Ranking the top 5 moments from “Supernatural” season 14 episode 4: “Time To Slice and Dice!”

Happy Friday TV fans!  Everyone enjoys a good horror movie marathon.  Well maybe some people more than others, but what happens when the horror comes to life?  Is it your dream come true or your worst nightmare?  After watching the CW’s Supernatural season 14 episode 4, Dean pretty much indicated that this is the coolest thing ever and I agree, as this has been my favorite episode so far this season.  Supernatural did what it does best, providing us with some laugh out loud funny moments with some campy horror mixed in.  More of this please!  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Mint Condition,” Sam tries to get Dean out of his funk by telling him about a case that involves toys coming to life, which immediately grabs his brother’s attention.  As Sam and Dean try to figure out exactly what they are dealing with, they both bond with a different comic book store owner and Sam finally reveals why he hates Halloween.  My top 5 moments from Supernatural season 14 episode 4 are:


“Our life is a scary movie.”

In the beginning of the episode, Dean is enjoying some pizza and watching a horror movie marathon, which includes one starring “Hatchet Man” with the catch phrase, “Time to Slice and Dice!”  I have to admit that Dean was absolutely adorable in this scene, but Sam is not too impressed with Dean’s decision to stay in his room all the time.  While Dean listens to Sam, he takes this time to comment on the fact that Sam has shaved his beard.  Sam tries to get Dean to stay on track and reminds him that “our life is a scary movie.”


“She’s like your wonder twin.”

After Sam tells Dean about an action figure supposedly coming to life and attacking someone, Dean is in and ready for a case.  He enthusiastically says, “Thundercats…seriously!”  Sam and Dean head off to the comic book store to check things out and Dean thinks the girl owner is Sam’s wonder twin right down to her delicate features and luxurious hair.  Sam takes this time to point out the other owner in the horror section with a lollipop, suggesting that he is Dean’s double.  This joke proceeds to go even further, as both Winchester brothers spend some quality time with their “twins” and realize that they actually do have quite a bit in common.


“Why do you know what that means?”

Sam and Dean track down the comic book store employee who was attacked named Stuart.  Stuart is beyond hilarious, as he insists on voicing his opinions loudly to his opponent in a video game.  After trying to figure out who might have a motive to hurt Stuart, he talks about his ex-girlfriend who was into “wicca.”  When he talks about “mirl,” Dean is beyond confused and Sam explains that this means “meeting in real life.”  I laughed so hard when Dean asked Sam how he knew what that meant, keeping this episode super fun and light.  Dean suspects that a witch might be involved, but they soon find out that they are dealing with the ghost of the former owner of the comic book store who is not the biggest fan of Stuart.


“Unless it’s Godzilla…it’s real!”

After Dean is almost taken out by a flying chainsaw, Stuart ends up in the hospital and they decide to keep an eye on him, as the ghost is clearly targeting him.  Stuart’s best friend hangs around too and Dean starts to realize that actually do have a lot in common and are both huge fans of the “Hatchet Man” movies.  Dean explains, “I like to watch movies where I know the bad guy is going to lose,” actually shedding some light on another reason why he has been locked up in his room for so long, not ready to truly cope with what happened with Michael.  The ghost decides to possess a “Hatchet Man” animatronic and heads to the hospital, which is a thrill for Dean and his new pal.  Meanwhile, Sam bonds with the girl owner and they try and figure out how to stop the ghost once and for all and realize that they pretty much think the same way.  When “Hatchet Man” arrives, Dean grabs an ax and is ready to face his favorite horror movie villain.  Dean vs. Hatchet Man…place your bets!  This fight is absolutely hilarious, as “Hatchet Man” proceeds to press the button on his chest so that his famous catch phrases are said, which makes the battle that much more epic for Dean.  After the key-chain is destroyed, the ghost is eliminated and the threat is over, but Dean reminds us that this was absolutely awesome and I agree!


“Why do you hate Halloween?”

The moment we have all been waiting for is here, as Sam finally tells Dean why he hates Halloween so much.  After Sam gives Dean a pep talk on the ride back, Dean agrees to come out of his room more even though he will not be able to just erase what happened with Michael.  Now that this is resolved, Dean takes this opportunity to find out exactly why Sam hates Halloween.  After initially saying, “You don’t want to know,” Sam finally opens up and talks about a girl named Andrea he used to like and how she invited him over for a Halloween party.  Sam had been super nervous and when he had to bob for apples, he ended up puking everywhere…even on Andrea.  Sam spent the rest of the night hiding out in the woods traumatized while he waited for Dean.  Poor Sam!  Dean decides that it’s time for him to get over this and that they can dress up as a “dynamic duo” next year like Batman and Robin or perhaps Thelma and Louise, which is beyond hilarious.  Overall, this episode was extremely entertaining and I have a feeling I will continue to watch it every Halloween.  Let’s keep these episodes coming!  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Supernatural in the comments section below.  Happy viewing!

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