Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” Season 4 Episode 13: “Beware the Ides of March”

Happy Thursday TV fans! After watching The CW’s Riverdale season 4 episode 13, I started to wonder what one should really do when the game is fixed? Sometimes it seems like the odds are always against us, but is there still a glimmer of hope to turn our luck around?

Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet. 

In last night’s episode, “Chapter Seventy: The Ides of March,” Jughead is accused of plagiarism, as we finally catch up to that horrific night in the woods. Meanwhile, Betty is determined to get to the truth, Cheryl and Toni tag team with Veronica, and Archie contemplates the future of his father’s business.

This is the episode we have all been waiting for!

My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 4 episode 13 are:


“I don’t want to think about the future right now.”

After Veronica’s trip to NYC and finding out about her father’s condition, she just wants to turn everything off and have some fun. We get to witness some passionate and steamy Varchie moments as a result, but it’s clear that Veronica is having some trouble dealing with everything.

Riverdale The CW 2
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Archie continues to be extremely supportive of her even though we don’t really know if their relationship will continue once college begins, but he reminds her that she is the strongest person he knows and that her father needs her.

This inspires Veronica to ignite the competitive spirit in her father, realizing that perhaps she knows him better than anyone else after all.


“I can’t do it…”

Archie begins to question his own future in this episode as well. Mr. Honey explains that he may not be able to graduate with his class and college admission could also be off the table for him right now.

Archie risks everything to protect Veronica after a flask is found in her locker, reminding everyone that he has nothing to lose. Archie also has to contemplate what to do with his father’s construction business. After considering selling it, he decides against it, remembering that the business has been in his family for generations.

Archie has a lot of thinking to do, but we are certain of one thing…Riverdale needs Archie Andrews!


“It’s time to snap a trap.”

Watch out for Choni and Veronica! They make an unstoppable team! Hermosa goes undercover to do some recon on The Maple Club, but our girls are too smart for her, leading her right into a trap. Hermosa may be good, but our girls are that much better…fact!

Riverdale The CW 3
Images courtesy of The CW

The girls put Hermosa in her place while allowing us to witness a welcomed montage of Choni dancing!


“The perfect victim to the perfect murder…”

Beware the Ides of March, Jughead! Things are about to be turned completely upside down for our main character, as Jughead is accused of plagiarism.

Riverdale The CW 7
Images courtesy of The CW

We know this is far-fetched, but Bret and the others are quite convincing, leaving behind a lot of evidence pointing in Jughead’s direction while stealing his laptop.

Jughead is determined to set things right and is also tasked with writing a new Baxter Brothers novel in five days, but Jughead is up for the challenge and decides to lean on Betty for help. Betty convinces him to write up his own story at Stonewall Prep, but is he actually now documenting the moments leading to his supposed demise?


“I am the daughter of the Black Hood!”

Betty has some fantastic lines in this episode and proves to be a worthy opponent. She stands up for Jughead and even has him take a lie detector test to prove that he did write his own story. Donna and the others don’t really seem to be intimidated by Betty, but one should never underestimate our girl with her very effective bobby pin!

Later on, Jughead agrees to stand down and leave Stonewall Prep when Bret threatens to release the sex tape that will damage Betty’s reputation for good. They are invited to a party in the woods and we know all too well that this is the night of Jughead’s “murder.”

Bret leads Jughead out in the woods and Betty has a chat with Donna. Donna reveals that she has been doing some digging of her own and admits that she met with Evelyn Evernever. Betty reminds her that “tangerine” has no effect on her, but apparently there is another trigger word that will make Betty turn on her loved ones.

What’s the word? We don’t know, but we are now finally caught up, as Betty is standing over Jughead’s body while Archie and Veronica discover her. So, did Betty actually kill Jughead because of the trigger or is this an elaborate plan to make her think she did?

We can’t trust this group from Stonewall Prep and it’s clear that they are well matched for our group, but let’s hope that Betty can find a way to push aside her guilt to get to the truth.

Riverdale The CW 6
Images courtesy of The CW

Is Jughead really dead? Did Betty really kill him? We’ll have to wait for some more answers, as episode 14 is set to release on February 26th 2020. 

Stay tuned!

What are some of YOUR theories? 

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale in the comments section below. Thank you so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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