Throw-back Sunday: Ranking the top 5 episodes from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

It’s Throw-Back Sunday TV Fans! I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  I have been recently re-watching one of my favorite series of all time; FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I have been discussing it with a lot of enthusiastic fans like you.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to quote line for line some of my favorite scenes without even thinking about it. While we anxiously await the series to return with new episodes later in 2018, you can binge-watch to your heart’s desire on Hulu.  Out of the 134 episodes of the series, it was extremely difficult to narrow this list down to my top 5 episodes and I did need to include some honorable mentions as well.  You’ll see I went a little overboard with my honorable mentions, but the episodes are just that good and funny.  Whether you are familiar with phrases like “Rum Ham,” “Green Man,” or “Charlie Work,” there are plenty of laugh out loud moments for you in each episode.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not yet watched the series.  My top 5 episodes from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are:


“The Gang Dines Out” (Season 8, episode 9)

The gang dines out 3 4

“I can’t believe this.  They still haven’t paid tribute.  It’s been ten minutes.  Not a wave, not a nod.”

In this episode, Frank and Charlie are out to dinner at Gugino’s restaurant and are celebrating their anniversary of moving in together, Mac and Dennis are enjoying their monthly dinner, and Dee is dining alone because she got a Groupon that expires that evening.  Frank and Charlie and Mac and Dennis argue over whether or not they should all sit together, but become quickly agitated when each party doesn’t “pay tribute” to the other.  One of the funniest moments is when Mac and Charlie share a longing gaze across the restaurant, clearly wanting to put the pettiness aside so they can enjoy a meal together.  Meanwhile, Dee doesn’t want her friends to spot her eating alone and tries to convince strangers and even the waiter to sit down with her.  At the end of the episode, it seems like all chaos is about to break loose when the waiter trips and falls with a plate of spaghetti because Dee tied his shoelaces together.  The friends all laugh and cheer and toast to one another, while the poor waiter tries to get someone to pay attention to the fact that he is actually hurt.


“Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs” (Season 11, episode 5)

Suburbs 3 4

“Oh that Wally loves to say ‘it’s a hot one’ when I already know it’s a hot one.  Cause I’m standing outside in this hot one.  Thanks a lot, Wally.  You know what?  Tell me about future weather.  Don’t tell me about present weather…”

My top 5 list would not be complete without including this episode which is probably one of the few that I laughed the entire way through and was almost crying from laughing so hard.  Part of the reason is because I live in the suburbs and immediately could appreciate everything Mac and Dennis were dealing with.  The overwhelming sense of silence can drive you completely insane when you hear alarms beeping or chirping or the whirring of a fan to an elevated level.  Plus you have the over-friendly neighbors who just don’t know what to say when trying to make small talk.  Dennis actually has a mental breakdown when his neighbor, Wally keeps telling him “it’s a hot one” which is absolutely hilarious.  The commute to the city is also extremely funny as Dennis gives road rage a new name, viciously tearing into every person who cuts him off.  He takes his anger out on poor Mac who has just been trying to cook him a decent home meal of Mac & Cheese.  The episode gets really dark when Mac forgets to feed Dennis Junior, their adorable dog, and then later tells Dennis that he is “eating the dog.”  I mean of course “Dennis would like Dennis.”  While it’s twisted and insane, you can’t help laughing over the fact that these two have gone completely mental over their move to the suburbs.


“Nightman Cometh” (Season 4, episode 13)

The nightman 3 4

“Ok you know what , you guys have me up to here.  I don’t want to be here, okay?  Now I have to play the piano and I’m all up here.”

If you’re a fan of It’s Always Sunny, then you absolutely have to know the lyrics to the Dayman song, especially “you’re a master of karate and friendship for everyone.”  Charlie has the brilliant idea to put on a play and really dig deep into the character of Dayman.  However, his friends insist on changing the script and giving him way too much input, infuriating him along the way.  He invites the waitress to watch the performance and proposes to her.  While this doesn’t go exactly as planned, the play itself is beyond hilarious and everyone plays their part perfectly.


“Charlie Rules the World” (Season 8, episode 8)

charlie rules 3 4

“I wonder what it is.  It’s not much…just a box of spiders.  What the hell?  Well while we’ve been sitting here, my followers have burned your land, they’ve raped your people, and they’ve destroyed your tribe.  You thought you could make a move on me, Queen of Thrones?  Well, you were wrong.”

