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Betty and Jughead on Riverdale, better known as Bughead!  It seems like so many of our favorite couples on the show are drifting apart or ending their relationships, but Bughead still remains strong.  I think this has a lot to do with the friendship and support  between these two.  Betty and Jughead are both far from perfect and have so much drama surrounding them, but they always find a way to work with one another, proving to be loyal through the end.  Betty and Jughead also have a beautiful friendship that provides their relationship with stability.  They work together on mysteries, which is beyond adorable and I wouldn’t want anyone else on my case other than them.

While this couple does have its share of faults, as Betty has hidden things from Jughead before, they have an epic connection that allows them to compromise and work through their issues together.  I was initially worried when Jughead said he wanted to find out more about his mother on his own, but he eventually worked through this and asked for Betty’s help at the end of the episode, “American Dreams,” reminding us exactly why they are the King and Queen of the Serpents.  What’s next for Bughead?  I would love to see some more romantic and passionate moments with this ship this season, as it seems like a lot of that has drifted over to Choni and Archosie, but there is still plenty of time for us to witness some epic moments for Bughead!

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