Ranking the top 5 moments from “SMILF” season 1 episode 8 season finale: “The Heart Wants What it Wants.”

Greetings TV viewers!  After watching Showtime’s SMILF season 1 episode 8 season finale last night, I am left with a clutter of emotions ranging from sadness to heart-warming.  While season one has come to a close, Bridgette explored what’s been locked away for so long, relying on the support and love of her family and friends around her.  She demonstrates vulnerability and extreme courage simultaneously, making us adore her and root for her that much more.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Mark’s Lunch & Two Cups of Coffee,” Bridgette tries out a new job and a new hair-cut.  Her lack of interest in finding a match on Tinder leads to an unexpected match with her long-lost father.  Meanwhile, Rafi graduates from “sober living” and Tutu takes the big step of leaving the house to be there for her daughter when she needs it the most.   My top 5 moments from the SMILF season 1 episode 8 season finale are:


Bridgette gets a job at Account Collect Management.

Bridgette seems to be taking a step in the right direction finding a suitable 9-5 job that can still allow her to be there for Larry.  However, the world of account collect management is not as glamorous as one might guess.  Bridgette desperately tries to get through her page of calls, but finds herself empathizing with the callers on the list.  She tells one customer that “it sucks” and tells her not to worry about paying them right now.  While it’s difficult for Bridgette to separate her personal feelings from her job responsibilities, she is ready to at least try, which says something.  Bridgette gets an A for effort for now, but something greater is out there for her.


Bridgette gets a new hair-cut.

Now that Bridgette has entered the work-force, she is ready for a change in her appearance as well.  Her friend convinces her to get a “lob” like Khloe Kardashian, but Bridgette comically makes the mistake of calling it a “ball cut.”  Tutu’s hair-dresser goes with it and assumes she means a “bowl cut” which is not so flattering on Bridgette.  Either way, she is happy to make a change and owns her new look with confidence.


Bridgette eats cupcakes in the bathroom.

As the pressure becomes a little bit too much to handle at her job, Bridgette takes a time out to find out what’s for lunch in the fridge.  She begins sampling other people’s lunches that are not labeled, assuming they are there for everyone.  A delightful box of cupcakes catches her eyes, as she grabs the entire box and hides out in the bathroom stall, away from the claustrophobic feel of the cubicles.  Bridgette dives into the cupcakes, literally eating her feelings, when her boss comes to find her to see why she hasn’t gotten to her list of calls yet.  Bridgette exits the stall in shame with chocolate caked all over her face and explains that she’s not feeling well, but promises to make the calls the next day.  Lucky for Bridgette, her boss is willing to give her another chance, but her friend points out those cupcakes were for Molly’s birthday in shock.  Perhaps she should give labeling a try as Bridgette suggested.


Rafi graduates from “sober living.”

Rafi reveals that he has indeed “graduated” and is ready to move in with his girl-friend to the surprise of Bridgette.  Bridgette shows concern, as she worries about Larry’s well-being when he stays with Rafi.  Rafi assures her that he is alright and is ready to embrace the responsibilities of sober-life, but Bridgette is not so sure.  While I am hoping that Rafi is better and recognize his accomplishment, we will have to see what next season holds for him.


Bridgette matches with her father on Tinder.

Earlier in the episode, Bridgette absent-mindedly scrolls through unworthy candidates on Tinder repeating “no” over and over, even getting Larry to agree.  However, she panics when she finds a man that looks very much like her father.  It is revealed that Bridgette was abused when she was younger and hasn’t seen her father since she was a little girl, but she is convinced that it is him and even digs out some old photos for evidence.  Tutu is concerned about Bridgette’s plan to “go on a date with her dad” to get him to admit what he did so she can find some sense of closure.  After Bridgette tries on an array of outfits, she is ready to come face to face with her dad.  Tutu and her friends stay at the restaurant to support her and Tutu gives her a letter that Bridgette wrote to her dad so many years ago.  When Bridgette sits down at the table, she is trembling with uneasiness, but confidently reads the letter aloud, which is absolutely heart-breaking.  The man cuts her off to say that she has made some kind of mistake and Tutu rushes over to let Bridgette know that the man across the table from her is not her father.  They apologize to the man for the mistake and he does tell Bridgette that for what it’s worth, he would “murder her father” if he ever saw him.  Bridgette was initially disappointed to not get the closure she was looking for, but has her friends and family there around her to support her, proving that she is loved and worth something.  While Bridgette may never be truly ok from what happened to her in the past, she has the unconditional love of her family to pick her up when she falls down.  Overall, the first season of SMILF gave viewers the chance to laugh, connect with characters on a deep level, and find meaning in life, re-defining the parameters of how to be the “perfect parent.”

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on SMILF below. Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl