Ranking the top 5 moments from “The 100” season 7 episode 16: “The Last War”

Happy Sunday TV fans! After watching The CW’s The 100 season 7 episode 16 series finale, I remembered that “whatever happens next, we stick together.”

Please note MAJOR spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.

In episode 16, “The Last War,” Clarke steps up to take the test for all of humanity, but is she really the right choice? Meanwhile, a distraction quickly becomes a war while Emori tries to hold on.

The end is here and I have mixed thoughts on the series finale, but I will forever love this show.

My top 5 moments from The 100 season 7 episode 16 series finale are:


“Just save her.”

The beginning of the episode brings us right back in where we left off. Murphy, Jackson, and Raven attempt to save Emori’s life. Unfortunately she doesn’t make it and Murphy’s reaction completely shattered my heart.

Murphy demands that they put Emori’s mind space into his own head so that he can see her again, but we know that only one mind can survive…

Seriously, Memori too? I am still in tears.

Memori The 100

Images courtesy of The CW

Emori tells Murphy that he can’t do this and wants him to wake up, but Murphy tells her that a few more hours with her is worth more than spending forever without her.


“You don’t know my pain.”

After Bill initiates the test, the higher being comes to him in the form of his daughter, which gave us some intense foreshadowing for sure. Clarke arrives and kills Bill, but it does not stop the test.

Instead, she has to now face it and her guide is…Lexa! Yep, that’s right. The return of Lexa is finally upon us. Clarke embraces her immediately even though she understands that it is not her, but I did shed quite a few tears. Clexa still gives me chills.

Clarke and Lexa The 100

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Clarke challenges the higher being again and again, but she fails the test for all of humanity.


“Yours is an interesting choice.”

Clarke accepts defeat and tells Raven that she wants to be with Madi. I’ve always said that if there is anyone I completely trust to save me, it’s Raven Reyes and she taps into the test as well to try her luck.

Raven comes face to face with Abby, which gave us a chance to say hello to another beloved character. Raven always thought of Abby as her own mother and they had one of the most complicated and real relationships on the show.

Raven and Abby The 100

Images courtesy of The CW

Raven is told that the test is over and that humanity has failed, but she tries to get the higher being to change her mind, asking her for the chance to do better and live.


“The only way to win is not to fight.”

The higher being tries to show Raven that her people are already at war, proving her point that they are not ready for transcendence. Sheidheda shows up with bad timing to inspire violence, but Indra gets rid of him pretty quickly. It’s about time…

Meanwhile, Levitt tries to get everyone to stop fighting and is shot, as Octavia rushes over to save him. The character growth that we have been witnessing for seven years illuminates before us as Octavia stands before everyone and tells them not to fight.

She explains that, “We are mankind. We are Wonkru…our fight is over.” Bellamy would be proud.

Octavia The 100 series finale

Images courtesy of The CW

The higher being is surprised when everyone actually stops fighting. But instead of giving them all a chance to live like Raven requested, she decides to let them transcend anyway…

We’ll get to that later.


“A curious species indeed.”

Transcendence begins and everyone starts turning into little glowy balls of energy. We know that the dead cannot transcend which means that we will not see Bellamy, but this does save Memori, Echo, and Levitt so there’s that.

Clarke says goodbye to Madi and she is able to transcend as well, but she is left alone.

Luckily Clarke has the dog to keep her company, but when he rushes off, she screams out that she doesn’t want to be alone.

Clarke failed the test, but also committed murder during it, which means that she is not able to transcend with the rest of humanity. Clarke has always been the one to bear the burden so that her friends don’t have to, but this is to the extreme.

The higher being appears to her again as Lexa and explains that “transcendence is a choice.” Her friends have chosen to return to stay with her even though they will  be giving up their chance at ultimate transcendence, reinforcing the “live together, die alone” motto from LOST.

Clarke embraces her friends and we are left with an uplifting soundtrack to end the series.

I’m glad that Clarke is with her friends again, but I have several issues with the series finale. I hate that we never got the chance to witness a Bellarke moment and I’m not really sure why everyone got to transcend.

Wouldn’t it have made more sense to actually grant Raven’s request for them all to live? I mean, I guess Memori and the others wouldn’t be saved if we went down that route, but it just seemed like a cop out to me.

I love this series and it’s one that I plan to go back and re-watch again, but I guess I wanted something more from the finale.

Either way, the journey is over…May We Meet Again.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on The 100 in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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