5 reasons why you should watch “The Joel McHale Show” on Netflix

If you’re an avid television fan like me, then I’m sure you must remember The Soup which used to air on the E! Network hosted by the hilarious Joel McHale.  I watched The Soup for many years and was beyond disappointed when they announced they would no longer be airing new episodes.  For those of you who haven’t seen the show, Joel basically reviewed television clips from the prior week and provided us with entertaining commentary that seriously made you laugh out loud.  Whether it was a reality show or a soap-opera, Joel didn’t leave any show unturned.  I have even seen a few of Joel’s stand up comedy shows live and he does not disappoint.  If you have watched shows like Community or The Great Outdoors, you are only getting one side of Joel who is constricted by the scripted lines.  Not to say that they aren’t as funny, but when Joel is free to let loose and tell it how it is, that’s when his true humor emerges.  If you’re like me, then you constantly find yourself checking online for season premieres to make sure you don’t miss out on your favorite show’s premiere.  While doing so, I casually came across the premiere of The Joel McHale Show on Netflix and I almost fell out of my chair with excitement.  Joel is back and funnier than ever and the show will air every Sunday.  While it has been picked up for 13 episodes so far, I’m hoping that fans get the chance to experience the comedy genius better known as Joel McHale.  Please note some spoilers are ahead.  My top 5 reasons to check out The Joel McHale show are: 


Joel is not censored.

While Joel was extremely funny on The Soup, the show aired on basic cable and was censored.  While we absolutely got the full idea behind the joke, the censorship did get in the way.  Now airing on Netflix, Joel has free reign to curse as much as he wants to fully get his point across.  If you checked out the premiere that aired this past Sunday, then you will get the full idea when you come across a clip from a television show that aired in South Africa.  Trust me…it’s great.


Joel has fun plugging Netflix.

Joel had quite a bit of fun in his premiere, plugging his new home of Netflix.  The opening sound bite from Netflix surfaced quite a bit to poke a little bit of fun at their decision to hire Joel for a new show, but it’s all in good fun.  Joel was known for making fun of the E! network on an even greater level and often commented a lot on some of the other shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians without fear of consequence, but it looks like he is free to discuss whatever clips he wants on his new show, which fans will be delighted to see.


Joel takes a tour of Netflix.

Thoroughly excited about his new home on Netflix, Joel decides to provide his viewers with a backstage pass so they can see what all the buzz and excitement is about.  He even runs into some of his old co-stars from Community but seems more interested in who can provide him with the appropriate breakfast Danish.  Joel even makes it to the Stranger Things set and gets caught up in the upside down.  His comical screams of terror tell us he went a little too far to the left, but it looks like he will be ok for next week’s show.


Celebrity Guest Stars.

Joel was known for having quite a few stars stop by on The Soup, but it looks like he’s got quite a few more lining up for his premiere.  The beginning of the episode features Kevin Hart and when he is on his Netflix tour, he gets the chance to take a quick coffee break with Luke Cage star, Mike Colter and chat with Fuller House’s Jodie Sweetin who tries to cheer Joel up since he was only picked up for 13 episodes.  However, the best guest star of all has to go to….Jason Priestley!  Following a clip where someone mentions that both Joel McHale and Jason Priestley weren’t available for a backstage interview, Jason hilariously shows up with perfect timing.  Joel even jokingly calls him Luke Perry later on but it looks like we are in for some amazing celebrity guest stars along the way.


Surprising twists and turns…

Ok so the Joel McHale show probably won’t be known for surprising twists and turns, but they do know how to give fans a good cliff-hanger we can talk about for days.  It looks like an old friend is back…Mankini!  Although he is now going by another alias, “One Piece Man,” in the upside down, to avoid being sued by The Soup.  It looks like he’s back and better than ever!  Welcome back!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on The Joel McHale Show below.  If you haven’t already checked out the show, please do.  You won’t be disappointed.  Happy viewing!


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