Ranking the top 5 moments from “Shameless” season 9 episode 4: “Knock Off That Golden Daffodil Sh*t!”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching Showtime’s Shameless season 9 episode 4, I learned some valuable lessons from the Gallagher family such as:  what a duel is, that every vote can be bought, and that loving waffles doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to move in with someone.  Perhaps some of the Gallagher gang need to pump the breaks a little bit, but we are definitely along for the ride.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Do Right, Vote White!” Debbie begins to fall for her new girlfriend, Alex, and is excited that they enjoy the same breakfast meal.  Meanwhile, Liam gets a FastPass to the sixth grade, Kev discovers his new talent as a consultant, and Fiona gets involved in politics.  My top 5 moments from Shameless season 9 episode 4 are:


“I love waffles!”

I also love waffles Debbie, but I’m not sure that means I’m ready to move in with you just yet.  During this episode, Debbie and Alex begin to take their relationship to the next level.  They quickly discover that they both like a lot of the same things, but jump into moving in together rather quickly.  When talking about their past relationships, Debbie starts talking about some of the men she has been with a little too much and Alex has second thoughts.  Alex asks Debbie to leave, fearing that she is going to fall in love with a straight girl again and make the same mistake.  Debbie is confused, but has literally been gay for maybe two days or hours?  When Debbie comes home, she blurts out that she is upset about the breakup and Lip unintentionally offends her by asking who Alex is.  It looks like Debbie’s brief encounter with her lesbian side may be over, but hopefully she will realize that baby Franny is the most important gal in her life right now.


“I’m not a traitor to my class.”

Fiona gets surprisingly over involved in politics and throws her support toward Ruiz initially.  Irish Ford is surprised by her choice and Fiona reveals that it is mostly because of rent control.   Fiona becomes passionate about who is she is backing and even takes down Mo White posters hanging in Patsy’s Pies while customers are sitting there.  She offers free pie to anyone who will wear a Ruiz button, proving her theory that “every vote can be bought.”  While Fiona may have a point, she soon realizes that she needs to change her tune and vote, but not before she punches one of Frank’s “white men” at a riot to get her point across.  Glad to see that you haven’t turned your back on the South Side, Fiona!


“Are you the vagina safe guy?”

Kev turns his small “vagina safe zone” drawing into a large sign and is ready to get the Alibi off the “rapiest bar” list.  Kev and V have put in a lot of effort on this and Kev even invites Beth from the “South Side Beat” back to “reinspect” the bar.  Kev is thrilled when they are off the list and are now known as a “female friendly dive bar.”  Progress right?  Either way, female customers are walking through the doors and a new business opportunity comes Kev’s way when another bar owner on the list approaches him and asks for his help and expertise.  Kev embraces his new talent as a kind of “vagina safe zone” consultant and even wears a suit to show that he means business.  Go Kev!


“What the f*ck is a duel?”

Carl is slightly worried that he may be losing his “homicidal mojo” and seeks out some help to get it back.  He is hilariously challenged to a duel after he takes someone’s spot at West Point, but he is having second thoughts on taking out the competition.  Carl and his competition end up at a standstill after taking their 20 paces, not really feeling right about shooting the other one.  Carl’s competition hilariously shoots himself in the leg and reveals that his father wants him to go to West Point and that he would rather go to school to be a poet.  After showing off some of his material and reciting something about the “golden daffodils,” Carl has had enough and shoots him again as requested so that he is too injured to go to West Point.  Carl is happy to have his mojo back and his competition hilariously calls out, “Thanks man!” but maybe he should get to a hospital…like right away.


“I want her back.”

During the episode, Lip meets Xan’s mother, who has come back to retrieve her daughter.  Lip is hesitant to let Xan go back to her mother because she is a junky and unreliable.  Lip doesn’t want Xan to get hurt and decides to take things further when he follows Xan’s mother and discovers that she is also “hooking” for some fast cash.  Lip later approaches Xan’s mother and offers her ten thousand dollars if she will relinquish her rights as Xan’s mother and designate Lip as Xan’s legal guardian.  Before they can go any further, Xan has followed Lip and is so excited to see her mother.  She runs into her mother’s arms and Lip realizes that he cannot possibly separate Xan from her mother, even though she has made so many mistakes.  In a heartbreaking moment, Lip leaves the envelope of money and runs away, trying so hard to do the right thing for Xan.  While it’s clear that Lip cares so much for Xan, he understands the importance of family and wants Xan to grow up loved.  Will Lip be able to move on with his life without Xan?  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts on Shameless below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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