My performance of the week ending 11/23/19 on TV goes to…

The cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

After just finishing up my watch of season 14, I have to give it up to:  Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito. 

I was slightly worried that the new season might be a little bit stale, but the cast continued to keep things fresh, while we laughed our asses off.

I really enjoyed how the show used some fan-favorite nostalgia by bringing back some old characters and making references to past episodes, but they didn’t hit you over the head with them and that’s why they worked so effectively.

They always did something new and unique with the nostalgia, which really kept the entertainment going.  You never felt like they were just simply recycling old episodes, as things continued to take unexpected turns along the way.

I never get tired of watching this cast and you almost start to think that you are really part of the gang, as you witness each adventure.  The laser tag season 14 finale was done so brilliantly and it is probably one of my favorite season finales of the entire show.

Overall, season 14 had some highs and lows, but the gang kept my undivided attention and even surprised me with some new plots that were so fun and outrageous.

Stand out episodes for me include:  The Gang Chokes (season 14, episode 4), The Janitor Always Mops Twice (season 14, episode 6), The Gang Solves Global Warming (season 14, episode 7), and Waiting for Big Mo (season 14, episode 10).

From a fun take on film noir to a laser tag game with the theme from The Shining playing, you can’t go wrong in season 14!

What’s next for the gang?  We’ll have to wait and see, but I am always ready for some more crazy adventures from the gang.  You have to wonder how much longer this show will last, but it is still managing to provide us with laugh out loud entertainment each season and it is my absolute favorite comedy on television!

Stay tuned for a recognized performance on TV each week!

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Ranking your Favorite Male Performances on Television for 2018

Greetings TV Fans!  As the New Year quickly approaches, it really got me thinking about some of my absolute favorite male performances on television this past year.  Whether it was a moment of heroism, a sacrifice, or even a breaking point, these male actors went above and beyond to fully embrace their characters.  I laughed, I cried, and I cheered them on, as they continued to surprise us throughout the year.  It was difficult for me to narrow down my favorite male performances for 2018 because there were honestly so many and I didn’t think it was possible for me to choose my absolute favorite one, which is where you came in!    

I ran a three round poll (randomized tournament style) on Twitter and asked for fans to cast their votes so that we can all decide who our favorite male performances are for the year.  Thank you so much for your participation and support, as the tournament was so much fun and actually really competitive!

Round One featured the following Male Performances on TV from 2018:

  • Joshua Jackson as Cole Lockhart from The Affair
  • Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams from Ash vs Evil Dead
  • Cody Fern as Michael Langdon from American Horror Story:  Apocalypse
  • Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer from Supernatural
  • Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones from Riverdale
  • Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead
  • Jeremy Allen White as Lip Gallagher from Shameless
  • Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester from Supernatural
  • Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester from Supernatural
  • Richard Harmon as John Murphy from The 100
  • Lennie James as Morgan Jones from Fear the Walking Dead
  • Gabriel Chavarria as Miguel Guerrero from The Purge

After your votes, the following male actors moved on to Round Two:

  • Cole Sprouse
  • Cody Fern
  • Bruce Campbell
  • Jared Padalecki
  • Andrew Lincoln
  • Richard Harmon
  • Jensen Ackles

Please note:  Jared Padalecki & Andrew Lincoln tied in round one so they both got to move on to round two!

After your votes in Round Two, the following male actors moved on to the FINALS:

  • Richard Harmon
  • Jared Padalecki
  • Cody Fern

Honorable Mention:  I am actually really surprised that Andrew Lincoln did not make it into the finals, but I would like to give him a special shout out because his performance was amazing this past year on The Walking Dead.

Rick Grimes gif

After your votes in Round Three, the FINAL results are:

3rd place: Richard Harmon as John Murphy from The 100

John Murphy.gif

2nd place: Cody Fern as Michael Langdon from American Horror Story:  Apocalypse

Michael Langdon.gif

Drum roll please…

1st place:  Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester from Supernatural

Sam Winchester.gif

Jared Padalecki WINS as your favorite male performance on TV for 2018!  Congratulations!  I am personally looking forward to more amazing moments from Sam Winchester in 2019 and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Thanks to all the fans who voted!  I wish you all the best for the upcoming New Year!

View Final Poll Results Here!

I hope you enjoyed the list and please feel free to post your thoughts and comments below on some of your favorite male performances on TV from 2018.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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Ranking the top 5 moments from “Fear the Walking Dead” season 4 episode 1: “Tell Me One Real Thing”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  I have to admit that Sunday television has got me playing catch-up, as some of my favorite shows happen to all air at once.   After watching AMC’s The Walking Dead season finale, I had some mixed feelings, but there was a lot to wrap my head around.  I finally got the chance to watch the season 4 premiere of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead last night, however; and I have to say that the crossover event was a success to me.  Although it had almost an eerie sense of quiet compared to the deafening chaos in The Walking Dead, it was something that truly resonated with me, as I found myself lost within the story and truly sympathizing with Morgan Jones.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “What’s Your Story?” many of our fan-favorites from The Walking Dead show up and try to get Morgan to change his mind about leaving.  However, Morgan feels that he needs to be alone and heads out on his own.  This is short-lived however; when he crosses paths with a man in a cowboy hat named John Dorie and a female journalist named Al.  My top 5 moments from Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 1 are:


“You can hide but you can’t run.”

