5 reasons why you should watch “The Joel McHale Show” on Netflix

If you’re an avid television fan like me, then I’m sure you must remember The Soup which used to air on the E! Network hosted by the hilarious Joel McHale.  I watched The Soup for many years and was beyond disappointed when they announced they would no longer be airing new episodes.  For those of you who haven’t seen the show, Joel basically reviewed television clips from the prior week and provided us with entertaining commentary that seriously made you laugh out loud.  Whether it was a reality show or a soap-opera, Joel didn’t leave any show unturned.  I have even seen a few of Joel’s stand up comedy shows live and he does not disappoint.  If you have watched shows like Community or The Great Outdoors, you are only getting one side of Joel who is constricted by the scripted lines.  Not to say that they aren’t as funny, but when Joel is free to let loose and tell it how it is, that’s when his true humor emerges.  If you’re like me, then you constantly find yourself checking online for season premieres to make sure you don’t miss out on your favorite show’s premiere.  While doing so, I casually came across the premiere of The Joel McHale Show on Netflix and I almost fell out of my chair with excitement.  Joel is back and funnier than ever and the show will air every Sunday.  While it has been picked up for 13 episodes so far, I’m hoping that fans get the chance to experience the comedy genius better known as Joel McHale.  Please note some spoilers are ahead.  My top 5 reasons to check out The Joel McHale show are: 


Joel is not censored.

While Joel was extremely funny on The Soup, the show aired on basic cable and was censored.  While we absolutely got the full idea behind the joke, the censorship did get in the way.  Now airing on Netflix, Joel has free reign to curse as much as he wants to fully get his point across.  If you checked out the premiere that aired this past Sunday, then you will get the full idea when you come across a clip from a television show that aired in South Africa.  Trust me…it’s great.


Joel has fun plugging Netflix.

Joel had quite a bit of fun in his premiere, plugging his new home of Netflix.  The opening sound bite from Netflix surfaced quite a bit to poke a little bit of fun at their decision to hire Joel for a new show, but it’s all in good fun.  Joel was known for making fun of the E! network on an even greater level and often commented a lot on some of the other shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians without fear of consequence, but it looks like he is free to discuss whatever clips he wants on his new show, which fans will be delighted to see.


Joel takes a tour of Netflix.

Thoroughly excited about his new home on Netflix, Joel decides to provide his viewers with a backstage pass so they can see what all the buzz and excitement is about.  He even runs into some of his old co-stars from Community but seems more interested in who can provide him with the appropriate breakfast Danish.  Joel even makes it to the Stranger Things set and gets caught up in the upside down.  His comical screams of terror tell us he went a little too far to the left, but it looks like he will be ok for next week’s show.


Celebrity Guest Stars.

Joel was known for having quite a few stars stop by on The Soup, but it looks like he’s got quite a few more lining up for his premiere.  The beginning of the episode features Kevin Hart and when he is on his Netflix tour, he gets the chance to take a quick coffee break with Luke Cage star, Mike Colter and chat with Fuller House’s Jodie Sweetin who tries to cheer Joel up since he was only picked up for 13 episodes.  However, the best guest star of all has to go to….Jason Priestley!  Following a clip where someone mentions that both Joel McHale and Jason Priestley weren’t available for a backstage interview, Jason hilariously shows up with perfect timing.  Joel even jokingly calls him Luke Perry later on but it looks like we are in for some amazing celebrity guest stars along the way.


Surprising twists and turns…

Ok so the Joel McHale show probably won’t be known for surprising twists and turns, but they do know how to give fans a good cliff-hanger we can talk about for days.  It looks like an old friend is back…Mankini!  Although he is now going by another alias, “One Piece Man,” in the upside down, to avoid being sued by The Soup.  It looks like he’s back and better than ever!  Welcome back!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on The Joel McHale Show below.  If you haven’t already checked out the show, please do.  You won’t be disappointed.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


Ranking my top 5 Guilty Pleasures on Television

When you think about a guilty pleasure, what comes to mind?  Is it a type of candy you can’t live without or a fantastic collection of designer shoes?  For me, it all comes down to television.  While it’s no secret that I am beyond obsessed with movies and TV, there is something about the over-the-top shows filled with sexy melodrama and unbelievable plot twists that I can’t deny.

Whether the female leads are getting into scandalous dilemmas or weaving a dangerous web of deception, there is something about these particular shows that make me want to grab the popcorn and binge-watch all through the weekend in my pajamas.

My top 5 guilty pleasures on television are:


The Client List

Although this show only lasted for two seasons on the Lifetime network, this show screams guilty pleasure.  Jennifer Love Hewitt was cast perfectly, playing Riley Parks, a mother of two living in Texas who is just left by her husband.  Riley is left with a mortgage to pay and bills that seem never-ending, which causes her to find employment at “The Rub of Sugarland.”

While Riley starts out seeking a legitimate masseuse job, she realizes that this is not going to cut it if she wants to make ends meet for her family.  Riley quickly discovers that there is a client list which involves special customers who comes in looking more than a traditional massage.  Riley fully understands that this is illegal, but the opportunity is just too tempting for her to turn down.  Riley begins to compromise her moral compass and lies to her family, but she is ultimately trying to be the best mother she can under the circumstances.

The clients are intriguing enough with their “special” requests and fans wonder if Riley’s world will be shattered with each new plot twist, leaving viewers with an action-packed series finale that still have us asking lots of questions.


Secret Diary of a Call Girl

This popular series aired for 4 seasons on Showtime and is a British comedy starring the fantastic and beautiful Billie Piper as Hannah Baxter aka Belle (her escort alias).  While the show initially seemed like it may be a little bit too gratuitous, it’s easy to quickly fall in love with with Hannah or Belle and root for her with each episode.

The episodes are short (about 24 minutes each) so it makes this series extremely easy to binge-watch.  Belle allows the viewers the opportunity to get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to be a call girl.  While it may seem glamorous and have its perks on the outside,  Belle reveals a lot of the complicated aspects as well, including how extremely difficult it is to actually maintain a normal relationship when you are a prostitute.



This series aired for 4 seasons and used to be part of the summer lineup on ABC.  When one was in desperate need of some serious binge-watching when all of our other favorite shows were on break, Mistresses did an excellent job of capturing viewers with its fun and fancy-free attitude.

The ladies on this show were not shy of diving head first into drama, including extravagant affairs, secret relationships, and husbands faking their own deaths.  While many of the plot twists were clearly over-the-top, the fantastic women on this show did a great job of being believable and their close-knit friendships brought us back to the days of Sex and the City.

This series also ended on a huge cliff-hanger, but was the perfect summer fling to have during the off-season of television.


Devious Maids

Lasting for 4 seasons, this show was jam-packed with the perfect blend of spiciness, comedy, and mystery.  It’s no wonder that it came from the creators who brought us Desperate Housewives.  However, this show took the sexiness a step further than Desperate Housewives, which made the mysteries going on that much more exciting to solve and be a part of.

Like Mistresses, the women on this show have an undeniable bond and support each other through all of the chaos and drama surrounding them, but they don’t forget to have some fun along the way.  Like some of my favorite guilty pleasures, this show also ended on a huge cliff-hanger.  While I didn’t want to turn the page on this show just yet, it still provided me with just the right amount of laughs and gasps to go with a lazy weekend.


The Affair

So my number one pick has to go to Showtime’s The Affair.  While you may think you know what the show is about just from the title, you are seriously missing out if you don’t get caught up.  As I am anxiously waiting for season 4 to premiere, I am getting ready to re-watch the entire series.  It’s that good.

While the first season still remains my favorite and the most entertaining, each season allows us into the private thoughts of each character.  The show focuses primarily on Noah and Allison, giving us a glimpse into their souls as their worlds start to unravel right before their eyes, drowning them further and further into a darkness that has a more powerful calling than the ocean right outside their doors.

There is something hypnotic about this show.  It pulls you in right from the start and the decision to present the story from the different perspectives of each character makes you question everything, pulling the viewer in even deeper.  Just when you think you know what’s about to happen or unravel, there is another unexpected twist that will haunt you and resonate with you even long after watching the series.  The acting and writing is fantastic on this series, providing us with the perfect escape from the mundane.

I hope you enjoyed the list and please feel free to post your thoughts and comments below on some of your favorite guilty pleasures on television.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


Throw-Back Sunday: Ranking the top 5 episodes of “Lost.”

It’s Throw-Back Sunday TV Fans! I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Fans everywhere were beyond disappointed that Lost was being taken off of Netflix streaming.  Lucky for us, Hulu swooped in to save the day and you can now watch your favorite moments again and again.  For today, I am going to be counting down the top 5 episodes from Lost.  Out of the 121 episodes of the series, it was extremely difficult to narrow this list down to just 5 episodes and I did include some honorable mentions as well.

Over my 16 re-watches of the show, these episodes have proven to be timeless and epic, truly making an impact on me as a person and resonating with me even years after the show has been off the air.  The entire series is filled with great episodes, all intertwining to create a masterpiece of story-telling, while keeping our favorite characters real and significant in the process.  These stand-out episodes take it a step further; however, surpassing our expectations as fans and surprising us with unforgettable moments.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not yet watched the series.  My top 5 episodes from Lost are:


“Ab Aeterno.” (Season 6, episode 9)

Ab aeterno 1 7

“I’ve changed my mind.  Are you listening to me?  Does the offer still stand?” (Richard from episode Ab Aeterno)

“Ab Aeterno” translated means “from eternity” in Latin, but in this context means “since the beginning.”  Appropriately named, this episode reveals the long awaited back-story of Richard Alpert.  Over the seasons, it is revealed that Richard does not age and is a sort of proxy for Jacob.  When time travel is introduced, Richard still remains exactly as he looks today, leaving fans wondering how his immortality is possible.  “Ab Aeterno” reveals Richard’s life before the island on the Canary Islands.  He desperately tries to save his wife, Isabella, but kills the doctor refusing her medicine by accident, resulting in his capture as a prisoner.   The secrets of “The Black Rock” ship in the middle of the jungle are also revealed in this episode.  Richard and the other prisoners are chained up as slaves and Richard witnesses the “smoke monster” destroy all other survivors on board.

Richard is quickly introduced to both the Man in Black and Jacob.  After the Man in Black’s failed attempt to trick Richard into killing Jacob, he is offered a job as a sort of “advisor” to the island.  While Jacob cannot absolve Richard of his sins, he does grant his wish to live forever.  The history of Richard and “The Black Rock” answers a lot of important questions for fans however; this episode is elevated beyond this, allowing us to empathize with Richard’s humanity and vulnerability.  Even after so many years of being on the island, he still misses his wife dearly and feels responsible for her death.  Richard is often seen in the background on Lost, but this episode allows him to step into the spotlight, revealing every depth of his character and proving his significance to the show.

Just like everyone else on the island, Richard has made mistakes in his past and is trying to start a new life.  While it may take him longer to realize his purpose, his journey to the truth is emotional and heart-breaking.


“The Constant.” (Season 4, episode 5)

The constant 1 7

“I love you, Penny.  I’ve always loved you.  I’m so sorry.  I love you.” (Desmond from The Constant)

My top 5 list would not be complete without including “The Constant.”  In the beginning of the episode, Desmond and Sayid are flying on a helicopter back to the freighter, when Desmond begins shouting in confusion, not remembering where he is or how he got there.  When they get to the boat, Desmond is connected with Daniel Faraday.  Desmond believes they are in the year, 1996 and Faraday explains that if his mind continues to jump back and forth, his injuries will be fatal.  He instructs Desmond to find a “constant” to prevent this from happening.  Desmond asks if a constant can be a person and Faraday confirms this.

Ultimately, Desmond must connect something, or someone in this case, from both timelines so that his mind ceases from jumping through time.  Sounds complicated, right?  While a lot of confusing theories about time-travel are introduced in this episode, Desmond’s everlasting bond with Penny is what makes this episode so classic to Lost.  Back in 1996, Desmond and Penny have broken up and he joined the military to prove his worth again to her.  He shows up on her door-step and begs her not to change her number and explains he will not be calling her for eight years.  Penny never gives up on Desmond and does answer the call on Christmas Eve, 2004, letting him know that she will keep looking for him.

Their love for one another is so transcendent and powerful, proving that it can stand the test of time, very much like this episode of Lost for me.


