Ranking the top 5 moments from “Once Upon a Time” season 7 episode 19: “Flower Child”

After watching ABC’s Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 19 last night, Tilly got it absolutely right when she said that “it’s cruel really to be so close to happiness and kept so far away from it.”  Revelations are finally breaking through the curse, however; but will our favorite characters get their chance at a happily ever after before the witches cast their spell?  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Flower Child,” we learn about Mother Gothel’s past and her motives.  Meanwhile, Tilly finds out the truth about who her parents are and Lucy desperately looks for something that can save her father and bring her parents back together again.  My top 5 moments from Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 19 are:


“Now you are the Mother.  Remember what you were destined to blossom into.”

While it didn’t initially seem like Mother Gothel had any redeemable qualities, this glimpse into her past actually revealed a heartbreaking story filled with betrayal and loss.  We learn that Gothel is a tree nymph and comes from a magical grove, but she is curious about humanity and wants to know what it’s like to be mortal.  Gothel envies the pretty dresses the girls get to wear and the freedom they can explore, but lets her guard down when she is invited to teach some of her new mortal friends how to do magic.  Gothel’s naivete prevents her from seeing the cruel and wicked intentions of her new “sisters,” who tell her she is an “abomination” and destroy her grove.  Gothel is horrified to find her family dead and no longer feels like she belongs in any world.  Gothel is not able to take her mother’s advice and turns her destiny of being the “Mother” of nature into a quest for vengeance against humanity.  She recruits the first true member of her coven and it’s clear that she will not be finished until all of humanity pays for what they have done.  While we know that Gothel must be stopped, this glimpse into her past allows us to understand why she became so cold and broken along the way, making her story that much more complicated.  While we have seen other villains choose the path of good, Gothel only seems interested in furthering her revenge and confuses her coven with “family,” not fully grasping what this term actually means.


Lucy visits Dr. Facilier.

Lucy is not about to give up on her parents even though the magic that Dr. Facilier gave to Regina is gone.  She asks if there is any more magic to help her father and proves to be “quite the blackmailer,” which amuses Dr. Facilier.  He agrees to help her and explains that the first step is for her to find a symbol of Henry and Jacinda’s love.  Dr. Facilier is not helping Lucy out of the mere goodness of his heart, however.  He reveals that “a storm of witches is brewing” and that they will need magic to survive.  Whatever his intentions are, he is willing to help and Lucy sets off to find a symbol.  She goes through boxes of Jacinda’s old things and finds one box labeled “BL,” which means “Before Lucy.”  In the box, she finds a bag from Granny’s Diner and for a minute I was worried that she might find some rotten food that Jacinda forgot about, but the broken glass slipper is inside, shocking both Jacinda and Lucy.  While Jacinda tries to grasp the reality that she really is Cinderella, Lucy rushes off to Dr. Facilier so that her father can be saved.


“No matter how crazy…we’ll figure it out together.”

Gothel approaches Tilly and tells her that she is her mother.  Tilly doesn’t welcome her with open arms, however; and tells her “you’re either a liar or a monster.”  Gothel tries to feed her a story about wanting to change and looking for forgiveness, but Tilly walks away from Gothel and her false promises.  She goes to the only real “family” she knows right now and Rogers/Nook tells her that they will figure it out together.  Meanwhile, Gothel pays Margot a visit and takes some of her blood, refusing to abandon her plan now that she knows that Tilly contains the magic within her that will complete her coven.


“When I met you I loved you immediately…maybe because I already loved you.”

Henry and Jacinda have been getting closer and closer after realizing that Henry’s book might be real after all and that they did meet in another world in a fairy-tale.  It’s surprising that these two haven’t shared a kiss yet, but they do hold out with perfect timing, as Dr. Facilier breaks the curse on Henry.  The two finally kiss but Lucy is beyond disappointed when it doesn’t break the curse.  Has Gothel’s magic interfered with true love’s kiss?  Is there another way to break the curse and wake everyone up?


Tilly learns that Rogers is her father.

After Gothel takes some of Margot’s blood, she captures Rogers/Nook and lures Tilly to her.  She tells her that she is her real family, but Tilly will not help her.  She finally reveals that Rogers is her real father and offers her a choice.  Tillly can join the coven or watch her father die.  Even though Rogers tries to do the noble thing and tells Tilly not to give in, she cannot live in a world without her father.  Tilly has felt alone and unwanted up until now and she finally has a chance at new love with Margot and old love with her father.  She reluctantly joins hands with the coven and the spell is cast.  Did she make the right decision? What has the coven unleashed?  Will anyone be able to stop Gothel?  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Once Upon a Time in the comments section below.  Happy viewing!


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