Ranking the top 5 moments from “Killing Eve” season 2 episode 4: “Desperate Times”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching BBC America’s Killing Eve season 2 episode 4 on AMC, I started thinking about the song, “Reflection,” in the movie Mulan, where she sings:  “When will my reflection show who I am inside?”  It seemed fitting and it’s interesting to see how much the dynamic is shifting between Eve and Villanelle.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Desperate Times,” Villanelle puts on a show and tries to win back Eve’s attention.  Meanwhile, Eve continues to put the pieces together surrounding Alistair Peel, leading her to the new female assassin, Ghost.  My top 5 moments from Killing Eve season 2 episode 4 are:


“You’re the best person I know…come back.”

Eve and Niko continue to have problems in this episode, as Eve forgets to let him know that they now have security watching their home.  Eve clearly has a lot on her mind, but she continues to push Niko further and further away.  Niko reminds her that none of this is normal, even though she works for MI6, and tries to get through to her.  In a sweet moment, Niko tells Eve that she is the best person he knows and he just wants her to come back, but is Eve too far gone at this point?


“This is so boring!!!!!!”

You just gotta love when Jodie Comer brightens up the screen with her amazing portrayal of Villanelle.  Villanelle is in Amsterdam with Konstantin, preparing for her first job, but they decide to walk through a museum, which is beyond boring to Villanelle.  Villanelle hilariously shouts this in front of a crowd, not caring what anyone else thinks, but she is intrigued by one painting in particular and even purchases a postcard version to send to Eve.  We later see Villanelle in a gorgeous pink ensemble and a woman asks her if she can take a picture for her Instagram and Villanelle hilariously replies, “Don’t be pathetic…get a real life.”  This is why I love Villanelle.  She says what she thinks without hesitation and we still adore her anyway.  The postcard to Eve reads:

Darling Eve,

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me.

Only Carolyn intercepts the postcard before it reaches Eve.  But why is Carolyn trying to keep this from Eve?  Is there a particular reason why she wants her full attention on Ghost?  I still don’t trust Carolyn, but I’m hoping we will fill in some more blanks soon!


“Scorned wives and scumbags…”

Villanelle is ready to put on a show for Eve and we learn that being discreet is definitely not in her nature.  Villanelle tracks down her target and lures him into a red light district window.  Villanelle wears a pig mask and opens the curtain, as the crowd watches as she strings the man upside down.  Before killing him, Villanelle signals for some encouragement from the crowd, as they don’t understand what is really going on before she performs her final act and butchers the man in front of them.  Villanelle leaves him hanging upside down, similar to the painting in the postcard she sent to Eve, but she is beyond disappointed when Eve doesn’t show up to investigate her work of art. 


“Do you like her watching her or do you like being watched?”

Eve continues to investigate Alistair Peel’s murder and realizes that everyone around him seems to be dying, but in natural ways.  After meeting with Alistair’s obnoxious son, Eve begins to focus her attention on Ghost and realizes that she wanted each act to be painless.  So “what kind of assassin is that?”  A light bulb goes off within Eve, as she realizes that Ghost must have previously worked in the medical field.  This is clearly exciting Eve, as she is all about the hunt, but will she forget about Villanelle now that she has Ghost on her mind?



My favorite moment of the episode is at the very end, where we go back and forth between Eve and Villanelle staring at their reflections.  Eve is getting ready to interrogate her Ghost suspect and pulls up her hair, leaving it neatly off of her face.  She stares at herself and is calm and unwavering.  After getting high and almost going off the deep end at a club, Villanelle looks at her own reflection and begins crying, which causes her to eventually smile.  Even though Villanelle feels ignored or rejected by Eve, it has brought out human emotions within her, as she taps into vulnerability inside.  It always seems like Villanelle is just trying to feel something and now she does, but what will she do about it?

Eve was always previously seen almost out of control and constantly on the move, refusing to sit still, but now she is calm and confident, suggesting that she has perhaps taken a page out of Villanelle’s book.  It’s interesting to see how these two characters are almost adapting characteristics of each other, as they continue on this twisted journey.  But what will happen when these two halves finally meet in the middle?  Stay tuned! 

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Killing Eve in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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