Ranking the top 5 moments from “Younger” season 5 episode 3: “Sometimes I am blind to what’s right in front of me.”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching TV Land’s Younger season 5 episode 3 last night, I learned that sometimes you want to believe in the lie so much that you start to actually think that it’s the truth.  Only it eats away at you until you ultimately make the decision on whether or not to release it.  Even though it may be easier to have others believe in the story, sometimes being real and upfront can show others that a happy ending is possible, but it may not be in the cards right now and that’s perfectly OK.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “The End of the Tour,” Pauline is having a difficult time coping with the end of her marriage when she goes on her book tour.  Meanwhile, Kelsey joins a new dating app, Lauren tries to talk some sense into Josh, and Charles confronts Liza.  My top 5 moments from Younger season 5 episode 3 are:


“You probably don’t need to get that detailed.”

As Pauline prepares for her book tour, she has trouble coping with the fact that her marriage is over.  Diana suggests that she “postpone the truth,” but Pauline is interested in what Liza thinks.  Liza explains that people find themselves wanting to believe in the story, but Pauline is not so sure she can keep the lie going.  After over sharing about her sexcapades with Charles outdoors, Liza gently reminds her that perhaps they don’t need to get that detailed with the lie, but it seems like Pauline is hanging on by a thread at this point.


“You’re a born romantic.”

After being dumped by Claire, Josh is trying his best to move on and have as much meaningless sex as possible.  However, Lauren tries to set him straight on this and explains that as his roommate there should be some common courtesy, which includes “no roamers, no moaners, and no giving out the Wifi password.”  I have to say that I am loving the budding friendship between Lauren and Josh.  Sometimes Josh needs someone to just tell him how it is without worrying about hurting his feelings.  Josh confides in Lauren that he thinks that he might have already met the right person and Lauren shows off her softer side when she tells him that if it’s meant to be, nothing will keep them apart.  While we don’t know if Josh and Liza will patch things up anytime soon, it looks like Lauren will be a good influence on him.


“My story isn’t over and my happy ending is still out there.”

Pauline’s book tour isn’t going exactly according to plan.  While she is able to read a passage from her book eloquently, once we get to the question and answer portion she breaks down in tears whenever she is asked about her own personal relationship and how she was able to get back together with Charles.  In “Marriage Vacation,” she has a passage where she compares her sex life to a restaurant and is asked what restaurant it represents now.  Pauline hilariously breaks down in tears and blurts out something about Korean Barbecue and how it’s so “spicy.”  When Charles comes to one of her readings, Pauline cannot pretend anymore.  She tells the audience the truth and explains that her story isn’t over just yet.  Pauline feels much better now that she has cleared her conscience and it seems like her readers will respect her even more now.


“I love your confidence.  Sometimes it’s even sexy…sometimes.”

The sparks continue to fly between Kelsey and Zane and escalate even further when Zane comes up on her Yara dating app, which is apparently a big deal.  Kelsey is not as excited about it, but starts to think that it may have more potential than she initially gave it credit for when it also presents a potential match in Jake who will be working with both her and Zane.  Kelsey even asks him if “three’s a crowd,” which seems like it will now present even more of a dilemma for Kelsey both professionally and romantically, but we will have to stay tuned to see how this unfolds.  Either way, I am loving the vibe between Kelsey and Zane, but it seems like she is having mixed feelings at this point.


“Sometimes I am blind to what’s right in front of me.”

After brooding for some time, Charles confronts Liza at the end of the episode and asks her, “Who are you?”  Clearly Charles is hurt and frustrated when he finds out that she has been lying to him all this time.  He tells her that she betrayed him and that their relationship will be a professional reporting one from now on.  Liza tries to interject and suggests that perhaps she should leave instead, but Charles harshly reminds her she did all of this to be able to work.  When Charles walks away from Liza, the lie has finally caught up to her and I’m not sure if she will be able to mend his broken heart.  Perhaps it’s about time Liza comes clean with everyone, but is it too late for that?

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on Younger below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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