What could be better for Charlie than a real chance to rule the world?  Well, it’s through an online video game that Dee introduces him to, but the two quickly become beyond obsessed.  Dee says “it’s like when I’m doing good in the game, I’m doing good in life.”  Charlie agrees and says “oh I want to make fun of you for saying that but I kind of know what you mean.”  Charlie quickly learns the best way to “win” at the game and even has Dee acting like his servant, which she agrees to since she is so desperate to do well in the game.  When Charlie meets up with the Queen of Thrones from the game, she actually seems like a really sweet girl who just wanted to get to know him and have lunch, but Charlie is not about to let anyone threaten his standing in the game.  Even Mac and Frank become obsessed, but Dennis is not about to let an online video game take over their lives.  He quickly realizes that they all have the same password, “paddyspub” and deletes all of their characters and ends the game because it was simply irritating him.

Some honorable mentions before revealing my number one episode of It’s Always Sunny are:

  • “Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare” (season 2 episode 3)
  • “Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person (season 3 episode 9)
  • “The Gang Reignites the Rivalry” (Season 5 episode 12)
  • “Mac and Charlie: White Trash” (Season 6 episode 5)
  • “Who Got Dee Pregnant?” (Season 6 episode 7)
  • “Dee Reynolds: Shaping America’s Youth” (Season 6 episode 9)
  • “The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore” (Season 7 episode 2)
  • “The High School Reunion” (Season 7 episodes 12 & 13)
  • “The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre” (Season 8 episode 3)
  • “Mac Day” (Season 9 episode 5)
  • “Flowers for Charlie” (Season 9 episode 8)
  • “The Gang Beats Boggs” (Season 10 episode 1)
  • “Charlie Work” (Season 10 episode 4)
  • “The Gang Goes on Family Fight” (Season 10 episode 8)


“Chardee MacDennis:  The Game of Games” (Season 7, episode 7)

Game of games 3 4

“Yes now in the spirit of tradition, I propose that we begin the ritual of sportsmanship.  Good luck to you sir.  And you sir.  I do hope you have a good game, miss.  And you sir….give the illusion of respect to your opponent.  Things are about to get real dark, real quick.”

So my number one pick for best episode absolutely has to go to “Chardee MacDennis:  The Game of Games.”  For me, this episode came out of nowhere in the season and was hilarious from start to finish.  A rainy boring day at the bar turns into a chaotic battle between the minds.  The rules of the game don’t really make sense but that’s part of the charm.  After the gang begins their ritual of sportsmanship, they smash their glasses to the ground and begin war cries that are unbelievably funny.   While the game has 3 levels:  Mind, Body, and Spirit; there are puzzles, trivia, and public humiliation mixed in.  And don’t forget that drinking is clearly an important part as well.  When we get to some of the trivia questions, we quickly realize that the gang must have been clearly intoxicated when documenting these.  For example, “all right what is the greatest band in the world?”  Dee immediately responds with “Chumbawamba” and Frank is confused on how this could possibly be trivia.  Or how about “Dennis is asshole.  Why Charlie hate?”  Charlie doesn’t think he wrote this question but then comes around when he finds out the answer is “because Dennis is a bastard man.”  The gang even anticipated that Mac will get angry later in the game and try to flip the board so they secured it to the bar and it turns out they were absolutely right, proving just how well they know their opponents. Frank turns the tables later on, however; when he is in the time out cage and realizes that Dee and Dennis are not drinking alcohol to throw off their opponents.  Even though Charlie and Mac are able to immediately advance to the last level because of this, Dee and Dennis still come out on top and win, smashing Charlie and Mac’s game pieces to…well pieces.

I hope you enjoyed the list and please feel free to post some of your own favorite moments and episodes from It’s Always Sunny below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

Throw-Back Sunday: Ranking the top 5 episodes of “Lost.”

It’s Throw-Back Sunday TV Fans! I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Fans everywhere were beyond disappointed that Lost was being taken off of Netflix streaming.  Lucky for us, Hulu swooped in to save the day and you can now watch your favorite moments again and again.  For today, I am going to be counting down the top 5 episodes from Lost.  Out of the 121 episodes of the series, it was extremely difficult to narrow this list down to just 5 episodes and I did include some honorable mentions as well.

