Spoiler-Free Review of “Army of the Dead” on Netflix: Ocean’s Eleven meets World War Z

*This is a spoiler-free review so feel free to read on!*

“This should be a simple in and out…”

Army of the Dead is a horror action film that released on May 21st 2021 on Netflix. The film stars Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Tig Notaro, Omari Hardwick, and Garret Dillahunt. It runs for approximately two and a half hours.

The film takes place after a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas as a group of mercenaries go through zombie territory in order to pull off a heist with a lot of cash.

Here is the trailer:

Army of the Dead looks like it could be filled with a lot of gory zombie fun, but does its dragged out set-up get in the way of pure greatness? Let’s find out…

The Pros:

Army of the Dead Spoiler Free Review Cast

Images courtesy of Netflix

Fun dynamic between characters.

This movie had an Ocean’s Eleven vibe going on and I actually thought this worked in the movie’s favor because you cared more about what happened to the characters. Dave Bautista played the exact role I needed him to play and we also had some other stand-out performances as well. 

It was honestly really funny to see good guy Garret Dillahunt from Fear the Walking Dead play a complete jerk and I think that the comedy sprinkled throughout the film actually really helped. The film didn’t take itself too seriously and that was important because all I wanted was an action filled zombie flick and I think it delivered on that.

Lots of action.

If you came for lots of violence and action, you will not be disappointed. Once the film gets going, you will have plenty of that to go around. The Vegas setting worked in the film’s favor and the zombies were actually pretty formidable too, which prevented this film from feeling overdone and stale.

The Cons:

Army of the Dead Spoiler Free Review 2

Images courtesy of Netflix

Way too long and issues with pacing.

My biggest con about this film is the length of it. I don’t want to watch a zombie action film for two and a half hours. I don’t really want to watch any film for that long, but I make exceptions here and there.

This movie should have been an hour and forty minutes and I think the dragged out length really hurt this film. We don’t even get any real gritty action until over an hour into the movie and that’s when the film takes off, but this film could easily lose an audience within the first hour.

While I loved the introduction to the gang of characters, we could have fast forwarded through a lot of the unnecessary fluff. The heart-to-heart talks and slow moving flashbacks were a little too much as well.

I think that if this film had broken away from that and just embraced its real identity, it would have been much better in my opinion.

So am I in or out?

Army of the Dead Spoiler Free Review 3

Images courtesy of Netflix

I’m in!

While I was on the fence about this movie during the first hour, things picked up once we got to the meaty part of the plot and the action, gore, and comedy really delivered for me. I thought this movie was a lot of fun. It wasn’t anything truly epic or outstanding, but it was thoroughly entertaining.

The movie was way too long, but luckily it made up for that in the second half. If you are looking for some zombie fun with a lot of action, you’re in the right place.

I hope you enjoyed the review and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Army of the Dead in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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My Ship of the week ending 6/22/19 on TV goes to…

John Dorie (like the fish) and June (June Bug) on Fear the Walking Dead! I really can’t say enough about these two, as their relationship gives me all the feels!  In a zombie apocalypse, they are still able to give us swoon-worthy moments that just make you smile.  Please note some spoilers are ahead.  There is just something so incredibly sweet about these two together.  I fell in love with their relationship back in season 4 and I was worried that they wouldn’t get that much screen time in season 5, but episode 3 didn’t disappoint, as these two headed off to the wild wild west together.  I almost felt like they were on a real date, even though those pesky walkers decided to break up the party. 

The reason why I love these two together so much is that their love inspires those around them as well.  In season 5 episode 3, they cross paths with Dwight, who is searching for his own lost love, but John and June refuse to let him give up hope, recognizing what it feels like to keep searching for that special someone, even though it seems like it may be impossible.  However, anything is possible with these two…even the impossible and that’s why I adore them so much. 

You know how some movies just make you cry uncontrollably when you think about how incredibly romantic they are?  The Notebook comes to mind for me, which I can’t watch without sobbing, but I almost feel like John Dorie and June could star in their own version of an epic love story because their love is that powerful.  There is just something so enchanting and beautiful about it and I just hope that the writers on the show don’t tear them apart.  I honestly couldn’t take it at this point because I have fallen in love with both of them and I will continue to root for them against all odds.

What’s next for John Dorie and June?  We’ll have to stay tuned to find out, but it looks like a lot of new threats are headed their way.  John Dorie is the fastest gun in the west and June can keep up as well, creating a great tag team, but Fear TWD does have a habit of splitting characters up, so I’m just really hoping that doesn’t happen here.  These two are already amazing characters on their own, but together they are something truly remarkable.  I can’t wait to see what happens next for them!

