Ranking the top 5 villains from “Dexter”

Happy Wednesday TV Fans!  For today, I have returned to one of my old favorites, Dexter, as I recently finished up my complete re-watch of the series.  Even though Dexter Morgan is a serial killer, he is an anti-hero that you root for, but I have to admit it was difficult thinking about who is actually considered a villain or a big bad on the show, as it pretty much comes down to whether or not they are actually Dexter’s nemesis.  While some of these villains are brutal and vicious, others are meticulous and calculating, but they each test Dexter in different ways, bringing out emotions within him that he thought perhaps never existed.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the series yet.  My top 5 villains from Dexter are:


Miguel collage

Miguel Prado

Miguel Prado first appears in season 3 of Dexter and witnesses Dexter killing someone.  Dexter tries to stick by his code, but this becomes more and more difficult when Miguel takes an interest in what Dexter is doing, as he also feels that so many criminals escape the law and deserve to be punished.  Initially, there is a real friendship and bond between Dexter and Miguel, but this becomes more complicated when Miguel decides to deviate from the code, taking justice into his own hands.  As a result, Miguel becomes a major nemesis for Dexter and he is forced to end their friendship…for good.


Doakes collage

James Doakes

So, this one was tricky for me because I don’t really consider James Doakes to be a villain.  He just always sensed that something was “off” about Dexter and it turns out…he was right.  In season 1, Doakes seems to be getting close to discovering Dexter’s secret, but he actually finds out what Dexter has been truly hiding in season 2.  Dexter holds Doakes captive for a while, desperately trying to figure out what to do with him, recognizing that he is essentially innocent.  There are actually some real bonding moments between these two, but it comes down to survival here.  Of course, someone else ends up taking Doakes out for good, but Doakes is a noteworthy nemesis for Dexter and he absolutely deserves a spot on the list.


Lila collage


Lila is absolutely crazy, but that’s why she is just so brilliant as a villain for me.  Appearing in season 2, Lila actually becomes a love interest for Dexter…or maybe more of a lust interest.  However, Dexter starts to realize that Lila is actually very dangerous and tries to cut all ties with her.  Lila is furious to see that Dexter is rejecting her and doesn’t take no for an answer.  She channels some Fatal Attraction for sure, essentially stalking Dexter and targeting his friends.  It is also important to note that Lila is the first one who brings up the “Dark Passenger” that exists within Dexter, which I think is part of what drew him to her.  However, everyone’s passenger is different and Lila has a lot of screws loose throughout season 2, proving to be a dangerous and unstable villain.


Ice truck collage

The Ice Truck Killer

Who could forget the Ice Truck Killer from season 1, aka Dexter’s brother, Brian Moser?  I still think twice whenever I see someone with different colors painted on each nail and that’s because the Ice Truck Killer was a sick and twisted villain.  Even though the Ice Truck Killer is very creative with each kill, he also takes the time to leave little clues behind for Dexter, which sparks his interest.  This game of cat and mouse continues and when it is finally revealed that he is actually Dexter’s biological brother, I was completely shocked.  Brian never had someone like Harry to teach him how to channel his own rage, but he still tries to force some kind of connection with Dexter.  However, when it comes down to Brian or Deb, Dexter chooses his sister, holding on to the values he learned so many years ago.

Some honorable mentions before revealing my number one pick are:

  • Hannah McKay (although I don’t personally classify her as a villain, but she is a fantastic femme fatale)
  • Jordan Chase
  • Ray Speltzer (bull-head guy still gives me nightmares)
  • Travis Marshall
  • Maria LaGuerta (I don’t classify her as a villain either, but she almost took down Dexter so this is to be noted)
  • Christine Hill
  • The Skinner
  • The Brain Surgeon


Trinity collage


Season 4 is such an amazing season and part of that is because the villain, Trinity, aka Arthur Mitchell, is incredible.  He is definitely Dexter’s greatest foe for me and he is responsible for the death of Rita, which still breaks my heart.  Dexter continues to chase after Trinity, intrigued by his own kill cycle, but he gets too close to him, posing as Kyle Butler.  Trinity’s kills are bone-chilling and creepy, giving me my own set of nightmares, but he also tries to play the family man, surprising even Dexter.  However, we quickly discover that he is essentially a monster to his own family as well, causing Dexter to practically throw caution out the window while trying to find a way to stop Trinity.  Dexter even has several opportunities to kill Trinity, but he doesn’t initially take them.

Later on, Trinity actually walks right into the police station and says, “Hello, Dexter Morgan,” now threatening to make things truly personal.  Even though Dexter is able to stop Trinity once and for all after he discovers his identity, there is a huge consequence, as he loses Rita in the process.  Dexter blames himself for her death and begins to question everything about himself and the code as a result, making Trinity’s actions that much more destructive in the end.  He is played brilliantly by John Lithgow and will always be one of the greatest villains on any television series for me!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to share some of your own thoughts and comments on your favorite villains from Dexter. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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Ranking the top 5 moments featuring Kassidi and Carl from “Shameless” season 8

