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Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones on Netflix’s Jessica Jones, season 3.  Even though I was extremely underwhelmed and disappointed with season 3 and the end of the series, there was one redeeming light that kept my attention and that is the talented and captivating Krysten Ritter.  Please note that I have not included any major spoilers for your convenience.  I have always been a fan of Krysten Ritter, but she really found her perfect role in this series, as she embraced it completely and really nailed the conflicted character.  Even though Jessica sometimes comes off abrasive, Krysten still makes her incredibly charming and brings a likability to her, as you find yourself sympathizing with her circumstances. 

Jessica has been through so much, but she still tries to repair and hold on to her friendship with her adoptive sister, Trish, but that proves to be quite the challenge in season 3.  A lot of the episodes in season 3 moved incredibly slow and it felt like more of an obligation for me to watch, but I continued to be impressed by Krysten’s performance and it is worth mentioning here.  Unfortunately Krysten couldn’t save the show enough to make this an entertaining watch for me, but I am still a fan and I can’t wait to see what role she takes on next!

What’s next for Jessica Jones?  Well not much, since this is the end of the Marvel series on Netflix, but I am somewhat pleased with how they left the end of the show, deciding not to leave us with any loose ends that will continue to bother me later.  I won’t give any spoilers here, but I think that Jessica Jones has been battling her own inner conscience for the entire series, which has been far from easy for her.  While she previously just accepted being broken in some episodes, she does try to do the right thing, which makes her a reluctant hero, but a hero nonetheless. And I think that’s why we can all relate to her so much.  She’s an everyday hero who has to deal with her own struggles in her life, but she still tries to make a difference.

If you do decide to sit through season 3, you will see Jessica and Trish’s views clash on how to make things right, which comes down to one’s moral compass.  Sometimes it seems like the answer is to run away, but Jessica ultimately decides to face a lot of her problems head on, which makes me root for her that much more.  Even though we are saying goodbye to Jessica Jones, I think it’s important to recognize Krysten Ritter’s performance throughout the series.  Krysten really elevated the show and mesmerized me with her portrayal again and again.  Bravo!

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