Review of “Riverdale” Season 5, Episode 13 on the CW: Riverdale goes Coyote Ugly on us

**Please note spoilers are ahead if you are not caught up with the series.**

“I should have stabbed you harder when I had the chance…”

After Hiram Lodge’s origin story last week, we return to present day events with episode 13. Betty and Tabitha continue to work together to stop the mysterious trucker killer while some other new partnerships form as well.

Does Riverdale season 5 episode 13 get things back on track?

Let’s find out…

The Pros:

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The team-up continues!

Betty and Tabitha really do make a good team and I was happy that we actually spent a lot of time on them in this week’s episode. Betty attempts to lure a possible suspect but winds up in a lot of trouble with a chainsaw, but luckily Tabitha shows up to help her out.

But, is this deranged trucker really the killer Betty has been looking for?

I’m not so sure, but it looks like things are going to get really interesting in next week’s episode when Betty decides to interrogate him.

Even though there were a lot of things that seemed ridiculous and unbelievable with these scenes, they were still entertaining and that’s what I’m looking for from this show.

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The Coyote Ugly performance was a lot of fun!

Betty and Tabitha come up with an idea to put on a Coyote Ugly-esque performance to lure in potential trucker scum, allowing us to witness a showstopping number featuring Veronica, Betty, Tabitha and Cheryl! 

I thought this was genius and finally the singing made sense!

Unlikely partnerships are in the air.

Cheryl and Kevin and Veronica and Reggie work together in this episode and I actually really liked the interactions here. It allowed some of the supporting characters a chance to get some air time without pushing the envelope too much. 

I just don’t want to hear about Veronica being the “She Wolf of Wall Street” anymore…

The Cons:

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Archie’s story-line…

Look I really like Archie, but these post-war flashbacks were beyond ridiculous. The acting was so bad in them so I could not take them seriously. As much as I want to support Archie with helping out rescue dogs in need (seriously loved this), I’m not sure I am buying the rest of it.

So am I in or out?

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I’m in about 75 percent…

I liked this episode a lot more than the last two I watched, but things are still spiraling out of control in terms of the plot. I think we need to focus more on the trucker mystery and Jughead’s potential disappearance and find something else for Archie to do in town…

I hope you enjoyed the review and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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  1. I really liked the Hiram origin episode and this episode was just as good in terms of the current timeline. The chainsaw scene was equally tense and over the top. I get what you mean about Archie’s subplot feeling kind of off, I guess.

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