Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Passage” season 1 episodes 9 and 10: “You Taught Me Everything”

Happy Tuesday TV fans!  After watching Fox’s The Passage two-part season 1 finale, we learned that “one world died and another was born.”  But in this new world, everyone has to live with their choices and consequences.  Will they rise up and continue to fight or will they give in to the darkness?  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.

In last night’s episodes, “Stay in the Light” and “Last Lesson,” we learn what happens next when the virals wake up, as the twelve are now complete.  Meanwhile, Amy is faced with some impossible decisions, sacrifices are made, and a new future is upon us.  My top 5 moments from The Passage season 1 episodes 9 and 10 are:


“It has to be me.”

During the episode, Dr. Sykes is still trapped and Clark and the others try to get her out and retrieve the antiviral, especially after Lila is infected.  While Dr. Sykes is trying to stay calm, Shauna breaks in and these two come face to face with one another.  Only Shauna doesn’t initially attack Dr. Sykes and taps into her mind to ask her why she had been nice to her.  Dr. Sykes tells Shauna that “in another world we could have been friends.”

But is Shauna stalling or is there something more here?  Before we can find out anything further, Brad shoots Shauna, causing her to flee and tries to help Dr. Sykes.  Amy is faced with an impossible decision, as she decides to push the button that will destroy that section of Project Noah with Brad and Dr. Sykes still inside.  Amy is prepared to make this sacrifice, proving to really be the bravest person in the world.  They have less than two minutes to get out, but the virals show up to make things interesting.

Dr. Sykes knows what she must do and tells Brad to get the antiviral to Lila and the CDC, sacrificing herself to save as many lives as she can.  Dr. Sykes has always put the needs of the many above her own and she stays true to her integrity in this heartbreaking moment.


“I have work to do.”

After the virals escape, Dr. Lear blames himself and contemplates taking his own life.  However, Lacey shows up and changes his mind, reminding him that he still has work to do.  Dr. Lear may have been the “author of this horror show,” but with Dr. Sykes gone, he could be the only one to stop it and potentially save the world.  It’s a long shot, but Dr. Lear refuses to give up even when Fanning continues to appear to him in his mind.  Even though the future looks bleak, it’s good to see Dr. Lear trying to make a difference and fix things with Lacey’s support.


“Maybe I could be that girl in the diner again.”

After the explosion, we learn that the virals are still alive, as they are finally free in the world.  Clark and the others try to stop as many as possible, but Clark is severely injured and about to die.  Shauna approaches him and he says, “I was wondering when you were going to show up.”  Rather than rip him to shreds, Shauna taps into his mind and the two of them are lying on the hood of a car together, away from all of the chaos and noise.  Shauna explains, “I thought this might be a nicer place to die.”  Clark seems ready to accept his fate, but Shauna offers him a choice.  Clark accepts and Shauna saves his life, but there is a price.

The two of them are now blood linked and 30 days later, Clark is bringing Shauna live bodies to consume.  However, Shauna wants out of their deal, as Clark has been keeping Vegas as safe as possible, but she feels like he is starving her.  All of the virals returned home when they escaped and their homes quickly became “hot spots.”  Clark feels trapped in his circumstances, but he still shares a strong connection with Shauna, as he gives in and kisses her passionately, suggesting that this link is nowhere near severed.

It’s interesting to see that Shauna took a different approach, as Carter was unable to tame the beast within him.  What made Shauna different and what will she do next?  We’ll have to wait and see, but this dark seduction between her and Clark seems like it will continue.


“For me, this was the best time…we were a family.”

During the 30 days later portion, we learn that Amy is with Brad and Lila at a cabin.  It seems like everything here is serene and untouched, as we witness Amy and Brad fishing together.  Amy finally has a family, but everything is temporary.  For those of us shipping Brad and Lila, they finally get the opportunity to reconcile and be together, but Lila recognizes that she has a duty to the world.  Lila decides to leave and try and help others with Lacey, leaving Amy alone with Brad.

Brad teaches Amy how to use a bow and arrow and how to take care of herself.  Brad recognizes that the threat is nowhere near over and he wants her to be prepared.  In a heartwarming moment, we see Brad braiding Amy’s hair.  Amy asks him how she looks and he says, “Like a bad-ass.”  Brad reminds Amy that she is not like Fanning.  He tells her that she has a good heart and that she is the bravest person he has ever met, which is truly touching.  I wish I could freeze this moment in time for them, as Amy and Brad have a bond that is so real and beautiful.  Only, we know that things are about to change and they change so quickly.


“Sometimes the right thing is the hardest thing in the world to do.”

Fanning continues to try and tap into Amy’s mind to manipulate her when she is at the cabin.  After a neighbor is infected, Brad gets bitten and Amy is left with another impossible choice.  Seriously, this poor girl has so much to deal with.  The new friends they met tell Amy that they need to shoot Brad before he turns, but Amy refuses to let this happen.  Amy unleashes the monster buried deep within her and kills them.  She gives Brad the cure and leaves, which is beyond heartbreaking.

Amy says, “I don’t regret what I did.  I only regret running away.”  She recognizes that Brad taught her everything.  She found a family because of him and she learned how to be ready.  At the end of the season finale, we flash forward to 97 years later in the Palm Desert.  Amy still has her bow and arrow and takes out a viral, explaining that the world has been taken over by them.  However, humanity still exists in some places and Amy holds on to the hope that Brad is somehow still alive, which keeps her going and reminds her “not to panic.”

Overall, there was so much jam-packed into this two-part season finale, that I almost don’t know where to start.  We know that Amy initially saw the future and saved Fanning from dying, but why did she do this?  There are so many unanswered questions, but I appreciate how much the show tried to stay true to the book while also creating some unique differences and I really hope that the series gets picked up for another season because I am not ready to say goodbye to Amy just yet.

The performances were all incredible and I just wish we had more episodes right now.  This show genuinely surprised me and it has the potential to continue to carve its way into one of my favorite series of all time.  Let’s just hope we get to see what happens next!  

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on The Passage in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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