Stay tuned for a recognized Ship on TV each week!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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Ranking the top 5 moments from “Fear the Walking Dead” season 4 episode 1: “Tell Me One Real Thing”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  I have to admit that Sunday television has got me playing catch-up, as some of my favorite shows happen to all air at once.   After watching AMC’s The Walking Dead season finale, I had some mixed feelings, but there was a lot to wrap my head around.  I finally got the chance to watch the season 4 premiere of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead last night, however; and I have to say that the crossover event was a success to me.  Although it had almost an eerie sense of quiet compared to the deafening chaos in The Walking Dead, it was something that truly resonated with me, as I found myself lost within the story and truly sympathizing with Morgan Jones.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “What’s Your Story?” many of our fan-favorites from The Walking Dead show up and try to get Morgan to change his mind about leaving.  However, Morgan feels that he needs to be alone and heads out on his own.  This is short-lived however; when he crosses paths with a man in a cowboy hat named John Dorie and a female journalist named Al.  My top 5 moments from Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 1 are:


“You can hide but you can’t run.”

When the season premiere begins, we focus in on Morgan who is still in the junkyard, closed off from society.  This is interrupted over and over, however; when Jesus, Carol, and Rick all show up, desperately trying to get Morgan to change his mind about leaving.  Morgan sticks to his decision and explains that he needs to be alone.  Morgan has been struggling with inner-demons and is searching for a way to overcome this.  He knows that he is a danger to those around him if he stays, but will he lose himself completely if he goes off on his own?  His friends remind him that he cares about people and should be with them, but Morgan remains strong with his decision and steps out onto an open road, leaving his past behind him.  We know that Rick’s words, “you can hide but you can’t run,” will catch up to him all too quickly, but Morgan continues on his journey all the same.


Meet John Dorie.

That’s Dory like the fish, but spelled with an “ie.”  This new character is not from the comic series and is played by Deadwood star, Garret Dillahunt.  The stranger in a cowboy hat proves to be quite the “gunslinger,” but seems to have a good heart and a strong sense of doing what’s right.  He offers Morgan shelter and when Morgan takes off and gets into trouble, John Dorie is not far behind, proving that he can be a worthy ally.  John Dorie shares his own story that he is searching for his wife who has his matching gun, which is heart-breaking and commendable at the same time.  He refuses to give up hope and he seems to remind Morgan that human connections are all they have to cling to in this harsh reality filled with death and decay.  The “karate man” and “gunslinger” prove to be quite the team, but will Morgan be able to truly open up after all he has been through?


Meet Al.

Shortly after the introduction of new character, John Dorie, we also meet Al who is a journalist played by the beautiful and talented, Maggie Grace.  As a huge fan of Lost, I was more than pleased to see Maggie Grace step into a new and different role.  Her hair is cut boy-short and she packs quite the punch with her van filled with handy weapons, but what sparked my interest the most is that she is out to discover everyone’s story.  Morgan gently reminds her that there are no more news stations around and why does it matter, but Al’s need to continue the story anyway proves that she hasn’t given up hope either.  She keeps her camera with her and documents everything she can, looking for something real to connect to.


“Tell me one real thing.”

After Morgan, John, and Al survive the attack from the armed men and walkers, Morgan is finally ready to open up, even if it is for just a moment.  Al records him and asks him to tell her one real thing and explain why he left Virginia.  Morgan explains, “I lose people and then I lose myself,” which touched my heart instantly.  It’s hard not to feel sympathetic toward Morgan and understand his need to run away.  Even though he was part of many settlements before, he still chooses to be on his own, desperately trying to hold on to his humanity.  Perhaps being around people again will remind Morgan that he has the chance to truly do something great and make a difference.


“So what the hell’s your story?”

At the end of the episode, the three characters come across a woman who is sobbing in the middle of the road.  They cautiously approach the woman, not knowing what to expect, but offer to help her.  The woman is revealed to be Alicia who turns a gun on them and Nick, Luciana, and Victor appear as well to surround them.  The crossover has officially well…crossed over and these characters are now all connected whether they want to be or not.  While we are unclear on how Alicia, Nick, Luciana, and Victor all ended up together, since it seemed like everyone was separated at the end of last season, we have plenty of episodes to find out what they are up to and how they got here.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and comments on Fear the Walking Dead below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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