Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” season 3 episode 7: “The Man in Black”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Riverdale season 3 episode 7, we may know who the Man in Black is, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the Gargoyle King.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In tonight’s episode, “Chapter Forty-Two:  The Man in Black,” Archie and Jughead try to stay low in a strange town, but quickly realize that they are far from safe.  Meanwhile, Veronica shows off her gambling skills and Betty refuses to abandon her investigation, as she uncovers quite a lot of connections at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.  My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 3 episode 7 are:


“When you’re trying to survive, it’s easy to lose sight of who you are.”

In the beginning of the episode, we catch up with Archie and Jughead, who are still looking for a safe place away from Hiram Lodge.  They come across a farm in the ghost-like town of Athens and are taken in by Laurie Lake and her sister.  While Archie tries to make himself useful at the farm, Jughead heads into town and detects symbols from the “Griffins and Gargoyles” game on some of the buildings.  When he asks about it, he learns that the drug, “fizzle rocks,” is here and that there is a man in black who calls the shots.  The town is oddly quiet and Jughead even comments that it is a little bit too “American Gothic” for him, but we learn that all of the men are working at the prison.  Jughead warns Archie not to get distracted, but Archie and Laurie do share a kiss.  Archie stops it from going any further; however, as he explains that he has a girl waiting for him back home.  Laurie seems harmless enough…until she hits Archie over the head with a frying pan and ties him up.  See Archie, just another reason why you should head on home to Veronica.


“Who’s the Man in Black?”

We quickly learn that the “Man in Black” is Hiram Lodge and that the men in town are working for him, distributing fizzle rocks.  Hiram is more than disappointed when Archie gets away with Jughead, but what was Hiram really going to do here?  Archie desperately wanted to stay and fight Hiram and “end this nightmare once and for all,” but Jughead talks some sense into him, recognizing that they are under prepared and no match for Hiram Lodge right now.  We know that Hiram is capable of murder, but would he really eliminate Archie forever?  It looks like Jughead and Archie will continue their brotherly adventure together, as they will be reunited with Jughead’s mother and sister in next week’s mid-season finale.   


“Veronica Lodge is not about to go quietly into the night.”

Veronica makes the decision to leave home, even though both her mother and father try to stop her.  Veronica sleeps at La Bonne Nuit and decides to spend her time figuring out how to make some real money.  She enlists the help of Elio and decides to have a casino night, which seems like a great idea, but Hiram recognizes the potential danger here.  Veronica even takes out a second mortgage on Pop’s Diner, which is extremely risky.  During the casino night, Elio is having an unrealistic streak of luck and hasn’t lost yet, which would leave Veronica in the red.  Veronica refuses to “go quietly into the night” and challenges Elio to a high stakes game of Black Jack, where the winner gets the deed to Pop’s Diner and La Bonne Nuit.  I have to say that I was extremely nervous here, but Veronica ends up winning, as she sends Elio packing.  We later find out that Veronica “scammed the scammer,” as Reggie so eloquently put it, but does this mean that Hiram has won back her affection?  Hiram did warn Veronica and got her in touch with a dealer she could trust, but we know that he has an ulterior motive here.  Later on, Pop warns Veronica and tells her, “Don’t be like your father.”  He explains that Sheriff Minetta was found murdered and that the body was decapitated and his hands were sawed off.  You really do not want to get on Hiram Lodge’s bad side.


“Make them think that you’re sane.”

During the episode, we also get to catch up with poor Betty, who is still at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.  Betty’s narration is beyond hilarious, as she desperately tries to stay sane so that she can continue on with her investigation.  Fizzle rocks pop up here as well and the patients are receiving the drug as their reward or “candy,” as Sister Woodhouse said in a beyond creepy tone.  Betty observes a lot at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and notices that both Claudius Blossom and Hiram Lodge show up, but what is the connection?  We know that Hiram Lodge is the one who initially brought the fizzle rocks drugs to the Midnight Club so many years ago, so what is his end game here and how does Claudius fit in?  It seems like Betty is actually obtaining quite the inside scoop until she meets her new roommate…Ethel.  To quote Betty, “Fun!”  Ethel is beyond obnoxious, as she tries to even tell Betty that her and Jughead will be a ship.  Betty hilariously says, “Ethelhead…in your dreams” and I have to agree.  Ethel is not the only threat that Betty has to deal with, however.


“The king awaits you.”

In a frightening moment, Betty is taken to The Gargoyle King’s chambers against her will after she discovers that the “X” door has been boarded up with bricks.  Betty is forced to take the fizzle rocks drug and is brought before the king, which is absolutely terrifying.  We do not get to see who or what Betty sees, but we do witness her behavior later on, as she now seems completely different.  It’s almost like she is a shell of her former self, as she gives mechanical answers about the pictures that Sister Woodhouse holds up.  Betty even recites, “My king, my savior.  Guide me through the night.  Bless me with your darkness.  Gift me with your flight.”  Has Betty been completely brainwashed?  Are the drugs to blame?  What did she really see in the Gargoyle King’s chambers?  Also, where are Cheryl and Toni?  They deserve some much needed screen time.  Stay tuned for the mid-season finale next week!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale in the comments section below.  Happy viewing!

