Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Purge” season 1 episode 10 Season Finale: “Let’s Go Save Some Lives”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching the USA network’s The Purge season 1 episode 10 season finale last night, the voice over reminded us that, “Participation is dangerous.  It’s risky.  But that risk gives way to unyielding rewards.  Just make sure you’re ready for a world of possibility.  Anything can happen.”  Anything can happen indeed, as we all placed our bets to determine who would be victorious at the end of Purge Night.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “A Nation Reborn,” Joe puts Rick and Jenna on trial and we find out exactly why he is holding a grudge against them.  Meanwhile, Miguel and Pete the Cop continue to work together to make it to the school on time and Penelope has a plan of her very own that you’ll never see coming.  My top 5 moments from The Purge season 1 episode 10 season finale are:


“I know.  Stop reminding me.”

It’s Rick and Jenna’s turn to face their own trial and Rick tries to tell Joe that his wife is pregnant, but Joe is unimpressed by this and tells Rick to stop reminding him about it.  We get a detailed flashback that reveals that Joe was going to do the security for Rick and Jenna’s building, but that Rick voided the contract when he wasn’t satisfied by the work.  Joe tried to beg Rick to consider, explaining that this would ruin him, but Rick refused.  Rick reminds Joe that he did pay him, but Joe doesn’t want to hear it.  While this explains Rick’s involvement, what about Jenna?  Joe blames her for “willful ignorance” and says that she is “guilty by association.”  After all, there really is no reasoning with Joe.  Jenna is beyond upset at this point and blames Rick initially.  She tells him, “You put us here.”  Rick continues to try and get through to Joe, reminding him that it was just business, but this is the last thing Joe wants to hear.


“I got a stupid idea.”

Miguel and Pete the Cop are still trying to make it to the school, but they are not having an easy time doing so.  These two are an unstoppable team and they work very well together.  Miguel and Pete the Cop take out Rex and his men one at a time, setting them up and knocking them down.  When they finally arrive at the school, they realize that they need to do something about the doors being rigged and Pete has “a stupid idea.”  Pete tells Rex he wants to make a deal and lures him over to the trip wire that Miguel set up.  Pete is very convincing and the plan works like a charm.  Seriously can we give these two their own spin-off series?  Even after Pete gets shot, he is still fighting; reminding us that you can’t get rid of him that easily.  I have to say that I was very happy that Pete ended up remaining one of the good guys, as he is definitely one to root for.  Even though Miguel was doing just fine on his own, this partnership really elevated their status as bad-ass heroes. 


“Do it for our baby.”

Joe has heard enough and tells Jenna that he does believe in fairness and offers her the chance to save her and her baby’s life by purging her husband.  While we know that Jenna and Rick have had their fair share of problems, I’m not sure that Jenna is capable of doing this.  Rick tells Jenna that he loves her so much and Jenna tells him that she loves him too.  Rick tells her to do it for their baby and Jenna pulls the trigger, but the gun is not loaded, revealing that this was one of Joe’s twisted tests.  After Jenna and Rick make it away from Joe, Rick is shot and killed when he tries to save Jenna.  It looks like Rick will not be getting that cruise to Tahiti anytime soon, but at least he redeemed himself and proved his love to Jenna and his unborn child.


“I think I can get us out of here.”

While Rick and Jenna are on trial, Penelope continues to try and break free.  After several attempts, she is successful and frees the other prisoner as well named Paige.  Penelope thinks outside the box and taps into Joe’s twisted mind, realizing what she needs to do next.  Penelope holds a screw to Paige’s throat and tells Joe that she will purge her.  Joe takes the bait and says that she is his purge, playing right into Penelope’s trap.  Penelope viciously stabs Joe in the eye with the screw and runs away with Paige.  What’s with Penelope and her brother trying to blind their victims?  Is this like a thing?  I have to admit that it was extremely disturbing to watch Joe pull the screw out of his eye, but he is not ready to give up just yet.  Either way, it’s safe to say that Penelope is no longer the victim.  She has found her strength and she is not about to give up now.


“The country you’re destroying, I want to help rebuild.”

After Penelope runs away from Joe, Paige refuses to listen to her and ends up getting killed by one of his traps.  Penelope keeps going and finally comes face to face with Joe by the pool.  Penelope is not afraid; however, as she stands up to Joe and tries to tell him everything that is wrong with Purge Night.  Penelope wants to help people and explains that others are ready for change as well.  Joe is like a stubborn child and continues to repeat lines from the voice over and we finally learn where the voice over comes from.  Penelope is all too familiar with these lines and she says they are from Bobby Sheridan’s lectures and that the cult used to listen to them to try and understand why purgers were broken.  Penelope asks Joe, “If purging really worked, wouldn’t we stop needing it?”  Only Joe doesn’t want to hear anything else.  Miguel finally arrives and shoots Joe, but Joe refuses to die.  Penelope fights him as well and they are all interrupted by the siren, indicating the end of Purge Night.  Joe backs away and understands the rules, but threatens Miguel and Penelope, reminding them that he will find them next year.  Miguel is not ready to take that chance and shoots Joe and pushes him in the pool.  We know that this is considered illegal now that Purge Night is over, but Pete has Miguel’s back and tells him that he heard the shots fired before the siren.

So our final survivors are Miguel, Penelope, Jenna, and Pete the Cop.  At the end of the episode, we flash to a year later and see Jenna with her baby and Miguel and Penelope at Pete’s bar, getting ready to go out and save some lives.  The voice over reminds us that “Purge Night ends, but The Purge goes on and on.”  After all, there is always next year and we now know that The Purge has been renewed for a second season.  See you in 2019 fellow citizens!  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The Purge below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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