Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” season 2 episode 19: “Prisoners”

Happy Thursday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Riverdale season 2 episode 19 last night, I once again have Betty’s “Lollipop” ringtone playing over and over again in my head, but there is nothing sweet about Betty’s decisions, as she proves to be quite a dangerous force that you do not want to mess with.  Jughead got it absolutely right when he spoke about different kinds of “prisoners” and how difficult it can be to free oneself from a dark past, ambition, or a quest for revenge.  While our characters feel trapped behind bars figuratively speaking, Betty is quickly becoming an accomplice that could very well see the inside of a jail cell if she’s not careful.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Chapter Thirty-Two:  Prisoners,” the town comes together to mourn the loss of Midge, Mrs. Lodge recruits Cheryl to smear Sheriff Keller, and Mr. Lodge feeds on Archie’s ambition.  Meanwhile, the Black Hood begins calling Betty again, Alice comes clean to FP, and Chic confesses.   My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 2 episode 19 are:


Bughead is on the case.

Everyone has their own theories about the resurfacing of the Black Hood.  While some believe it could be a copy cat killer, others believe that Mr. Svenson had been set up, leaving the real killer unmasked and still out there.  Jughead throws out Chic’s name and Betty initially dismisses this since he had no motive to hurt Midge, but then finds a connection that is worth exploring.  We learn that Mr. Svenson and Chic were at the “Sisters of Quiet Mercy” around the same time and Mr. Svenson could have recruited Chic.  Bughead decides to check this out further and they talk to one of the sisters and get their hands on Chic’s file.  Only what they find is far from what they could have ever anticipated.  The picture in the file is not Chic.  Betty demands an answer, but the Sister explains that this is the Charles Smith who stayed there.  While fans have guessed that Chic is not who he says he is for quite some time, it’s all out in the open now and Betty confronts him in front of Alice to find out what he really wants.  Chic attacks them with a knife once he realizes his cover is blown, but Betty proves to be a force to be reckoned with when she knocks him out.  Alice is distraught and rushes out.  She feels guilty for turning away the real Charles Smith from her doorstep after Chic tells her he later overdosed as a result of her rejection.  Alice cannot bear the thought of being responsible for the death of her son.  While Betty is clearly angry at his betrayal, she refuses to let Chic go until she finds out the truth.


“No more secrets.  No more lies.”

Alice rushes over to FP and is in tears, not knowing what to do next.  She can’t take the lies anymore, which have been wreaking havoc on her conscience.  She tells FP that she had his child and he is beyond shocked.  As he tries to comprehend this news, he stays strong for Alice who is clearly at her breaking point.  FP asks if Chic is his son and Alice explains that Chic is someone else and that their real son is dead because of her.  While we know that Alice is not directly responsible for his death, her pain and suffering is heart-breaking, as the past comes racing to the present, refusing to let go of her until she finally deals with the secrets she has kept buried for so many years.  While this revelation may bring Alice closer to FP than she imagined, that will need to be put on hold until the madness subsides.


Archie tells Mr. Lodge he wants to bring down the Black Hood.

During the episode, Archie feels like he keeps seeing the Black Hood, convinced that they did not get the real killer.  He shares his concerns with anyone who will listen to him, including Sheriff Keller.  Archie is worried that the killer will circle back and go after his father again and refuses to let that happen.  Before Archie can do anything else, Nick St. Clair and some of his friends jump him and hold him captive for ransom.  Nick is the least of Archie’s worries, as he eventually breaks free to rush toward Veronica’s side.  Later in the episode, he talks to Mr. Lodge about what happened and reveals to him his intent to bring the Black Hood down.  Mr. Lodge finally has the leverage he needs over Archie to control him the way he wants and agrees to help him anyway he can.


“How much is it worth to get him back in one piece?”

After Archie is kidnapped, Nick calls Veronica and blackmails her, demanding one million dollars.  Veronica is beyond disappointed in her parents when they refuse to pay the ransom and takes some of the money herself.  She doesn’t have nearly enough, however; and Nick proposes that they have a night together to serve as the rest of her payment.  Veronica is initially appalled by this, but will do anything to protect Archie.  Nick puts on a live feed for Archie to watch, desperately hoping that he will hurt him as much as he has hurt him.  Veronica meticulously puts on her lipstick and dresses for the occasion, but can she really go through with something like this?  Like Betty, Veronica is not one to be messed with, as she uses her charm and femininity to her advantage.  She gives Nick a taste of his own medicine and roofies him, causing him to pass out.  You would think this would be punishment enough, but Veronica is not done yet.  She calls up Nick’s father and blackmails him for one million dollars and gets exactly what she demands.  Later, she puts the money on the table and tells her parents what she did; reminding them that she is a Lodge too and always gets what she wants.


“That’s your very own angel of death.”

After finding out that Chic is not really her brother, Betty has a sea of emotions taking over.  With almost perfect timing, the “Lollipop” ringtone begins playing, luring her back to the darkness.  She answers and the Black Hood greets her by saying, “Hello Betty.  You miss me?”  The Black Hood asks for Betty to deliver Chic to him so that he can get what he deserves, explaining that he has murdered before.  At this point, we are not sure if Betty will follow the Black Hood’s orders.  He isn’t threatening her right now, but merely requesting this, so she has every opportunity to keep her moral compass intact.  Betty pulls a gun on Chic and takes him to the cemetery, demanding that he confess.  Chic tells her that he did kill Charles after they got in a fight but that he didn’t mean to kill him.  His tears suggest that he is finally telling the truth, but it’s too late.  Betty tells him she will begin counting and give him a head start when the Black Hood shows up at the edge of the cemetery.  Chic begins frantically questioning her, asking her what is going on, but Betty remains unwavering.  Chic finally takes her advice and rushes off, as she nods to the Black Hood.  While we are unsure if Chic was able to make it out alive or not, it doesn’t seem like we will be seeing him again anytime soon.  And as for our sweet and lovable Betty Cooper…well she is playing a dangerous game that makes her role play days seem like a distant dream.  Has Betty fully committed to the darkness?  Will she become the Black Hood’s accomplice?  Her lies to Jughead and her family suggest that this is not over for her yet either, but is the Black Hood closer to her than she thinks?  After asking where her father is, did we just unmask Hal Cooper as the real Black Hood?  All signs point to yes, but stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale in the comments section below.  Happy viewing!


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