My Ship of the week ending 4/6/19 on TV goes to…

Joel and Sheila Hammond on Santa Clarita Diet.  So I recently binge-watched the first two seasons of this show on Netflix and I’m about to finish up the third season and I fell in love with Joel and Sheila.  They may be the cutest couple I have seen on television in a while.  Their chemistry is amazing and they are absolutely hilarious together.  I almost feel like they could be married in real life because they are so in sync with one another.  Their marriage is far from perfect, but it becomes so much more complicated when Sheila becomes undead.  You would think that Joel would take his daughter and run for the hills, but he is there for Sheila every step of the way.  They are the perfect partners in crime and they keep the laughs and passion going.

I constantly root for these two and I think that they represent what a true marriage or partnership is all about.  They are willing to take the fall for one another and they even take their vows to the next level.  I mean, until death do us part could get Joel out of this contract, but he’s not going anywhere.  His love for Sheila is beautiful and unconditional and I absolutely love watching these two go on crazy adventures together.  They balance each other out perfectly and they further their friendship as well.  Their relationship continues to be tested over and over, but they stay strong and keep their family together.

What’s next for Joel and Sheila?  We’ll have to stay tuned to find out, but it looks like Joel has a very important decision to make about his future.  Even though it seems like new threats are being thrown their way constantly, I know that Joel and Sheila’s love will never burn out, as they truly represent an epic ship for me, proving that anything is possible when you have the person you love beside you.

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