Ranking the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” movies from Best to Worst

“What you waiting for, huh? What are you waiting for?!”

I Know What You Did Last Summer 4

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A question that all fans of IKWYDLS know all too well. The popular film franchise is based on the book by Lois Duncan, which I actually read before I saw the first film. If you haven’t read it yet, I definitely recommend it. Things happen differently in the book, which may allow some of your favorite characters to get some deserved redemption.

When I think about 90’s slasher movies, I automatically jump to films like Scream, IKWYDLS and Urban Legend. They are fun, entertaining, and they keep you on the edge of your seat. Humor and teen drama weaves its way in while we witness some pretty intense scares as well.

I was super excited that Showtime added the IKWYDLS films to its lineup, which gave me a chance to catch up on all three films. Yes, there are three films…we’ll get to that later. The deadly fisherman with a hook for a hand becomes all too real after four friends make a fatal mistake that will haunt them forever…or at least for the next few summers.

Please note some spoilers are ahead.

Without any further delay, let’s find out exactly how I ranked the I Know What You Did Last Summer films and why.


I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

I Know What You Did Last Summer 1

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The original film is the best one by a landslide. Released in 1997, it stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Ryan Phillippe.

There is something really unsettling about this film in all the right ways. The villain is truly terrifying, the music is creepy, and some of the scares still haunt me till now. Seriously, I check my closet every single night before I got to sleep because of what happened to poor Helen (SMG).

I Know What You Did Last Summer 2

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The characters are far from perfect. They make a terrible mistake that comes back to haunt them. The killer doesn’t just want to eliminate them…he wants to mess with them and make them question everything and everyone around them.

Standout Death: 

Spoiler alert. Do not read if you have not seen this movie!

I Know What You Did Last Summer 5

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Helen Shivers played by Sarah Michelle Gellar had the potential to be a fantastic Final Girl, but Julie James took that crown. However, her chase scene leading to her tragic death may be one of my favorite scenes in any slasher movie. I was rooting for her the entire time and the film really shook things up by killing her off. I’m still mad about it…


I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer 1

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The sequel is really not that bad. Released in 1998, it stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Brandy, and Mekhi Phifer. Julie James is back and wins a trip to the Bahamas with her roommate, Karla. Julie and Ray are on the rocks, but luckily our favorite fisherman shows up in a few clutch moments.

While some of this movie is slightly outrageous, we do get some fun characters, including one played by Jack Black. We witness a fun karaoke performance, a tanning bed nightmare, and a lot of rain to really add to the ambiance.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer 3

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Plus, there is a pretty big twist at the end which did help things.

Standout Death: 

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer 5

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Not a death scene, but the tanning bed scene does come to mind. Julie decides to try and relax, but the killer locks the tanning bed, which is beyond terrifying.


I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (2006)

I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

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So, I had no idea for the longest time that this film even existed and after watching it, I know why. The film was released in 2006 and it stars Brooke Nevin, David Paetkau, and Torrey DeVito. None of the original cast appear in this film although we do get a brief mention about what happened to them when the new characters are researching our infamous fisherman killer, Ben Willis.

The beginning of this film is actually kind of interesting. The group of friends decide to play a prank on everyone that actually ends up deadly and they try to cover it up.

That’s pretty much the only interesting part of the movie. The acting is horrible, the kills are gory, but eh, and the twist at the end is so ridiculous that you may think you actually fell asleep during the movie. I won’t reveal the twist here, but wow…and not in a good way.

Standout Death: 

The tractor scene comes to mind, but honestly nothing really sticks out on this one.

I almost wish this movie had come out with a different name. It really doesn’t do the franchise any favors.

While there have been talks about an IKWYDLS television series, I haven’t seen too much on this. I would honestly love to see IKWYDLS take a page out of Scream’s book and give us a film with the original characters while introducing us to a new set of potential victims. Maybe Ben’s son had a son…or daughter? Just a thought…

Which I Know What You Did Last Summer films did YOU enjoy most?