When the season premiere begins, we focus in on Morgan who is still in the junkyard, closed off from society.  This is interrupted over and over, however; when Jesus, Carol, and Rick all show up, desperately trying to get Morgan to change his mind about leaving.  Morgan sticks to his decision and explains that he needs to be alone.  Morgan has been struggling with inner-demons and is searching for a way to overcome this.  He knows that he is a danger to those around him if he stays, but will he lose himself completely if he goes off on his own?  His friends remind him that he cares about people and should be with them, but Morgan remains strong with his decision and steps out onto an open road, leaving his past behind him.  We know that Rick’s words, “you can hide but you can’t run,” will catch up to him all too quickly, but Morgan continues on his journey all the same.


Meet John Dorie.

That’s Dory like the fish, but spelled with an “ie.”  This new character is not from the comic series and is played by Deadwood star, Garret Dillahunt.  The stranger in a cowboy hat proves to be quite the “gunslinger,” but seems to have a good heart and a strong sense of doing what’s right.  He offers Morgan shelter and when Morgan takes off and gets into trouble, John Dorie is not far behind, proving that he can be a worthy ally.  John Dorie shares his own story that he is searching for his wife who has his matching gun, which is heart-breaking and commendable at the same time.  He refuses to give up hope and he seems to remind Morgan that human connections are all they have to cling to in this harsh reality filled with death and decay.  The “karate man” and “gunslinger” prove to be quite the team, but will Morgan be able to truly open up after all he has been through?


Meet Al.

Shortly after the introduction of new character, John Dorie, we also meet Al who is a journalist played by the beautiful and talented, Maggie Grace.  As a huge fan of Lost, I was more than pleased to see Maggie Grace step into a new and different role.  Her hair is cut boy-short and she packs quite the punch with her van filled with handy weapons, but what sparked my interest the most is that she is out to discover everyone’s story.  Morgan gently reminds her that there are no more news stations around and why does it matter, but Al’s need to continue the story anyway proves that she hasn’t given up hope either.  She keeps her camera with her and documents everything she can, looking for something real to connect to.


“Tell me one real thing.”

After Morgan, John, and Al survive the attack from the armed men and walkers, Morgan is finally ready to open up, even if it is for just a moment.  Al records him and asks him to tell her one real thing and explain why he left Virginia.  Morgan explains, “I lose people and then I lose myself,” which touched my heart instantly.  It’s hard not to feel sympathetic toward Morgan and understand his need to run away.  Even though he was part of many settlements before, he still chooses to be on his own, desperately trying to hold on to his humanity.  Perhaps being around people again will remind Morgan that he has the chance to truly do something great and make a difference.


“So what the hell’s your story?”

At the end of the episode, the three characters come across a woman who is sobbing in the middle of the road.  They cautiously approach the woman, not knowing what to expect, but offer to help her.  The woman is revealed to be Alicia who turns a gun on them and Nick, Luciana, and Victor appear as well to surround them.  The crossover has officially well…crossed over and these characters are now all connected whether they want to be or not.  While we are unclear on how Alicia, Nick, Luciana, and Victor all ended up together, since it seemed like everyone was separated at the end of last season, we have plenty of episodes to find out what they are up to and how they got here.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and comments on Fear the Walking Dead below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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Throw-back Sunday: Ranking the top 5 couples from “Beverly Hills, 90210”

Happy Sunday TV fans!  This past summer, I invested quite a bit of time into re-watching all 10 seasons of the original Beverly Hills, 90210 series and I have to say it was very entertaining.  I forgot how many episodes there were in some seasons especially when they had those special summer airings.  I dusted off my old DVD set and watched Brandon and Brenda Walsh tough it out in Beverly Hills, California, leaving their wholesome and normal lives back in Minnesota.

It’s been at least 6 years since I have watched the series, as I used to binge-watch a lot on Soapnet, but everything came flooding back to me from the instrumental theme song to the over-the-top drama between Brenda and Kelly.  Talk about paving the way for love triangles to come in later series!

After getting over the initial shock of how young everyone looked and watching them grow up all over again with drama never far behind, I started to think about some of my favorite couples on the series.  There are quite a few who had an undeniable connection even though some of them did not even last for the entirety of the series.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  My top five ships from Beverly Hills, 90210 are:


Dylan & Kelly.

Dylan and Kelly 1 14

During the first watch of the series, I was shocked by the scandalous actions of Dylan and Kelly.  Brenda went off to study abroad with Donna in Paris, leaving her best friend and her boyfriend behind for the summer.  It seemed like nothing could break the bond between fan-favorites, Dylan and Brenda, but Kelly managed to come between the couple.  I shouldn’t blame Kelly entirely, as Dylan was absolutely at fault here too.  While the couple shares its ups and downs over time, some of their first moments together in the swimming pool and at the beach bonfire are beyond passionate.  However, they lacked the friendship that Brenda and Dylan shared in my opinion.

Either way, their secret relationship caused a major rift between both the relationship of Brenda and Dylan and the friendship between Kelly and Brenda.  When they finally come clean and tell Brenda the truth, her reaction is so real and heart-breaking.  She trusted her two friends and is shocked at their betrayal.

Over the years, Kelly and Dylan have on and off again relations and never really end up together.  However, at the end of the series they are seen gazing at each other during David and Donna’s wedding to imply that their relationship is not over.  In the remake of 90210, Kelly reveals that Dylan is the father of her child, but is still not with him in this future.   Guess it wasn’t meant to be after all.


Brandon & Kelly.

Brandon and Kelly 1 14

Yes, Kelly does earn two spots in this ranking and it’s because there is such an undeniable love between Brandon and Kelly.  After my re-watch, I much preferred Brandon and Kelly together; as they seemed to balance each other out more and had more of that friendship I was looking for between Kelly and Dylan.

Kelly is familiar with betrayal and now turns the tables on Dylan to reveal her relationship with his best friend, Brandon.  While the betrayal does not have the same feeling of twisting the knife like with Brenda, it does hurt Dylan to see them together.  That being said, Dylan’s life is falling apart during this time and Kelly felt like she was drowning with him, descending further and further into his mess.

Brandon is very stable and charming, running for class office when they first meet.  It seems like Brandon will be the man to turn Kelly’s life around.  However, this couple deals with more drama and chaos than any other.  It is almost impossible for them to survive a fire, a cult, a drug addiction, a shooting, and a failed attempt to get married.   When you say that all out loud it seems very unlikely, but I promise this all happened to Kelly. While it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Brandon and Kelly either, you can’t deny the love between these two characters.


Steve & Janet.

Steve and Janet 1 14

After Steve’s long-term relationship with ended with fan-favorite, Clare, viewers were wondering if he would ever find another love to provide him with the voice of reason he so desperately needed.  Steve was always the “class clown” and stayed away from responsibility as if it were the plague.  When he started working with Janet, he didn’t initially realize his feelings for her.  They started a friendship first and eventually began dating.

Janet was perfect for Steve, almost becoming his moral compass, similar to Brandon.  When Janet announced she was pregnant, Steve’s entire life changed for the better.  He embraced his responsibility and married Janet to the delight of fans everywhere.  This couple probably had the closest thing to a “normal relationship” on the show and continued to prove their love for one another as the series went on.


David & Donna.

David and Donna 1 14

This list would not be complete without including David Silver and Donna Martin.  The couple began dating in high school and had a sweet and innocent quality.  One of my favorite scenes is when Donna stops worrying about what others think and announces to her friends at the dance that she is dating David with confidence and love.

Over the years, this couple goes through a lot of ups and downs.  Donna feels very strongly about staying a virgin to the disappointment of David.  Although he tries to support her as much as possible, an affair takes place that breaks them up for a long period of time.

Even when David and Donna are not together, they keep their friendship alive.  When Donna is attacked, David is the one who comes to her rescue and saves her.  Toward the end of the series, Donna and David finally accept their destiny to be together and get married at the end of the show.  Fans were delighted to see the happy ending between David and Donna.  The high-school sweethearts have not had it easy at all, but they reunite and promise to love one another forever.

Some honorable mentions before revealing my number one ship are:

  • David & Valerie
  • Steve & Clare
  • Brandon & Emily Valentine
  • Noah & Donna
  • Dylan & Toni


Dylan & Brenda.

Brenda and Dylan 1 14

My number one ship has to go to Dylan and Brenda.  At the beginning of the series, their blossoming relationship is beautiful and real.  Brenda realizes that Dylan has a lot of baggage and a complicated life, but she doesn’t run away from it.  Rather, she runs toward him with open arms, revealing her strong feelings for him.  Even though they are in high school, Dylan and Brenda have a strong relationship filled with a lot of laughter and romance.

As they begin to get closer and closer, Brenda’s father attempts to intervene, fearing that his daughter is making bad decisions.  While this does take a toll on Dylan and Brenda’s relationship, they continue to tough it out together.  R.E.M’s song, “Losing My Religion,” is basically the anthem of Dylan and Brenda’s break-up and attempt to put the pieces back together.

After Kelly and Dylan have an affair, it seems like Brenda and Dylan will not end up together.  However, once Brenda leaves the show, the writers add in that Dylan and Brenda are living together in Europe, trying to give fans the happy ending they so desperately wanted between these two.

There was something so believable and undeniable between this ship, still holding the test of time.  Even when both characters were off the show, fans were still talking about them and rooting for them.

I hope you enjoyed my list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments about the ships on Beverly Hills, 90210.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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