locked in the cop car and Jimmy runs into town, Mickey realizes that it is up to her to save the day.  Her plan backfires, however; when she tries to smash a rock against the trunk of the car, which bounces back and hits her right in the face.  Even though her face is now gushing with blood, Mickey doesn’t give up here.  She begins smashing a piece of wood against the car repeatedly, screaming in complete frustration.  When this doesn’t work, she collapses to the ground and begins smacking her head against the trunk, which causes it to pop open.  It seems like everything is going to work out just fine, until the trunk closes and traps Mickey inside.  Mickey then rips through the back seat to get to Ben, but gets stuck in the process.  After a failed attempt to pull her out of there, she explains to Ben that they will need to play a new game which involves fishing.  Only the fishing rod is from her bra wire that Ben will need to help her retrieve with his eyes closed.  Ben is able to successfully use the wire to push the car into a different gear, only the car now begins to roll backwards to Mickey’s horror.  Mickey tries to calmly ask Ben to tell her what he sees and she panics when he says a pond.  Luckily, they are both OK and Mickey shouts in victory, “I saved us again!”   When asked how the real world was, Mickey refuses to admit that her real life experience did not turn out the way she originally planned.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on The Mick below. Happy viewing!


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