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on the IKWYDLS films in the comments section below. Thank you so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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Ranking the top 5 moments from “Ash vs Evil Dead” season 3 episode 7: “Ding Dong…you’re dead”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 episode 7 last night, I’m wondering why the Elk Grove police department has not instated some type of curfew yet.  After all, two local people are dead and a lot of weird things continue to happen, but I guess the best thing for everyone to do is to gather all in one place at the school dance.  Seriously I don’t know what this town would do without Ashy Slashy.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “Twist and Shout,” Brandy puts on her sequins and heads to the school dance with some chaperones, Pablo sees an unexpected guest in the rift, and Ruby tries to steal the show.  My top 5 moments from Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 episode 7 are:


“I’m not sure this is the time to be playing Barbie dress up.”

And you know what…Ash has got a valid point.  Not to say that I want to take away Brandy’s chance to shine on the dance floor, especially since she is wearing her mother’s favorite dress, but it seems like this is just bringing evil exactly what it wants.  Brandy explains that this is her chance to lure Ms. Prevett out in the open and to finally see her for what she truly is.  Ash accepts but is clearly hesitant about this plan, explaining that “from now on you’re rubber and we’re glue.”  After all, “that’s what super cool dads do right?”


Ruby takes her plan to the next level.

Ruby’s new and improved demon Ash is born or hatched?  Not sure which is really correct, but either way this identical version of Ash calls her “mother.”  Ruby explains that his role is to make Brandy truly believe he is her father.  This includes cutting off his own arm so that all of the details are just right.  Talk about commitment.  Ruby tells Brandy that her father, Ash is a demon and tries to get her to turn on him.  If Brandy kills her own father, Ruby’s heir will become the true prophesied one and then she will be able to pretty much bring all hell to earth…literally.


“The real Kelly and I did kiss and it was freakin awesome!”

While Pablo is still in the cellar at the hardware store, he hears a voice calling his name through the rift.  Pablo is shocked to see Kelly trapped inside and she tries to explain that she must be dead.  Pablo is clearly heart-broken by this news but recognizes that Kelly’s soul is in immediate danger and knows that it is his responsibility to do something to help her.  When Pablo arrives at the school dance, he is even more confused to see Kelly there alive and well.  Only, he begins to see through this impossibility and tests her by claiming they never shared a kiss.  When Kaya fails the test miserably, Pablo lets her know that the kiss they shared was “freakin awesome” and the two begin attacking each other.  Pablo cannot kill the vessel and escapes in just the nick of time, but it’s clear these two are not done just yet.


“There’s a very handsome but demented version of me running around here.”

Ash is shocked when he sees the demon version of himself running around the school hallway, leaving a pile of messy dead bodies behind him.  It is clear that Ash is being framed for this, but he is not about to let Ruby’s plan be a success.  Ash says, “I’m going to save my daughter.”  When he comes face to face with Brandy, she is beyond angry and waves the dagger around to show that she is not messing around.  Ash tries to explain that “it wasn’t me…it was the other me,” which isn’t as convincing as it sounds.  Ash fights off the demon version of him, explaining that “Ruby went to Kandarian Kinkos and this asshole popped out.”  After destroying the demon, he looks to Brandy, hoping that she will believe him.


“You were right.”

Brandy has flashes about her recent memories with her father and she cannot end his life, ruining Ruby’s plan.  After the demon Ash is eliminated, Brandy sees Ruby for what she truly is and says, “you were right.”  Ruby’s anger comes screeching to the surface and she throws the Kandarian dagger at Ash, only Brandy jumps in front of it to save him.  Brandy dies in Ash’s arms, breaking his heart completely and it seems like all hope is lost.  Or is it?  Brandy wakes up in the rift and sees the same monster that seemed to be after Kelly.  After watching the preview from next week, it appears that Ash and Pablo are ready to go into the rift to save them.  While it seems like the first step is to save their souls, is it possible that Brandy and Kelly can be brought back to life?  I’m hoping so because it seems like our favorite characters are dropping like flies.  Stay tuned to find out!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Ash vs Evil Dead below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl