Ranking the top 5 moments from “Fear the Walking Dead” season 5 episode 14: “I’d Like to See that Smile Again”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 14, I realized that “the future’s a lot easier to get to if you’re not doing it on your own.”  But what if you focus so much on the future that you sacrifice the present?  And what about when we finally overcome what is troubling us from our past?  Is it too late to cherish in some happiness during our present?  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  

In last night’s episode, “Today and Tomorrow,” we catch up with Morgan and Al, as they try to help a stranger named Tom.  Meanwhile, Daniel and Grace open up to one another and put on a show-stopping number.  My top 5 moments from Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 14 are:


“All they cared about was the future…”

In this episode, we check in with Morgan and Al, who come across a man named Tom in need of some help.  The horseback riders are trying to find him and Morgan and Al hide out with him in a van until they can come up with a suitable game plan.  We learn that Tom was with his sister at Paradise Ridge, a co-op complex, but a group came to take it over, claiming that they just wanted to help as well.

Tom explains that all they cared about was the future, which triggers something within Al, as she remembers Isabelle telling her the same thing: “It’s not about today, it’s about tomorrow.”  Al explains to Morgan that it’s not about the story for her and it’s clear that she desperately wants to see Isabelle again, hoping that this is somehow a connection.


“I trusted you with a lot.”

Morgan recognizes that Al is keeping something from him and reminds her that he has trusted her with a lot.  Al agrees, but also asks Morgan why he left the compound and tells him that he’s running from something.  Morgan has been running away from his developing feelings for Grace and perhaps Al’s decision to run toward a chance at seeing Isabelle will spark something within him, but is it too late for both of them?


“For a long time, he was all I had.”

We also take some time to catch up with Daniel and Grace during this episode.  Even though Skidmark spends most of his time in a crate, Daniel opens up to Grace and tells her that Skidmark was all he had for a long time.  He tells her that Charlie changed everything for him, which was incredibly heartwarming.  Daniel lost his daughter, but I think he sees himself as a father figure to Charlie and I thought it was so sweet that he wanted to bring back some records for her.

Grace also takes this opportunity to confide in Daniel and tells him that she tried so hard to help Morgan.  Daniel reminds Grace that she did get Morgan to smile and says that he thinks she did make a difference with him.


“You two sure know how to make an entrance.”

Thankfully we get some action, as Morgan and Al run into some trouble at the co-op complex and wind up going for a dip in the pool with a persistent walker.  They are able to eliminate the threat, but are then surrounded by Virginia and her gang.  Virginia fills them in on what she is trying to accomplish without revealing too many details, but she does give us an interesting food analogy with spaghetti.

Al asks her about the helicopters and Virginia tells her that they don’t have any, which means that Isabelle and her group are not connected to Virginia, so there goes that theory.  Surprisingly, Virginia lets them head off and even gives Morgan a new stick, but what is her end goal here?  She says her door is always open, but what happens when they actually accept her offer?  I’m interested to find out for sure.


“I’d like to see that smile again…”

At the end of the episode, Morgan comes to the realization that he doesn’t need to record the tapes anymore about his family.  He wants to talk to Grace now and in the present, but Grace’s health takes a dramatic turn for the worse after she and Daniel perform on stage.  Morgan tells Grace that he is going to get to her in time and Grace tries to hold on to the hope that she will see him again.

It looks like we will see Grace in next week’s episode, as her health continues to deteriorate, but is there any way to save her?  Now that Morgan is finally willing to open his heart in the present, I will be completely devastated if these two don’t get a chance to be together, but I know someone has to die… Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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