Ranking the top 5 moments from “Fear the Walking Dead” season 4 episode 16 season finale: “We’re Coming For You”

Happy Tuesday TV fans!  After watching AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 16 season finale, I think that John Dorie got it absolutely right when he says that “Some fish in this world you can’t catch no matter what you dangle in front of them.”  So do you leave them be or do you keep trying, even though you know what the outcome might be?  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “…I Lose Myself,” we catch up with Al and witness her struggle to escape the walkers who are surrounding her at the parking garage at every corner.  Meanwhile, Morgan makes the decision to go after Martha alone, promising his friends that he will catch up to them, but they are all in for a threat that no one saw coming.  My top 5 moments from Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 16 season finale are:


“I want you to give him a message.”

In the beginning of the episode, Al is surrounded by walkers and ends up in a parking garage near the hospital.  Al tries to get a message to Morgan and the others over the Walkie, but is not able to get through to them.  Martha catches up to Al; however, and unleashes poor zombie Jimbo on her, but Al is able to stop the immediate threat on her life.  However, she hesitates when faced against Martha, who knocks her out.  Martha later tells Al that she thinks she is strong and that she watched her tape.  She uses Al as a message for Morgan and includes a tape of her very own for him.  Even though Al is strong, she does still hold on to her humanity, which is the main reason why she hesitated when it came to eliminating Martha.  Luckily Al is all right for now, but that was a close call for sure.  Great to have you back Al!


“Leave them be.”

John Dorie gives Morgan some really strong advice about what to do about Martha, but Morgan insists on trying anyway.  During the entire season, I have been very touched by the strong friendship between John and Morgan.  John later radios out to Morgan that he is the strongest person he knows, remembering that he was there when Morgan was at his breaking point.  John may be the first person who really got through to Morgan after he left Alexandria and has become a strong motivator for him now.  John is a true believer and even though his own faith has been tested, he stays true to his positivism, which is infectious to everyone around him…in a good way.


“Have you seen the movie selection here?”

John and June finally have a moment together when they are browsing the shelves at the truck stop.  This gives June a sense of nostalgia and John teasingly comments that the movie selection is a bit lacking, however.  June finally opens up to John and lets her guard down, explaining that she was afraid that he would realize that she wasn’t who he thought she was.  John touches our hearts and souls when he says, “I know you.  Doesn’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine.”  As corny as it may sound, it is so true to who John Dorie is and you can’t help but smile here and cheer when these two finally embrace and share a passionate kiss.  It’s about time you two!


“You either kill me or I kill you.”

After watching Martha’s message, Morgan decides to go after her alone.  Morgan explains that he understands Martha because he used to be her.  He further reveals that she thinks killing is the only way, which is something that still haunts Morgan now.  Martha is severely injured and Morgan offers to help her.  He finds her at mile marker 54, lying next to her husband’s grave and Martha does open up to Morgan about her husband in the police car.  Martha reveals just a sliver of hope here, but she refuses to let Morgan make her be weak.  When Morgan tries to hand her the medicine, she attacks him and the car is run off the road.  Martha has been given so many chances, but Morgan is still not able to end her life.  Even after being badly injured himself, he tells himself that he has to keep going, especially when he learns that Martha has poisoned his friends by putting antifreeze in the drinking water.  Morgan comes very close to killing Martha, but spots the reflection of “I lose people…I lose myself,” written on his forehead.  Even though it was not Martha’s intention, this actually saved her life, as it was a reminder to Morgan about who he was before and who he can still be now.  Morgan chooses life and desperately tries to make it to his friends on foot before it’s too late.


“Hang in there.  We’re coming for you.”

Morgan finally gets through to his friends over the Walkie and June reveals that they need ethanol to counteract the antifreeze poisoning.  Luckily there is a truck filled with it right outside.  Seems simple enough, right?  Well we know that nothing comes easy on Fear TWD.  The group does a fantastic job of distracting the walkers and making it to the truck and Al unleashes her fury on the horde by opening fire on them.  Unfortunately, the truck begins leaking out the ethanol they need and it looks like all hope is lost.  Just when it seems like they are all running out of time for good, Morgan heroically shows up with Jim’s old beer truck, ready to help save his friends.  Sarah comments that Jimbo has saved their lives twice now.  Morgan eliminated walker Jimbo back at the police car, but hopefully he can rest in peace knowing that he truly did save his friends.  In a heartwarming moment, Victor also opens up to Alicia and is happy to finally have a new drinking partner, realizing that Madison would want it to be this way.  Morgan does ultimately head back to check on Martha and discovers her bloody arm hanging from the cuff.  Walker Martha is stumbling down the street and Morgan eliminates her as a threat once and for all.  So long Martha.  I can’t say that we’ll miss you.  Everyone is ready to head off to Virginia, but Morgan decides that he doesn’t want to go there anymore and takes them to the Denim Factor that “Polar Bear,” otherwise known as Clayton, used.  Morgan explains that no one is being forced to stay, but that they can truly do something great here.  Alicia adds that they can build this into something more and that’s how you help people, truly trying to reestablish her mother’s vision.  They decide to start with the tapes and find people out there who need their help, allowing Clayton’s work to continue on, holding on to the hope that there is still good in the world.  Even though it seems like they are surrounded by death and despair, Morgan and the others have learned the importance of helping others and that it does matter.  At the end of the episode, Morgan tells anyone who may be listening, “Hang in there.  We’re coming for you,” hopefully sparking the belief in anyone who may have lost their way.  The season finale ends on a positive note, rather than a major cliffhanger, which was actually refreshing.  The whole concept of helping others has been present during season 4 and this was the perfect way to honor that and inspire hope in fans everywhere that Morgan Jones and the rest of the group will continue to try and bring some life back into the world…one box at a time.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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