Ranking the top 5 moments from “The 100” season 5 episode 6: “There is only Wonkru and There is No Place in it for You”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s The 100 season 5 episode 6 last night, I’ve learned that the “girl under the floor” is hiding no longer and is proving to be dangerous and ruthless now that she is out in the open.  While Octavia may refuse to compromise her role as “Blodreina,” she does recognize the many threats around her and decides to keep the greatest threat of all by her side.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “Exit Wounds,” Diyoza attempts to recruit members of Wonkru with Kane’s help, Clarke tries to convince Madi to leave before she is exposed as the true Nightblood, and Bellamy is having trouble recognizing his sister.  Meanwhile, Murphy and Emori finally get the chance to rehash their breakup, while Echo gets a second chance to do the right thing.  My top 5 moments from The 100 season 5 episode 6 are:


“That is not my sister.”

In the beginning of the episode, Octavia is beyond furious that Bellamy has brought the traitor, Echo back with him.  Octavia doesn’t care in the slightest bit that she is with Bellamy and coldly reminds her that “there is only Wonkru and there is no place in it for you.”  Bellamy finally begins to realize that “Blodreina” is not his sister anymore and that she has changed more than anyone could have thought possible in six years.  Bellamy continues to challenge her, however; and suggests that “maybe you should fight someone who’s not afraid of you.”  Bellamy shows off some of his own newly acquired fighting skills, proving that a real fight between the Blake siblings may be evenly matched after all.  While Bellamy has clearly not given up on his sister just yet, he refuses to give in to all of her commands and tries to get her to see reason, but it doesn’t look like he is getting through to her just yet.  It makes me wonder what would happen if Bellamy is called out as a traitor and placed into the ring to fight for his life.  Would Octavia really let her brother die in the name of Wonkru?  While we haven’t escalated to a situation like that just yet, Octavia is clearly making her own decisions without Bellamy’s input.


“This doesn’t mean we’re back together.”

Muprhy and Emori get some much needed screen time in this episode, as they are hiding in the caves of Shadow Valley from McCreary.  Murphy still has the electric collar around his neck and Emori tries to come up with a way to get it off of him, while shocking him unintentionally along the way.  These two finally get the chance to talk about their feelings and what happened in their relationship.  Emori explains that Raven helped her feel important and needed and that Murphy refused to be happy for her, almost expecting her to stay on the sidelines with him.  She explained that his actions broke her heart and this seems to really resonate with him.  After setting a clever trap for McCreary and his men, Murphy and Emori share a brief moment of passion before McCreary comes stumbling out of the caves.  Emori is excited that they have a hostage, but I’m not sure this is the safest plan.  McCreary is definitely playing the role of the dangerous psychopath perfectly, but I’m not sure how much Diyoza truly values him, especially when he continues to openly defy her.  We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.


“We’re the only thing that can defeat us.”

Diyoza proves once again in this episode that she is a very capable and intelligent leader.  She uses Kane’s Intel to her advantage and has food shipped to Wonkru with an invitation for any of them to join her in Shadow Valley if they abandon Wonkru.  She promises that they will not be harmed if they decide to leave and come to Shadow Valley.  McCreary thinks that Diyoza should have just used two missiles to make her point, but Diyoza explains that there are farmers and engineers in Wonkru who can be extremely useful.  Diyoza is always looking at the big picture and understands that survival can be limited if she doesn’t plan accordingly.  While her people may not be as loyal as Wonkru, she has demonstrated that she is able to look at every situation from all angles and perspectives, which is something that Octavia still needs to learn herself.  Diyoza understands that even if she doesn’t get many followers from Wonkru joining her, this plan will weaken Octavia’s leadership, as the “defectors” show their true intentions, making survival their number one goal.


“Whatever happens, I know we’ll find each other again.”

This is the first episode in season 5 where we really get to see Echo shine.  While there is a steady romance between her and Bellamy, Echo proves that she is fully capable of earning a second chance and making the right decision.  Octavia asks Echo to spy for her and to turn in the “defectors,” but Echo has a change of heart.  After speaking to some of the “defectors,” she learns more about what they have gone through here and she doesn’t want anything to happen to them.  Bellamy strategically suggests that they all defect and explains to Octavia that Echo can plant the flash drive that Monty needs on the ship, which will further their plan.  Echo explains that it will be easy to convince Diyoza of this cover story, especially since Octavia announced she was casting Echo out.  When Echo is running with the other defectors to the ship, Octavia gives the order for the other traitors to be shot.  Bellamy cannot believe that she would do something like this, but Octavia refuses to apologize for her actions.  Echo buries the flash drive in a bullet wound, but is in for a surprise when she and the other defectors are greeted by Diyoza and some electric collars of their own.  This may make it extremely difficult for Echo to carry out the plan, but what’s important is that Echo has grown as a character here.  She understands the importance of survival just like everyone else, but is loyal to Bellamy and is ready to do what is necessary to help.  Perhaps Becho is not such a horrible romance after all, but I have to say I am still rooting for Bellarke all the way.


“I know what it’s like to be the girl under the floor.”

Clarke is completely distracted during this episode, as she recognizes the danger that Madi is in here.  When Octavia and others ask how Madi survived, Clarke comes up with a cover story that she injected some of her own bone marrow into her to make synthetic Nightblood.  While this story may hold up for a little while, Gaia recognizes Madi as the true Nightblood and tells Clarke that it is still her destiny to protect her.  Nyla also finds out the truth and Gaia tries to explain to Clarke that Nyla is not her friend and will put Wonkru above her every time.  Clarke’s motherly instincts take over, as her only priority is to get Madi out of there safely.  She briefly tells Bellamy that they need to find her before it’s too late, but it’s clear that there is a lot that Bellamy and her need to discuss.  After all, six years is a long time.  Madi’s naivete convinces her that she can trust Octavia, especially after hearing all of Clarke’s stories about her.  She goes directly to Octavia and tells her everything.  When Clarke interrupts, Octavia is initiating Madi into Wonkru.  Octavia tells Clarke that Madi will be under her protection and that she will keep her secret safe.  But can we trust Octavia?  Even though Madi has no interest in being named the true Commander, Octavia is smart enough to understand that her people will turn on her if they find this out, so keeping Madi as close as possible is a good plan.  However, this makes Clarke’s job that much more difficult now.  While Madi sees everything through the eyes of an innocent child, Clarke has experienced enough to know a dangerous threat when she sees one.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The 100 in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


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