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Kane and Abby on The 100, better known as Kabby!  Kabby is such an underrated ship on The 100 and it doesn’t get as much attention as Bellarke or Clexa, but there is something to be truly said about it.  The love between Kabby is powerful and healing.  Both Kane and Abby have lost their way so many times and yet they find something so special with one another.

**Please note MAJOR spoilers are ahead if you have not watched season 6 episode 9 yet.  The journey for these two characters is truly remarkable, as they have both made so many mistakes, but yet they continue to fight to make things right.  Even though Kane may have the most to make up for from his time on The Ark, he has now essentially become the moral compass of the show. 

In seasons 5 and 6, Abby has been broken, but Kane has never given up on her, which explains why Abby refuses to let him go in season 6.  However, I love that Kane doesn’t turn a blind eye either.  He does intervene and he tries to get Abby to see reason during her addiction in season 5 because he truly cares and wants what is best for her.  In season 6 episode 9, Kane wakes up in his new body and has trouble adjusting and accepting this.  Abby begs him to make the most of it, recognizing the potential for a second chance here, but Kane knows this is not right and he decides to bring everything full circle.

In one of the most heartbreaking moments I have witnessed yet on the show, Kane (as Henry Ian Cusick) says goodbye to Abby through the glass and tells her that he has always loved her.  He essentially floats himself, hoping his sacrifice will make a difference here and he brings everything full circle by doing this.  Abby has turned to drugs in the past, but will Kane’s sacrifice finally get through to her?  We have heard the phrase, “May We Meet Again,” so many times on the show, but it truly made an impact with me in this moment.

Henry Ian Cusick has confirmed that he is leaving the show, but I can’t really think of this as the end of Kabby.  Their love is so inspiring and I’m hoping that Abby will carry her love for Kane with her always, which will keep his values alive.  Kane has always wanted to make amends and do the right thing and he will never be forgotten.

Kabby’s love is transcendent of time and it’s difficult thinking about the show without it.  I almost feel like I lost a part of myself along with Kane, but I have a feeling that a spark has just ignited in Abby and she’s about to make Kane proud.  Thank you Henry Ian Cusick for so many amazing years on the show and thank you for bringing Kabby into our lives!  May we meet again.  Stay tuned!

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