Spoiler-Free Review of “Ratched” on Netflix: Don’t Take her Peach

**This is a spoiler-free review so feel free to read on!**

“I believe there are worse things to feel than simply feeling nothing…”

Ratched is a new television series from Ryan Murphy based on the character of Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The series acts as a sort of prequel, peeling back the layers behind one of the most notorious female villains in cinema history. Ratched stars Sarah Paulson, Finn Wittrock, Cynthia Nixon, Judy Davis, and Sharon Stone. The Netflix series premiered on September 18th 2020 with eight episodes (approximately 50 minutes in length).

Set in 1947, Nurse Mildred Ratched arrives at Lucia State Hospital seeking employment, but it’s clear from the start that a lot is about to unravel beneath the surface of her image of perfection.

Here is the trailer:

Ratched has everything it needs to be a disturbingly compelling watch, but does every villain truly need a backstory? Let’s find out…

The Pros:

Ratched Sarah Paulson Netflix 1

Images courtesy of Netflix

Sarah Paulson is perfection.

It should come as no surprise that AHS alum Sarah Paulson would be brilliant as Nurse Ratched. She embraces this role without holding back, revealing a darker, methodical side, which really lit up the screen.

The entire cast is phenomenal and the acting was truly outstanding.

Ratched Sarah Paulson fashion Netflix 1

Images courtesy of Netflix

Incredible fashion and visually stunning.

I have not been this blown away by a character’s wardrobe since Villanelle’s in Killing Eve and Sarah Paulson pulls off every single look effortlessly. The colors used are vivid and bright, transporting us seamlessly back into the 1940’s.

Every setting used was truly magnificent as well.

Ratched Sarah Paulson Netflix 2

Images courtesy of Netflix

Disturbing and chilling gore.

Fans of American Horror Story will appreciate the familiar tone of violence and gore sprinkled in. In a lot of ways, this almost felt like another season of the show or perhaps an alternate version of AHS: Aslyum.

The opening minutes of the pilot episode are extremely violent and gory and some of the medical procedures shown are even more disturbing to witness. This isn’t for everyone, but if you are a fan of Ryan Murphy shows, you will feel right at home.

The Cons:

Ratchced Sarah Paulson Netflix 3

Images courtesy of Netflix

Very slow moving at times and…boring.

The first episode ran for 56 minutes, but it felt like I was watching it for almost three hours. The pacing in this series is extremely slow, which didn’t work to its advantage in my opinion.

I was also really bored a lot of the time. I wanted so much more from this show and I feel like Sarah Paulson’s incredible performance was wasted in a lot of ways.

That being said, there are glimmers throughout the show of brilliance and there is enough happening at the end of each episode to draw you in for more. However, I just wish that we didn’t have to wait so long during an episode for something to actually happen…

So am I in or out?

Ratched Sarah Paulson Netflix 4

Images courtesy of Netflix

I’m about 50/50 on this one.

I am a huge fan of Ryan Murphy shows and it was fun to see a few familiar faces from AHS on this show. Sarah Paulson was perfection and I really thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself into the scenery and fashion.

However, there was just something missing for me. The show really had everything it needed to be something beyond brilliant and it fell flat because of the slower pace. 

That being said, fans of Sarah Paulson and AHS will find a lot to appreciate and I think it’s worth a watch. However, if you are looking for something fast paced and binge-watch worthy, I’m not sure that this is the pick you are hoping for.

I hope you enjoyed the review and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Ratched in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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Ranking the top 5 moments from “American Horror Story: 1984” season 9 episode 9 Season Finale: “Final Girl”

Happy Thursday TV fans!  After watching the FX network’s American Horror Story:  1984 season 9 episode 9 season finale, I learned that the 80’s will never truly die, but our killers certainly didn’t make it easy for our potential Final Girls.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  

In last night’s episode, “Final Girl,” we flash forward to 2019, as a familiar AHS face seeks out Camp Redwood, looking for answers.  Meanwhile, the Final Girl is revealed, but not before we get some unexpected twists and turns along the way.  My top 5 moments from the American Horror Story:  1984 season 9 episode 9 Season Finale are:


“You’re in danger…”

We certainly got a lot of time jumps during this season and it’s now 2019, as AHS alum, Finn Wittrock, shows up at Camp Redwood to find out the truth.  He comes into contact with Montana and Trevor and they learn that he is Mr. Jingles’s son, Bobby.

Small world!  Bobby has returned to find his father, but they tell him that he is dead and that he is in great danger now.

Bobby is quickly introduced to the supernatural threats on the campgrounds, but will he be able to make it out alive?  Let’s find out!


“You can’t sing Rebel Yell and not be a rebel.”

Fair point, Montana!  During the episode, we discover that Margaret brutally stabbed Trevor after finding out that he was trying to keep people from coming to her musical massacre fest.  Trevor tries to get over the campground lines so that he can be with Montana, but he can’t make it.  Luckily, Brooke shows up to help him, as Montana now realizes that she also has the chance for redemption.

Dylan McDermott’s character is killed pretty easily, but Montana is ready to take down the Night Stalker herself.

Naturally, she tells him that Billy Idol is waiting for him to lure him away, which is a great tactic!  The Night Stalker is surrounded by all the ghosts and they take out their revenge on him, trapping his spirit there for eternity.

Only they need to keep constant watch over him or he could summon Satan to be reborn, so this is certainly a lot of work.

While I was slightly disappointed with how easy it was to take down the Night Stalker, I was happy with Montana’s quest toward redemption here.


“Take her…”

The Night Stalker was really just the appetizer for the main course; however, as the ghosts now turn their attention on Margaret.

Margaret is not really intimidated, but they certainly pull out all the stops to brutally murder her.  They cut off her limbs one by one and ensure that the remains are spilled out past the campgrounds, but one should never truly discount Margaret…

Either way, this scene had my stomach turning, but it’s not like she didn’t have this coming.


“You were the last one.  The only one.”

Right before Margaret is taken, Brooke and Donna attack her, but Brooke is stabbed in the process.  When Bobby goes to the asylum to get some answers about his father, he meets Donna years later and realizes that she is the Final Girl.

Only nothing is that simple on AHS, as we find out that Ray saved Brooke and she has been secretly sending Bobby money all these years to try and give him a chance at a normal life.

It looks like Brooke and Donna are both the Final Girls after all!

Both of them killed it and were the highlight of the season for me, so I was really happy that they both were able to make it out of there OK.  Looks like they’re bonded for life now!


“The 80’s will never die.”

Even after hearing everything, Bobby still returns to Camp Redwood and of course the Night Stalker breaks free and tries to kill him.  The ghosts all band together to save him and Mr. Jingles shows up with perfect timing to stop Margaret, who has been hiding out all this time to get her revenge, revealing that she died right before her head was thrown across the line.

Bobby is stabbed and it doesn’t look too good for him, but his grandmother shows up to stop Margaret, giving Bobby his chance at a real happy ending.

Montana reminds him to keep their ghost stories alive so that the 80’s never die and we get somewhat of a happily ever after here.

So overall, I absolutely LOVED the first half of season 9.  The throwback to the 80’s and the music was out of this world.  The show did an excellent job of channeling that slasher vibe while also throwing in some campy horror humor to really lighten the mood and I thought that this was so entertaining.

However, once we got to the second half of the season, it felt like random plots were thrown our way and everything got a little bit chaotic.  It almost seemed like they didn’t really know where to go at a certain point and I almost wish they would have had fewer episodes with more 80’s slasher fun because the season was at its highest point during those moments.

Either way, I appreciated the music and had a lot of fun watching.  Although I really wanted to see Billy Idol!  There were some fantastic guest stars and some really great performances, but we’ll have to see what premise we get in season 10.  Stay tuned AHS fans!

American Horror Story:  1984 episode 9 Music Soundtrack Highlights:

A Flock Of Seagulls – I Ran (So Far Away) (Video)

Autograph – Turn up the Radio (Official Video)

Mike + The Mechanics – The Living Years (Official Video)

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on American Horror Story:  1984 below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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