Happy Monday TV fans!  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day this week, I am going to be recapping and ranking the top 5 moments featuring my absolute favorite couple from Shameless season 8, Carl and KassidiPlease note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the full season yet.  Kassidi and Carl first meet when he is running his junky detox program for money and Kassidi suggests they try shooting a ransom video for extra cash.  Although extreme and slightly psychotic, Carl’s girlfriend, Kassidi, played by the brilliant Sammi Hanratty, falls head over heels in love with him.  Kassidi is wild and passionate, thinking with her heart above her head in most scenarios, which borders on a fatal attraction in some instances.  Carl is not completely scared off by this, however; as he points out to the rest of the Gallagher family that they all suck at relationships and he is going to give it a try.  This leads to a roller coaster type relationship, as Kassidi becomes crazier with each new episode, her love for Carl never fading.  Things get complicated, however; when a promise ring is misinterpreted as a proposal and when Kassidi wants Carl to give up military school for her.  My top 5 moments featuring Kassidi and Carl from Shameless season 8 are:


Carl records a ransom video. (Moment from Season 8, episode 7)

Carl is on his way to securing all of the tuition he needs for military school, but is short by $3527.  One of his junky rehab customers tempts him with a new proposition, which is hard for him to ignore.  The girl, Kassidi, suggests that he shoot a harmless ransom video and that her dad will put up the cash without a problem.  As soon as Carl hits play, it’s clear that Kassidi is no amateur.  She begins screaming with a hood over her head to Carl’s surprise.  When he goes to retrieve the money, Kassidi’s dad approaches Carl and requests that she just come home and go to Tiffany’s party.  When Carl relays the message, Kassidi explains that she has no interest in going back and reveals her romantic interest in Carl.  While it seems like Kassidi is calling the shots, Carl did get the money he needed without dealing with the stress of being an uber driver or a detox specialist.  And so their love story begins…


“All Carl’s.” (Moment from Season 8, episode 8)

In episode 7, we were introduced to Carl’s new love interest, Kassidi who proved that she was not afraid to record a ransom video to black-mail her parents.  Seems like this could be an indicator of her emotional well-being, right?  Unfortunately, Carl is distracted by her other “charms” and is very welcoming to her as his new girl-friend.  The family seems to approve as well, when she orders KFC after Deb’s failed attempt to get dinner.  She even sports off some new panties with…you guessed it, “All Carl’s” written across the front.  Perhaps she is just really enthusiastic about her new-found love for Carl.  Everything seems to be going well until Kassidi gets in the way of Carl’s Uber or “Ubber” business, however.  After Kassidi tells of a customer, Carl begins to have second thoughts about how fast their relationship is moving, but continues on with it for now, desperately trying to avoid another melodramatic melt-down.


Carl proposes by accident…(Moment from Season 8, episode 9)

Carl’s girlfriend, Kassidi, starts out the episode making a video scrapbook for her beloved, not wanting him to abandon her and ship off to military school.  Seems like a sweet idea, until she begins adding in some tasteless photos of her and some interesting recordings.  Carl seeks out some advice from Kev and the guys on what to do, realizing that he needs to prove his commitment to Kassidi.  Unlike most girls, Kassidi has an interesting perspective on love.  She thinks of their “boning” as “uniting our souls” and tells Carl that he is “mutilating her effin heart” when she is convinced there will be tons of girls at military school, even though he repeatedly explains there are literally no women at the school.  Carl takes the plunge and purchases a promise ring, staging a romantic re-creation of the day they first met…handcuffs and all.  The sentiment is actually quite sweet, until Kassidi mistakes it for a marriage proposal and eagerly shrieks “yes!”  Looks like these two are in it for the long haul after all.


Kassidi and Carl get married. (Moment from Season 8, episode 10)

After Carl’s promise ring was misinterpreted as an engagement ring, his girlfriend, Kassidi, enthusiastically accepts.  She provides the Gallagher family with engagement presents and explains that she will be “the best effin wife,” cooking Carl dinner every night with an interesting dessert menu.  While it seems harmless at first, Kassidi then shows off her present for Carl, which is a vile of her own blood for him to carry around.  Channeling her inner Angelina Jolie, Kassidi insists that they carry each other’s blood around to be closer to one another.  When their wedding is delayed by a day, Carl begins to have second thoughts and his family members warn him that Kassidi is kind of “psycho.”  He reveals his doubts to her, hoping that their love can be enough for now.  However, Kassidi takes this to the extreme, refusing to not get what she wants.  Carl walks in to his love, Kassidi, hanging on a noose and rushes to her side.  While she explains it was more of a test for Carl, she reveals that all she wants is to get married.  Carl agrees and the two tie a very different kind of knot…fake ids and all.  


Kassidi goes on a trip down memory lane with Carl. (Moment from Season 8, episode 11)

After Carl’s rash decision to get married to his crazy girlfriend, Kassidi; she insists on knowing everything about him which includes visiting some dangerous places around the city.  When they come across a dead body, Kassidi explains that “she needs to see the face of death” so she can “story the shit out of it” on Snapchat.  She takes some interesting selfies in front of the dead body, including one of Kassidi comically pretending to choke herself out in front of death to give her followers the real experience.  After visiting the former corner that Carl sold crack at, they get shot at to the excitement of Kassidi.  Even though they seem to be connecting, Kassidi is still fearful of Carl going back to military school.

In the season finale, Carl manages to escape and successfully gets on the bus to military school to the dismay of Kassidi.  While Carl does love Kassidi, he is not about to completely dismiss his other love for military school and he has the chance to really become someone to be proud of.  Will their marriage survive this?  Will Kassidi track Carl down at school?  Something tells me that the love between these two crazy kids is not over yet.  After all, giving someone a vile of your own blood proves total love and commitment.  Perhaps we can all be inspired by Kassidi and Carl this Valentine’s day…or may we should just stick to some jewelry and a box of chocolates instead as a token of our affections.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Shameless below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!

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