Over my 16 re-watches of the show, these episodes have proven to be timeless and epic, truly making an impact on me as a person and resonating with me even years after the show has been off the air.  The entire series is filled with great episodes, all intertwining to create a masterpiece of story-telling, while keeping our favorite characters real and significant in the process.  These stand-out episodes take it a step further; however, surpassing our expectations as fans and surprising us with unforgettable moments.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not yet watched the series.  My top 5 episodes from Lost are:


“Ab Aeterno.” (Season 6, episode 9)

Ab aeterno 1 7

“I’ve changed my mind.  Are you listening to me?  Does the offer still stand?” (Richard from episode Ab Aeterno)

“Ab Aeterno” translated means “from eternity” in Latin, but in this context means “since the beginning.”  Appropriately named, this episode reveals the long awaited back-story of Richard Alpert.  Over the seasons, it is revealed that Richard does not age and is a sort of proxy for Jacob.  When time travel is introduced, Richard still remains exactly as he looks today, leaving fans wondering how his immortality is possible.  “Ab Aeterno” reveals Richard’s life before the island on the Canary Islands.  He desperately tries to save his wife, Isabella, but kills the doctor refusing her medicine by accident, resulting in his capture as a prisoner.   The secrets of “The Black Rock” ship in the middle of the jungle are also revealed in this episode.  Richard and the other prisoners are chained up as slaves and Richard witnesses the “smoke monster” destroy all other survivors on board.

Richard is quickly introduced to both the Man in Black and Jacob.  After the Man in Black’s failed attempt to trick Richard into killing Jacob, he is offered a job as a sort of “advisor” to the island.  While Jacob cannot absolve Richard of his sins, he does grant his wish to live forever.  The history of Richard and “The Black Rock” answers a lot of important questions for fans however; this episode is elevated beyond this, allowing us to empathize with Richard’s humanity and vulnerability.  Even after so many years of being on the island, he still misses his wife dearly and feels responsible for her death.  Richard is often seen in the background on Lost, but this episode allows him to step into the spotlight, revealing every depth of his character and proving his significance to the show.

Just like everyone else on the island, Richard has made mistakes in his past and is trying to start a new life.  While it may take him longer to realize his purpose, his journey to the truth is emotional and heart-breaking.


“The Constant.” (Season 4, episode 5)

The constant 1 7

“I love you, Penny.  I’ve always loved you.  I’m so sorry.  I love you.” (Desmond from The Constant)

My top 5 list would not be complete without including “The Constant.”  In the beginning of the episode, Desmond and Sayid are flying on a helicopter back to the freighter, when Desmond begins shouting in confusion, not remembering where he is or how he got there.  When they get to the boat, Desmond is connected with Daniel Faraday.  Desmond believes they are in the year, 1996 and Faraday explains that if his mind continues to jump back and forth, his injuries will be fatal.  He instructs Desmond to find a “constant” to prevent this from happening.  Desmond asks if a constant can be a person and Faraday confirms this.

Ultimately, Desmond must connect something, or someone in this case, from both timelines so that his mind ceases from jumping through time.  Sounds complicated, right?  While a lot of confusing theories about time-travel are introduced in this episode, Desmond’s everlasting bond with Penny is what makes this episode so classic to Lost.  Back in 1996, Desmond and Penny have broken up and he joined the military to prove his worth again to her.  He shows up on her door-step and begs her not to change her number and explains he will not be calling her for eight years.  Penny never gives up on Desmond and does answer the call on Christmas Eve, 2004, letting him know that she will keep looking for him.

Their love for one another is so transcendent and powerful, proving that it can stand the test of time, very much like this episode of Lost for me.


“Greatest Hits.”  (Season 3, episode 21)

Greatest hits 1 7

“It’s the five best moments of my…sorry excuse for a life.  My greatest hits.  You know, memories.  They’re all I’ve got.” (Charlie from Greatest Hits)

During season 3, it is revealed that Desmond can see the future and that Charlie is destined to die to the shock and disappointment of fans.  In “Greatest Hits,” Desmond has a different sort of flash, which involves Claire and her baby getting on a helicopter and finding rescue.  Charlie has accepted his fate and will do anything to help Claire and Aaron, proving that he has grown from being a selfish junky into a real hero.  As he gets ready to head out to the flooded “Looking Glass” Dharma station with Desmond, he takes the time to write down the five best moments of his life:

  • The first time that he heard his band’s breakout song on the radio.
  • His father taught him how to swim at Butlins.
  • The time when his brother Liam gave him their grandfather Dextor Stratton’s “DS” ring, for which Drive Shaft is named, as a Christmas present.
  • When Charlie saved a woman from being mugged and was called a hero.
  • The night following the crash, when he met Claire.

