Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” Season 4 Episode 10: “Cherry Bomb”

Happy Thursday TV fans!  The wait is finally over and Archie and the gang are back just in time for the big game!  After watching The CW’s Riverdale season 4 episode 10, I learned that Stonewall Prep “doesn’t play to win, they play to hurt,” but hell hath no fury like a Riverdale woman seeking out revenge.  Watch out, guys!

Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet. 

In last night’s episode, “Chapter Sixty-Seven:  Varsity Blues,” it’s time for the big football game, as our two rival schools prepare for war.  Meanwhile, Cheryl meets the new cheerleading coach, Jughead reveals some secrets to Quill & Skull, and a B & V scam is up and running once again.

My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 4 episode 10 are:


“You respect what a man chooses for himself.”

Were you wondering about Archie’s Uncle Frank?  Me too!  Well, at least we get some answers, as we discover that Uncle Frank may be the black sheep of the family.  Mrs. Andrews does not get along with him and tells Archie that Fred was blamed for a DUI when Uncle Frank was driving.

Things also start to get shady when Uncle Frank offers Munroe some drugs to help his kneel heal quicker, but Archie seems to have a fast change of heart, agreeing to allow Uncle Frank to stay with him temporarily.

Riverdale The CW 1
Images courtesy of The CW

Let’s hope he doesn’t bring our favorite vigilante to the dark side…


“It tastes like money.”

Veronica is determined to beat her father and even comes up with her own special blend of rum…Luna Rum.  Sounds catchy and apparently it is quite spicy as well, but Hiram finds out and serves Veronica with a cease and desist letter, reminding her that she is still using his patented recipe.

Reggie has some interesting ideas about how to get revenge that are quite juvenile, but Veronica is playing to win and decides to team up with Cheryl to make the perfect blend using her maple syrup.

Go V!


“Maybe you could go turn on your femme fatale charm.”

Betty is determined to get some dirt on Bret and the rest of the team to prove that they are playing dirty, but it looks like we are ready for another classic B & V scam.  Veronica, or “Monica,” wears her blonde wig to perfection and tries to get close to Bret.

She can “smell his privilege from across the room” and it looks like she is actually getting somewhere with Betty listening in, but Jughead outs her in front of the party as poor Betty now finds out that Jughead is part of the Quill & Skull secret society.

Riverdale The CW 2
Images courtesy of The CW

I always love an excuse for a good B & V team up, but let’s hope that they can take Bret down once and for all!


“I run the show around here.”

Yes you do, Cheryl!  Cheryl and the Vixens are preparing for Spirit Week and the big game, but Mr. Honey reminds her that a new coach will be taking over, Miss Appleyard.  Miss Appleyard doesn’t seem to be threatened, so has Cheryl finally met her match?

Riverdale The CW 3
Images courtesy of The CW

Cheryl refuses to take orders from her and reminds her that her “body is perfection, you crone!”  After Mr. Honey threatens to take away prom for the squad, they turn their backs on Cheryl and agree to follow Miss Appleyard because you know, we can’t have any singing and dancing in cheerleading…

Cheryl is not through; however, and ends up locking Miss Appleyard in her office so that she can put on a showstopping number to “Cherry Bomb.”

Our HBIC is back, but I’m interested to find out more about Miss Appleyard and her motivation in all of this…

Theories on her arrival?


“We may have lost the game, but haven’t lost the war.”

After losing the game to Stonewall Prep, Bret seems quite confident.  He tells Betty he’s sorry about her article getting canned with a lot of smug attitude.  Betty doesn’t seem to be intimidated at all; however, especially since she just started digging.  After all, who knows what else she will find?

Betty approaches Mr. Honey and tells him that Stonewall Prep also wins a Quiz Team tournament each year and is beyond motivated to kick their ass.  Our new captain is out for blood and it looks like she will have an unstoppable team with Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni by her side, but we know that Betty is going to dominate the competition.

Riverdale The CW 4
Images courtesy of The CW

We then flash forward to one month later and see Betty packing up some of Jughead’s things.  Bret says that they will be the only ones going to Yale now, which begs the question, did Betty feel threatened when Jughead got into Yale?  We know that Betty was initially rejected, so how did she turn the tables here?

The plot thickens, but I can’t wait to find out more and next week’s Quiz Show looks like it is going to be vicious and fantastic.  I can’t wait!  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale in the comments section below.  Thank you so much for reading and happy viewing!


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