Ranking the top 5 moments featuring Debbie from “Shameless” season 8: “I can feel the fetus growing inside me as I sit here!”

Happy Monday TV fans!  When looking back on season 8 of Shameless, I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the character story-lines for Debbie this year.  In the past, Debbie has been over-the-top and somewhat annoying.  I much preferred the story-lines of Fiona and Lip.  However, this year Debbie stepped into the spotlight.  While she is somewhat embracing her role of motherhood, she is not about to compromise her dreams of becoming a welder so that she can provide for her daughter and stay fierce in the process.  For today, I am going to be recapping and ranking the top 5 moments featuring Debbie from season 8.  Whether she was doing some interesting research on Google, befriending a dog named Toto, or stirring up frenzy with her “sexy welder girl” photo shoot, Debbie was absolutely hilarious with her antics. Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the full season yet.  My top 5 moments featuring Debbie from Shameless season 8 are:


Debbie welds a dumpster to Dr. Dick’s car. (Moment from Season 8, episode 7)

Just when Debbie convinces her boss to give her another chance at the parking garage, using Baby Franny’s cuteness to her advantage, she learns that she needs to be nicer to customers.  Debbie gives customer service her best effort, utilizing words like “please” and thank you.”  However, there is one customer who insists on pushing her buttons and speaks to her in a condescending way.  She upsets him so much that he even proceeds to get out of his car and destroy property.  Debbie has the last laugh, however; when she puts her new welding skills to good use.  She literally welds his car to a dumpster and admits to her boss that she knows she is fired now but it was totally worth it.


Debbie befriends a dog named, Toto. (Moment from Season 8, episode 9)

To make some extra cash for Welding school tuition, Debbie takes on a job watching someone’s dog.  The adorable dog, Toto, has a unique set of skills that Debbie was not expecting, however.  At first, Debbie thinks the dog has a problem with everyone when he continues to bark randomly, as if alerting her to something.  After Debbie witnesses a drug-bust and finds the product, she realizes that Toto must have been a “drug dog” in the past.  She quickly enlists his help as her new “drug supplier” to obtain the money she needs to go to school.


“Sexy Welder Girl Looking for Work.” (Moment from Season 8, episode 8)

It’s no secret that Debbie is now out of a job after her stunt with Dr. Dick’s car.  Debbie is freaking out the entire episode, fearing she might be pregnant.  After taking several pregnancy tests, Lip takes her to the Planned Parenthood clinic to put her at ease.  In the waiting room, Debbie reveals her panicked fear to Lip:  “I can feel the fetus growing inside me as I sit here!”  Debbie continues to wait for the results, but is not about to put her job-hunt on pause.  She convinces Liam to take “sexy” photos of her for her Craig’s List ad: “Sexy welder girl looking for work.  No job is too small or too big.”  When she gets an immediate call-back, I was slightly concerned about what this job would entail, however; it did seem to be a legitimate welding job.


Debbie has less than 67 hours…make that 39 hours to obtain the morning after pill.(Moment from Season 8, episode 6)

After Debbie wakes up, she realizes that she has once again made the mistake of unprotected sex.  She is not about to have another baby and a count-down clock appears on the screen as she sets off to get the morning after pill.  However, to Debbie’s horror, they are out of it at the local store.  She tries another pharmacy, but is carded and they refuse to sell of her because she is not 17.  When Debbie tries to enlist the help of a fellow shopper, she tries to run on her, and Debbie pounces on her and attacks her, leading to them both ending up in jail.  What makes this moment even funnier is that Debbie is in the middle of face-timing baby Franny during the fight.  Just when it seems that time is running out and Debbie has no other choice than to embrace her fate, her friends bail her out of jail, cause a distraction at the pharmacy, and obtain the pill, allowing Debbie to coast by in just the nick of time.


Debbie Googles “do you need your toes?” (Moment from Season 8, episode 11)

An important question for sure, but our poor Debbie’s welding accident has left her in quite the jam.  The doctor informs her that the surgery to repair her three damaged toes costs $50,000 which is somewhat out of her current budget.  The other option is to lose all three toes which would cost in the lower thousands, but Debbie decides to do it herself the old fashioned way.  After Liam passes out at the sight of her toes, Debbie tries to do the horrible deed herself but also faints.  Luckily for Debbie, Frank walks in and without a moment’s hesitation, cuts them off, commenting on how the burnt flesh “smells like steak.”  Glad it sparked his appetite, but it looks like the “Sexy Welding Girl” will need to switch to some boot apparel.

What’s next for Debbie in season 9?  We will have to stay tuned to find out, but I am hoping she thinks long and hard about what’s truly best for Franny.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Shameless below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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