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Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Mick” season 2 episode 15: “The Juice”

Happy Wednesday!  After watching Fox’s The Mick season 2 episode 15 last night, I am brought back to a valuable lesson from one of my favorite films, “The Girl Next Door,” when the main character learns that “the juice is worth the squeeze.”  In Mickey’s case, it seems that she hasn’t quite really thought through the consequences of getting Chip and his friend hooked on the juice of gambling, but as long as it’s a win in the end, she’ll take it.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “The Juice,” Mickey agrees to teach Chip and his friend the art of gambling while Jimmy interferes with Sabrina’s new relationship to protect the integrity of the women’s soccer team.  Meanwhile, Alba is convinced that the colonel is playing mind games with her, unleashing a terrifying fury that cannot be stopped until she gets to the truth.  My top 5 moments from The Mick season 2 episode 15 are:


Sabrina has a girlfriend.

Mickey and the rest of the family are shocked when there is a strange girl in their kitchen wearing Jimmy’s boxers.  We quickly learn that she is Sabrina’s new girlfriend, Alexis, to the shock of her family.  When Mickey implies that she is a “les,” Sabrina becomes infuriated and tells Mickey to “stop trying to label me you ancient bag of sand.”  Mickey tries to defend herself but Sabrina doesn’t want to hear it, focused primarily on her new romantic interest.  However, she becomes quite needy when Alexis explains that she has to get ready for soccer practice, as Sabrina doesn’t want to compete with anyone or anything for attention.


“There’s no juice in that bet.”

Mickey walks in on Chip and his friend placing bets on a football game and quickly schools them.  They are beyond impressed with her gambling skills and they ask Mickey to teach them how to gamble.  Mickey initially plays the parent card and explains that it wouldn’t be right, but quickly changes her mind when Chip offers to cut her in on any of their winnings.  They soon learn that the “first rule of gambling is to bet with your head, not your heart.”  Mickey randomly finds a Russian website to place bets on and suggests 100, which Chip’s friend misinterprets for $100,000 that he puts on his dad’s credit card.  The boys have certainly got the juice now and are in for a world of trouble if they can’t figure out how to come up with the money.  Luckily for them, Mickey always has a plan.  Not to say it’s the best plan, but it’s better than waiting around for the Russians to come collect their winnings for sure.


The colonel is playing mind games with Alba.

The rest of the family has pretty much given up on the colonel, refusing to chip in to take care of him.  Alba has taken on this main responsibility and brings a ray of sunshine into the colonel’s world, taking him out to the terrace and chatting with him about her day.  However, this takes a dark turn when the colonel begins mysteriously moving on Alba.  Every time she turns around, he is in a new spot.  She explains that once or twice might have been a coincidence, but three times…no way.  Alba decides that she is going to make the colonel talk no matter what it takes.  She even gets out a blowtorch to show that she means business, but soon realizes that it was Ben moving the colonel around to reach high cabinets and apologizes quickly to the colonel for her mistake.


Jimmy does some research.

Jimmy confronts Sabrina about her new relationship and tells her that he believes she’s “in it for the celebrity.”  After all, Alexis is a very talented soccer player and has a very important game coming up.  Jimmy becomes overly invested in protecting the team, explaining that “I was that girl.”  Sabrina tells him to give it up because his days of fame were over 20 years ago, but Jimmy is not about to throw in the towel just yet.  He begins his “research” on the talent and stats of the team, refusing to let Alexis throw it all away because of Sabrina.  When Sabrina asks for Jimmy’s help later on, he ends up getting surrounded by the entire team who attack him viciously.  Don’t get me wrong, Jimmy was not the helpless victim, as he throws in some punches of his own, even slamming one girl down on the hood of a car.  When Jimmy is taken away in the ambulance, he says he won’t press charges because they have a very important game tomorrow.


Mickey’s plan works.

It seems like there will be no way out of losing a $100,000 bet, but Mickey comes up with the brilliant plan to put the juice to work and place a matching bet on amateur women’s soccer when she listens to Jimmy talk about Sabrina’s impact on the team’s star player.  However, everything begins to back-fire when she learns that Jimmy gets himself involved so that Alexis will make the right choice and dedicate herself to the team.  Mickey is horrified by this, but everything works out the way it should when the attack on Jimmy causes the team to have to forfeit as a result of their actions.  Mickey is beyond thrilled and saves the day, but perhaps she should take a break from gambling for now.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on The Mick below. Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl