Thank You “Supernatural.” Season 15 episode 20 Series Finale: “Carry On”

Happy Friday TV fans! Well this is it. 15 years of watching the Winchester brothers hunt monsters and the end is finally here. But was it everything you wanted in a series finale? After watching The CW’s Supernatural season 15 episode 20, the show returned to its roots and reminded us that in the end…it’s all about family. 

Please note MAJOR SPOILERS are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.

In episode 20, “Carry On,” Sam and Dean cope with life after the defeat of Chuck. Their lives have become somewhat routine, but there is a glimmer of potential when a new case gets thrown their way.

For today, I’m not going to rank my top moments from the episode. Rather, I want to simply reflect on what I witnessed and thank the Winchester brothers for having such an impact on me for 15 long years.

So I knew that the series finale would feel different. The writers hinted that it would give fans of a feeling of nostalgia and I think that it did achieve that along the way. We got to see Dean line up to try every pie imaginable at a festival and even Sammy had some fun as well.

Supernatural Pie 1

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The episodes of SPN that have always done well were the weekly ones that took a break from the heavy plot points. The ones that just focus on Sam and Dean taking Baby out for a ride to hunt some monsters and save some people along the way.

Well, that’s what we got, but it took an unexpected turn…

After tracking down a nest to help two boys in need, Dean realizes that something has stabbed his back and that he is fading fast. He gets the chance to tell Sam everything he needs to before he dies, which was heart-wrenching to hear…especially when Sam told him that it was okay and that he could go, honoring Dean’s request.

While this was incredibly moving and well portrayed by both actors, I kept sitting there wondering if this was all some kind of cruel joke. Is this really how we want to watch Dean die? Honestly, I thought he deserved much better than this. I get what the writers did. They wanted Dean to die on a routine hunt instead of making it some kind of grand gesture like with Castiel, but really…

Dean 1

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Sam is left behind with Dean’s dog (so glad he was in the final episode) and he gives him a hunter’s funeral. We get a montage with a heavy Kansas soundtrack and watch Sam carry on with his own life without Dean. He still fights the good fight, but he also has a child named Dean and a wife…who is not Eileen?! Seriously…what is going on?

Supernatural Sam and Son

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Meanwhile, Dean is up in heaven and it made perfect sense to have Bobby as his guide. We learn that heaven is quite different now thanks to Jack and Castiel.

Supernatural Dean Bobby

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OK…so how about we see Jack and Castiel? Mary…John…Crowley…hello, anyone?!

Sam lives out his life and we have to witness his sad excuse for a wig when he walks in the garage to see Baby again. When he is on life support, his own son tells him that it is okay and he can go, bringing things full circle.

Dean has been riding around in heaven and when he gets to the bridge, he turns around and says, “Hey Sammy.”

Sam and Dean

Images courtesy of The CW

This was probably the only brilliant moment of the episode for me. In the end, the show has always been about the love that these two brothers have for one another and I appreciated this reunion at the end.

However, are we really going to leave Castiel out in the cold?

This really got me thinking about other disappointing series finales of brilliant shows. The 100, Game of Thrones, and Dexter come to mind. It may come down to personal preference and I am sure a lot of fans did enjoy the episode, but I guess I just thought we were going to witness something truly beautiful and epic.

Don’t get me wrong…the intention was there. I saw it and I thought the ending shot was truly wonderful. However, the execution in so many parts was lacking and this was an issue for me.

I started to think about how the show could have ended and even the season finale episode would have worked better. You could have just had Sam and Dean riding off into the sunset to continue fighting the good fight, free to write their own stories.

Or, you could have ended the show with the 300th episode, having the Winchester family sit down for supper.

Sam and Dean 2

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I just don’t know how I feel about this, but I am not going to let it taint my overall opinion of this show. When I think about Supernatural, it has a special place in my heart and it always will.

This show has lasted so long because of the love between these brothers and I am forever grateful for the laughs, tears, and memories along the way.

Thank you, Supernatural. You will be missed…but never forgotten.

Carry on…


Ranking the top 5 moments from “Supernatural” Season 15 Episode 8: “You Didn’t Deserve That”

Happy Friday TV fans!  After watching The CW’s Supernatural season 15 episode 8, we were reminded that one doesn’t always get what he or she deserves, but we need to keep fighting one day at a time even if we can’t always tip the scale back to make things truly right.

Please note major spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet. 

In last night’s episode, “Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven,” Dean comes up with a plan to find Chuck’s weakness.  Meanwhile, Adam finally returns, the new Queen of Hell is revealed, and Eileen tries to work a case of her own.

My top 5 moments from Supernatural season 15 episode 8 are:


“No, I’m saying he has a weak spot.”

Dean may be on to something here even if he doesn’t know what an Achilles heel is.  He thinks that they can use the Demon tablet to find out Chuck’s weakness, but they need someone who can read it.

Donatello makes another welcomed appearance, but things get tricky when Chuck begins to talk through him, reminding the Winchesters that Chuck/God is always watching.


“You could do worse.”

The will they-won’t they vibe continues between Sam and Eileen and Dean takes a moment to tell Sam that he can be happy with her.  Sure, they have both tried the family life before, claiming it wasn’t for them, but Eileen gets the hunter lifestyle and would be a welcomed addition.

Although this might be tricky now that Chuck/God has just lured Eileen and Sam into a parking lot alone.  What are Chuck’s plans for Eileen?  Will Sam lose Eileen again before he gets a chance to tell her how he feels?

I can’t wait to find out!


“Hello boys.”

After traveling to Hell to find Michael, the boys run into the new Queen of HellRowena.  They are clearly in shock to see Rowena again, but she feels right at home being dead and I have to say that she makes a pretty bad ass queen.

That being said, I sort of felt like Rowena’s re-appearance on the show took away from her sacrifice.  Rowena’s sacrifice really helped her character reach its peak and now she’s kind of right back where she started again.

And if we can see Rowena again, where the hell is Crowley?


“I will help you.”

After Castiel shows Michael the truth about Chuck/God, Michael agrees to help them.  He explains that there is a spell to weaken Chuck, but they need the nectar from the Leviathan blossom in order for the spell to work.

And of course, this nectar can only be found in Purgatory, so it looks like Dean and Castiel will be making a special trip back there.

This should give us some more cameos and adventures along the way.  Next stop, Purgatory!


“You didn’t deserve that.”

Adam finally makes his return on the show and Dean and Sam learn that Michael does allow him to have control here and there.  I guess being locked away in a cage for so many years can get really lonely.  Sam and Dean apologize to Adam and tell him that they were wrong and he didn’t deserve that, but I’m not sure one can truly accept an apology for being banished to rot away in Hell.  Family…you gotta love them.

Either way, I was glad to see Adam back on the show because I often used to feel like the writers just sort of abandoned his story completely and moved on, so I thought this was an important connection for the final season.

Overall, the episode felt slightly transitional and I am more interested in Chuck/God’s deadly adventures at a casino, but it looks like Sam will be getting up close and personal with him when new episodes return on January 17th.

Stay tuned SPN family!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Supernatural in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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