“Greatest Hits.”  (Season 3, episode 21)

Greatest hits 1 7

“It’s the five best moments of my…sorry excuse for a life.  My greatest hits.  You know, memories.  They’re all I’ve got.” (Charlie from Greatest Hits)

During season 3, it is revealed that Desmond can see the future and that Charlie is destined to die to the shock and disappointment of fans.  In “Greatest Hits,” Desmond has a different sort of flash, which involves Claire and her baby getting on a helicopter and finding rescue.  Charlie has accepted his fate and will do anything to help Claire and Aaron, proving that he has grown from being a selfish junky into a real hero.  As he gets ready to head out to the flooded “Looking Glass” Dharma station with Desmond, he takes the time to write down the five best moments of his life:

  • The first time that he heard his band’s breakout song on the radio.
  • His father taught him how to swim at Butlins.
  • The time when his brother Liam gave him their grandfather Dextor Stratton’s “DS” ring, for which Drive Shaft is named, as a Christmas present.
  • When Charlie saved a woman from being mugged and was called a hero.
  • The night following the crash, when he met Claire.

(Greatest Hits list credit to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greatest_Hits_(Lost)

What makes this episode so powerful is that we have previously watched Charlie show a glimmer of hope and change in episode, “The Moth,” but in “Greatest Hits” he has now become a man to be proud of, leaving the past behind him and holding on to his memories that changed his life for the good.  While Charlie does not die at the end of this episode like fans anticipated, it makes his death in the season 3 finale that much more heart-breaking.


“The Incident parts I & II.”  (Season 5, episodes 16/17)

The incident 1 7

“Come on! Come on! Come on, you son of a bitch!” (Juliet from The Incident)

While many of the season finales of Lost have been jam-packed with action and twists and turns, “The Incident” is on an entirely different level.  Jack accepts his destiny and believes that he was meant to detonate the hydrogen bomb to reset them back in time before Flight 815 ever crashed.  Some of the other Losties do not agree, reminding Jack that it wasn’t all misery and that they wouldn’t remember each other if he goes through with this.  Ultimately, they all side with Jack and support his efforts, defending each other at the Dharma Swan Site where a pocket of electromagnetic energy has just been hit.  While this chaos is occurring, each candidate is revealed to have met Jacob at some point in their former lives in a moment of great happiness or weakness.

For example, Jacob appears at Sun and Jin’s wedding, touches Locke’s shoulder after he is thrown out a window, and intervenes with a young Kate when she tries to steal a New Kids on the Block lunchbox.  Jacob proves to be a guiding force in their lives, even though they didn’t know it at the time.  Everything is about to change and the timelines will ultimately collide when Jacob whispers his last words after Ben murders him, “they’re coming.”  As if this could not get any more dramatic, Juliet gets caught in some chains and is dragged to the bottom of the Swan Site.  Sawyer and Kate desperately try to get her out of there, but she falls, leaving Sawyer in defeated tears, crushing fans everywhere.

At the end of the episode, Juliet’s eyes open and she is pinned under debris, but spots the hydrogen bomb.  She detonates it with a rock, refusing to let their efforts be thwarted.  The screen goes white for the first time in Lost history, leaving fans with a major cliff-hanger.

Some honorable mentions before revealing my number one episode of Lost are:

  • “LaFleur”
  • “The Brig”
  • “Meet Kevin Johnson”
  • “Some Like it Hoth”
  • “Expose”
  • “The Long Con”
  • “The Candidate”
  • “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”
  • “Through The Looking Glass”
  • “Across the Sea”


“Flashes Before Your Eyes.” (Season 3, episode 8)

Flashes before your eyes 1 7

“Please let me go back.  Let me go back one more time.  I’ll do it right.  I’ll do it right this time.  I’m sorry, Pen.  I’ll change it.  I’ll change it.” (Desmond from Flashes Before Your Eyes)

“Flashes Before Your Eyes” remains unchanging as my all-time favorite episode of Lost.  When I first watched the series, this is the episode that changed everything for me.  Don’t get me wrong, up until now I was completely hooked on Lost.  I watched every episode and paid attention to all of the details and character flash-backs, looking forward to what would happen each week.  When I first saw “Flashes Before Your Eyes,” the series became something more to me than just entertainment.  It had now become brilliant and life-altering for me.  Sure time travel and seeing the future has been done before on other shows, but Lost does it so well and seamlessly, making you almost believe that all of this is absolutely possible.

