Spoiler-Free Review of “Fear” (2023) on Demand: Your greatest fear is…

*This is a spoiler-free review so feel free to read on!*

“Fear is very real…”

Fear is a horror film that released on April 25th 2023 on demand. The film had a limited theatrical release back in January 2023. It stars Joseph Sikora, Annie Ilonzeh, Ruby Modine, and T.I. It runs for approximately an hour and thirty-five minutes.

A weekend getaway during the pandemic turns deadly when a group of friends reveal their greatest fears to one another.

Here is the trailer:

Fear has a creepy concept and a decent enough cast, but does it do enough to earn a watch? Let’s find out…

The Pros:

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Solid cast.

Even though this film clearly had a lower budget, it actually had a recognizable cast that I was pretty excited about. The acting was solid enough and I would like to see some of these actors in more horror films in the future.

Some interesting ideas…

Sure, the fears coming to life concept has been done numerous times before, but I like it and I was hopeful that it would translate well in this film. I liked the setting for the film and the story behind it. I think this could have been explored more, but I was drawn in enough to keep watching.

The Cons:

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Lacking in so many ways…

This was really frustrating because I really wanted to like this movie. I’ve seen too many horror films set during the pandemic and this one probably should have been released around that time if it wanted to make more of an impact.

The scares were really watered down and silly for the most part. I think that things improved by the time I got toward the end, but I was struggling with this for the majority of the film.

The characters were dull and uninspiring, which was also disappointing…especially since we got a good cast to work with. I honestly didn’t care about what happened to them and it was so obvious who would make it out alive, which made me care even less…

Also, we had a few interesting sub-plots going on and the film basically just abandoned them. I’m not sure why because I thought that these stories were more interesting than the rest of the film.

So am I in or out?

Images courtesy of Hidden Empire Film Group

Unfortunately I’m out on this one…

This movie was a watered down version of films I have seen before. It squashed its potential by taking a predictable approach that didn’t have a satisfying conclusion.

I hope you enjoyed the review and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Fear (2023) in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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