Ranking the top 5 moments from “SMILF” season 2 episode 3: “Birthday twins!”

Greetings TV viewers!  After watching Showtime’s SMILF season 2  episode 3, I was reminded that one night can have a ripple effect on so many others, only you don’t always realize it.  After Bridgette’s fiasco last week, we actually get to learn how her night impacted other characters on the show, which was clever and fun.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In tonight’s episode, “Surrogate Mothers Inspire Loving Families,” which is a play on SMILF, Bridgette takes the statue of Mary home and tries to recover from her crazy adventure.  Meanwhile, the episode is split up into three parts, allowing us to see how that same day impacted:  Ida, Ally & Mindy, and Elsie.  My top 5 moments from the SMILF season 2 episode 3 are:


“Everybody always misses my birthday.”

In the beginning of the episode, we flash back to “earlier that day” and Ally starts talking about how everyone always misses her birthday.  Ally is clearly in a rut because of Mr. Daddy’s infidelity, but she desperately tries to put a bright spin on everything.  Only we quickly learn that this big day for Ally actually impacts a lot of the people around her as well.


“Come dance with me.”

The first perspective of the episode belongs to Ida, who works very hard for Ally.  We learn that Ally’s daughter, Chloe, actually has a very close bond with Ida.  Ida even helps her “roll” out her fat so that she feels confident for her date.  After the date, Chloe is upset and feels rejected, but Ida keeps her staying positive, as the two of them dance away their worries, which is heartwarming and special.  Even though Ally is Chloe’s mother, I’m not sure that Chloe feels comfortable talking to her about her problems, but it’s nice to see that she has another woman under her roof who is there for her.


“I hate Judge Judy.”

During the “Ally & Mindy” portion of the episode, Ally gets a call from her son and has to pick him up from school because he is not feeling well.  Ally tries to bond with her son and suggests that they can curl up on the couch and watch television together, but her son hilariously reminds her, “I hate Judge Judy and it’s so predictable.”  Later on, Ally wants to go into a store and tries to get her son to behave and says he can buy whatever he wants at Target and that “he can shoot guns all night” as long as he remains quiet, which is not the phrase that Ally opted for.  It doesn’t look like the bonding is going anywhere, however.


“Thank you Miss Ally and your cheating ass husband.”

The third part of the episode is from Elsie’s perspective and she is beyond excited to go to a concert later on.  After Ally decides to replace her own refrigerator simply because it doesn’t go with the rest of the decor, she agrees to let Elsie have the discarded refrigerator, which frees up some money so that Elsie can go get her hair done in style.  Unfortunately, Elsie misses out on the concert when she gets the call from Ally to babysit Larry while Ally and Bridgette go out for her birthday, but she ends up making the most of it by dancing the night away with Mindy, while keeping a watchful eye over Larry of course.


“Birthday twins!”

During the Ally & Mindy portion of the episode, Mindy helps Ally in the store she works at.  Ally has been desperately trying to obtain a rare Birkin bag, which costs $23,000 and is tired of being put on the waiting list.  After discovering that Ally and Mindy share the same birthday, Mindy decides to help out Ally after being snubbed by another customer who was waiting for the bag.  Ally isn’t the kindest to Mindy either, but Mindy is still sweet to her and ends up watching Larry with Elsie when they are unable to go to the concert together.  It seems like Ally doesn’t really know how to hold on to a friend, but perhaps she should take a further look at the women around her who are always there for her.  Birthdays are a time for celebration, but we also tend to take a good hard look in the mirror at ourselves and determine where we are in our lives.  Ally may still need some time to recover over Mr. Daddy, but I think that she should take a cue from Ida, Elsie, and Mindy, who seem to make the best of their situations no matter what.  At least Ally got that Birkin bag though.  Stay tuned for more SMILF fun!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts on SMILF below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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