When Eloise Hawking first appeared and told Desmond “you don’t buy the ring…you have second thoughts,” I remember being shocked and intrigued.  The mystery of Lost was unraveling with Desmond at the very core of it all.  Desmond desperately tries to replay his former days, realizing that this is much more than a case of Déjà vu.  After he buys the ring for Penny and attempts to re-do his mistake, the past remains unchanged, as they get into a fight after he can’t afford to buy the photo of them.  Desmond is still holding on to a feeling of being unworthy of Penny, determined to do things right and be someone you can be truly proud of.  When Desmond is struck over the head in the bar, he snaps back into the present day timeline and is back on the island.  He is desperate and crying at this point, exclaiming that he’ll do it right this time and that he’ll change it, but he can’t go back and what’s done is done, leaving Desmond with a heavy burden to carry.

This moment was so powerful and unforgettable for me, leaving me in tears every time I watch, sympathizing with Desmond.  This is the moment that made me realize that Lost was truly the greatest show I would ever watch, impacting me on an emotional level and reminding me about what’s important in life.

I hope you enjoyed the list and please feel free to post some of your own favorite episodes from Lost below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

Ranking the top 5 moments from “Supernatural” season 13 episode 9: Dream-walking out of this world

Happy Friday TV fans! The weekend is almost here, but I find myself needing to discuss the mid-season finale of Supernatural before diving into any other shows.  After watching the CW’s Supernatural season 13 episode 9 last night, I am wondering exactly where everyone is and I am most concerned for the Winchester brothers.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, Sam and Dean are reunited with Jack, realizing that he is good after all.  Dream-walkers are introduced into the mix and some familiar friends return to warn us that something wicked comes this way.  Meanwhile, the angels are after Jack and will stop at nothing to capture him, but this doesn’t stop him from attending an addiction meeting along the way.  My top 5 moments from Supernatural season 13 episode 9 are:


Jack attends an addiction anonymous meeting.  He is there to find the dream-walker, but he needs to take a page from Sam and Dean’s book on how to come up with a convincing cover story.  Kaia is a young dream-walker who is suffering from a drug addiction as she desperately attempts to escape “the bad place.”  When she crosses paths with Jack, she asks why he is there and he enthusiastically responds with “cocaine!” Kaia later refers to him as “cocaine boy” which keeps the laughs coming, as she is no fool and realizes that he is absolutely something other-worldly.


Patience is back.  I was thrilled at the introduction of psychic, Patience a few episodes back and was wondering if we would see her again.  Luckily for the Winchester brothers, Patience has a vision and realizes that they are all in serious trouble.  She makes a difficult choice when her father tells her she cannot come back if she decides to go down this route.  Patience remains strong and realizes that she must embrace her destiny because it is the right thing to do.  She knocks on Jody’s door to tell her that they are all in great danger, leaving fans trapped in a cliff-hanger that we are all anxiously waiting to see unravel.  Either way, it is great to see Patience back and I am looking forward to the development of her character.


Jack is able to see Sam and Dean’s mother.  While viewers have been able to see what is going on with Mary, Sam and Dean have been completely clueless regarding her well-being, fearing the worst.  When Jack taps into the power of the dream-walkers, he is able to get close enough to see her through a door to another world.  It is clear that Mary is in desperate need of rescuing, but now that Jack is there, how are they going to escape?


Jack tells Sam and Dean that they are his family.  When Sam and Dean are riding in the car with Jack they express how worried they were that he would be looking for his father, Lucifer.  This word strikes a confused look on Jack’s face as he explains that Sam, Dean, and Castiel are his family and that is why he was trying to do one good thing for them and find their mother.  Although Jack is still very new to this world and his powers are alarmingly strong and dangerous, he possesses a child-like vulnerability and clearly does understand what family means, warming the hearts of us viewers in this touching moment.


Kaia and Jack send everyone through the open doors of worlds via dream-walking.  While we know that Jack is in Mary’s world, Sam and Dean are somewhere else entirely, waking up inside an enormous foot-print of something otherworldly.  Is this the danger that Patience predicted in her vision?  Is this the “bad place” that Kaia feared? How will they get out of there and find one another? The mid-season finale leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions, but if there is one thing I’m certain of, it’s that Sam and Dean Winchester can escape the inescapable.  It’s just a matter of how and when.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Supernatural below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl