Ranking the top 5 moments from “Killing Eve” season 2 episode 1: “Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching BBC America’s Killing Eve season 2 episode 1 season premiere on AMC, Villanelle reminded us that “you can see the scary people coming from a mile away” and that “it’s the good people you have to worry about.”  Having a moral compass can be a burden sometimes, as you constantly waver back and forth between what is right and wrong.  However, what if you don’t have one at all?  Are you just a psychopath or is it possible that there is a glimmer of humanity buried deep within you?  After all, you should “never tell a psychopath they’re a psychopath.”  Please note major spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?” we finally catch up with both Eve and Villanelle after the major cliffhanger in season one.  Meanwhile, Eve has a real conversation with Niko and Carolyn re-surfaces, asking for Eve’s help once again.  My top 5 moments from Killing Eve season 2 episode 1 season premiere are:


“I think I might have killed her…”

So, I sometimes have an issue when shows try to pick up sometime in the future or even years later after a major cliffhanger in a season finale.  However, Killing Eve did not fall into this trap, as it presented us with everything 30 seconds later.  I absolutely loved this because I just recently binge-watched season one and this allowed me to truly pick up where we left off.  Eve panics once she realizes what she has just done and tries to get out of Villanelle’s apartment as quickly as possible.  She starts to realize that she may have killed her and the reality of her actions begins crushing her.  Luckily, we are not kept in suspense for that long, as we also see Villanelle trying to make a break for it despite her severe injuries.  It looks like these two may be separated for at least a little while.  I’m sure that Villaneve ship fans are hoping for a quicker reunion, however.


“You think I’m a junkie?”

While Eve is waiting in the airport, she begins demonstrating some nervous behavior and a female stranger at the bar asks her if she is all right and says she has been there before.  Eve is immediately suspicious about who this woman is, but then suddenly realizes that she thinks she is a drug addict.  Eve responds by laughing hysterically, which gave us a break in tension.  I mean, Eve is an addict in a sense and her addiction may be even more dangerous.  Later on, Niko tries to get through to Eve, but she shuts off when she sees Carolyn’s number coming up on her phone and decides to hide out in the bathtub for over an hour.  It’s clear that Eve has been traumatized, but will she continue to submerge herself into her work or will she try to find some kind of normalcy within her marriage?  Niko clearly loves Eve, but I’m not sure that she is ready to give up on her job just yet.  For Eve, it’s not just a job, it’s who she is.


“Drive faster…this is your fault.”

Villanelle continues to impress me with her quick thinking, even when she is severely injured from her stab wound.  She jumps in front of a taxi cab with no hesitation and the cab driver ends up taking her to the hospital, thinking that he is responsible for all of her injuries.  Villanelle hilariously does not allow him any kind of reprieve here, as she tells him that it is his entire fault.  Jodie Comer continues to impress me again and again as Villanelle, as she somehow makes being a psychopath look fashionably good all the time.  I mean, even her hospital outfit was adorable on her.


“Sometimes when you love someone, you will do crazy things.”

After Villanelle wakes up, she realizes that she needs to get out of the hospital before the police are called.  Villanelle is able to buy some time by manipulating the attending doctor with a false story, but it’s only a matter of time before she ends up trapped.  Villanelle practices out her interesting bedside manner skills, as she poses as a doctor and tells a woman that her husband’s situation is improving, even though it seems like this is definitely not the case.  She also seems to bond with the boy in the hospital bed next to her, but ends up snapping his neck when he says that he doesn’t want to live with his injuries.  Villanelle does seem to be capable of some kind of love, but it is so twisted and distorted at this point.  She clearly still has feelings for Eve and thinks that her stabbing her was a sign that she cares too, but what will happen when she finally tracks her down?  I’m not really sure that they will be kissing and making up, but Villanelle is not giving up on this obsession anytime soon.  I would love to see Villanelle’s past explored more this season to truly start to understand her character, as she may be one of the most intriguing characters on television right now.


“If she’s alive, you need to find her before she finds you.”

Eve finally picks up Carolyn’s call and learns that circumstances have changed, as she is no longer fired and Carolyn needs her help again.  In season one, we saw Nadia slipping a note under her cell door before Villanelle killed her and we now learn that the note read:  Alistair Peel and was addressed to Eve.  Alistair Peel’s body shows up in the morgue and they assume he has been murdered, which means that Eve has a new mystery to unravel in her mind, which will definitely keep her busy.

We know that there is a connection between Nadia and Villanelle and we also still know that The Twelve are hanging around, so it looks like this will continue to hold our attention in season two.  Niko later reveals to Eve that perhaps “there’s no way out of this job” and he’s spot on.  Eve’s attention continues to focus on her work, but is she ready to sacrifice all of her attachments to do so?  Sandra Oh continues to impress me with her acting, as she really makes Eve stand out as a character that is so unique and interesting.  The dynamic between her and Jodie Comer is fantastic and I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Stay tuned! 

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Killing Eve in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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  1. I finally got to watch this and totally agree with you about Villanelle twisted perception of love. I think in her mind she gave the boy what he wanted and I’m still unsure about Carolyn. I think she could easily be part of the 12. It seemed like once Villanelle got away from the fake paramedics Carolyn was all over Eve about coming back which could be part of the game. She found her once let her do it for them again??

    1. I’m so glad you watch this show too! I absolutely love Villanelle and can’t wait to see her character explored more. I totally agree with you about Carolyn and wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up being part of The 12 like you mentioned. Great theory!

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