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John Dorie (like the fish) and June (June Bug) on Fear the Walking Dead! I really can’t say enough about these two, as their relationship gives me all the feels!  In a zombie apocalypse, they are still able to give us swoon-worthy moments that just make you smile.  Please note some spoilers are ahead.  There is just something so incredibly sweet about these two together.  I fell in love with their relationship back in season 4 and I was worried that they wouldn’t get that much screen time in season 5, but episode 3 didn’t disappoint, as these two headed off to the wild wild west together.  I almost felt like they were on a real date, even though those pesky walkers decided to break up the party. 

The reason why I love these two together so much is that their love inspires those around them as well.  In season 5 episode 3, they cross paths with Dwight, who is searching for his own lost love, but John and June refuse to let him give up hope, recognizing what it feels like to keep searching for that special someone, even though it seems like it may be impossible.  However, anything is possible with these two…even the impossible and that’s why I adore them so much. 

You know how some movies just make you cry uncontrollably when you think about how incredibly romantic they are?  The Notebook comes to mind for me, which I can’t watch without sobbing, but I almost feel like John Dorie and June could star in their own version of an epic love story because their love is that powerful.  There is just something so enchanting and beautiful about it and I just hope that the writers on the show don’t tear them apart.  I honestly couldn’t take it at this point because I have fallen in love with both of them and I will continue to root for them against all odds.

What’s next for John Dorie and June?  We’ll have to stay tuned to find out, but it looks like a lot of new threats are headed their way.  John Dorie is the fastest gun in the west and June can keep up as well, creating a great tag team, but Fear TWD does have a habit of splitting characters up, so I’m just really hoping that doesn’t happen here.  These two are already amazing characters on their own, but together they are something truly remarkable.  I can’t wait to see what happens next for them!

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