(Greatest Hits list credit to

What makes this episode so powerful is that we have previously watched Charlie show a glimmer of hope and change in episode, “The Moth,” but in “Greatest Hits” he has now become a man to be proud of, leaving the past behind him and holding on to his memories that changed his life for the good.  While Charlie does not die at the end of this episode like fans anticipated, it makes his death in the season 3 finale that much more heart-breaking.


“The Incident parts I & II.”  (Season 5, episodes 16/17)

The incident 1 7

“Come on! Come on! Come on, you son of a bitch!” (Juliet from The Incident)

While many of the season finales of Lost have been jam-packed with action and twists and turns, “The Incident” is on an entirely different level.  Jack accepts his destiny and believes that he was meant to detonate the hydrogen bomb to reset them back in time before Flight 815 ever crashed.  Some of the other Losties do not agree, reminding Jack that it wasn’t all misery and that they wouldn’t remember each other if he goes through with this.  Ultimately, they all side with Jack and support his efforts, defending each other at the Dharma Swan Site where a pocket of electromagnetic energy has just been hit.  While this chaos is occurring, each candidate is revealed to have met Jacob at some point in their former lives in a moment of great happiness or weakness.

For example, Jacob appears at Sun and Jin’s wedding, touches Locke’s shoulder after he is thrown out a window, and intervenes with a young Kate when she tries to steal a New Kids on the Block lunchbox.  Jacob proves to be a guiding force in their lives, even though they didn’t know it at the time.  Everything is about to change and the timelines will ultimately collide when Jacob whispers his last words after Ben murders him, “they’re coming.”  As if this could not get any more dramatic, Juliet gets caught in some chains and is dragged to the bottom of the Swan Site.  Sawyer and Kate desperately try to get her out of there, but she falls, leaving Sawyer in defeated tears, crushing fans everywhere.

At the end of the episode, Juliet’s eyes open and she is pinned under debris, but spots the hydrogen bomb.  She detonates it with a rock, refusing to let their efforts be thwarted.  The screen goes white for the first time in Lost history, leaving fans with a major cliff-hanger.

Some honorable mentions before revealing my number one episode of Lost are:

  • “LaFleur”
  • “The Brig”
  • “Meet Kevin Johnson”
  • “Some Like it Hoth”
  • “Expose”
  • “The Long Con”
  • “The Candidate”
  • “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”
  • “Through The Looking Glass”
  • “Across the Sea”


“Flashes Before Your Eyes.” (Season 3, episode 8)

Flashes before your eyes 1 7

“Please let me go back.  Let me go back one more time.  I’ll do it right.  I’ll do it right this time.  I’m sorry, Pen.  I’ll change it.  I’ll change it.” (Desmond from Flashes Before Your Eyes)

“Flashes Before Your Eyes” remains unchanging as my all-time favorite episode of Lost.  When I first watched the series, this is the episode that changed everything for me.  Don’t get me wrong, up until now I was completely hooked on Lost.  I watched every episode and paid attention to all of the details and character flash-backs, looking forward to what would happen each week.  When I first saw “Flashes Before Your Eyes,” the series became something more to me than just entertainment.  It had now become brilliant and life-altering for me.  Sure time travel and seeing the future has been done before on other shows, but Lost does it so well and seamlessly, making you almost believe that all of this is absolutely possible.

When Eloise Hawking first appeared and told Desmond “you don’t buy the ring…you have second thoughts,” I remember being shocked and intrigued.  The mystery of Lost was unraveling with Desmond at the very core of it all.  Desmond desperately tries to replay his former days, realizing that this is much more than a case of Déjà vu.  After he buys the ring for Penny and attempts to re-do his mistake, the past remains unchanged, as they get into a fight after he can’t afford to buy the photo of them.  Desmond is still holding on to a feeling of being unworthy of Penny, determined to do things right and be someone you can be truly proud of.  When Desmond is struck over the head in the bar, he snaps back into the present day timeline and is back on the island.  He is desperate and crying at this point, exclaiming that he’ll do it right this time and that he’ll change it, but he can’t go back and what’s done is done, leaving Desmond with a heavy burden to carry.

This moment was so powerful and unforgettable for me, leaving me in tears every time I watch, sympathizing with Desmond.  This is the moment that made me realize that Lost was truly the greatest show I would ever watch, impacting me on an emotional level and reminding me about what’s important in life.

I hope you enjoyed the list and please feel free to post some of your own favorite episodes from Lost below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl