Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” season 3 episode 8: “The Hellmouth of Riverdale”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Riverdale season 3 episode 8, we were reminded that “there’s no such thing as normal” in our favorite mysterious town.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In tonight’s episode, “Chapter Forty-Three:  Outbreak,” Archie and Jughead are reunited with Jughead’s mother and sister.  Meanwhile, there is a mass seizure at school and Cheryl finally gets some well deserved screen time, reminding us that no one messes with her “TT.”  My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 3 episode 8 mid-season finale are:


“You can stay here for as long as you like…even permanently.”

In the beginning of the episode, the Vixens all collapse in the school hallway with a mass seizure, only Cheryl is not impacted.  Cheryl is horrified by this and rushes to Toni’s side, as she calls for help.  It looks like everyone will be OK, but this leads to Cheryl taking care of her “TT” and giving her some much needed bed rest.  Cheryl offers to let Toni stay with her indefinitely, which is a sweet and romantic gesture.  While we still only got about less than five minutes of screen time for our favorite couple, it was sweet to see Cheryl care for Toni in this way.  Toni seems more than willing to move in, as long as she is the “big spoon,” which seems like a fair compromise.  But why was Cheryl immune to the mass seizure?  Her mother later has a seizure as well, which makes me wonder what her connection is, but I still don’t have much to go on here.


“They tried to banish me to New York.”

After Veronica has a seizure, she is brought home and her mother and father suggest that she goes off to New York, but Veronica is not about to leave Riverdale anytime soon.  Veronica continues to challenge her parents and recruits Reggie to find out some information about “fizzle rocks.”  Hiram clearly wants Veronica on his side and is impressed by her, but Veronica continues to remain strong, even though Archie has left her.  However, it looks like Veggie fans will get an opportunity to see a steamy moment between these two, as new episodes in January could lead to a new potential romance for Veronica and Reggie.  But what will Archie have to say about this?


“Drop the butter knife, bitch.”

Jughead and Archie meet up with Jughead’s mother, Gladys Jones, and his sister, Jellybean.  His family is very excited to see him and his mother is actually pretty hilarious, as she initially thinks that Archie and Jughead are together romantically and they kindly correct her, informing her that it’s really more of a “bromance.”  Later on, Penny shows up to stir up some trouble, but Jellybean is not about to let her threaten her family, as she puts her slingshot skills to the test.  Gladys then takes a turn and suggests that she and Penny have some quality “girl time” together, as she gets some information about Hiram’s plan.  I have to say that Jughead’s family is pretty bad-ass, but Gladys makes the right call when she has FP and Fred show up.  Archie continues to go on his journey alone, but he knows that his father is there for him no matter what.  I’m just wondering when Archie will decide to return home.  It looks like Riverdale is in desperate need of his help right now.


“You messed with my squad, which means you messed with me.”

Cheryl and Veronica team up and prove that they are not scared of the adults in Riverdale at all.  While Veronica openly challenges her father, Cheryl is on board to torture her mother into a confession by dumping buckets of maple syrup on her.  Penelope eventually gives in and talks about Hiram’s plan to turn Riverdale into his own “kingdom” or “Vice City.”  Cheryl is a queen and is not about to let anyone threaten the Vixens or her beloved “TT.”  Seriously, you don’t want to get on Cheryl’s bad side.


“Follow me, your Griffin Queen.”

During the episode, we learn that Betty has been playing the part all too well at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, which Cheryl hilariously refers to as “the hellmouth of Riverdale.”  Betty takes her “candy,” but later vomits to ensure that she has a clear mind.  Betty recognizes that the Gargoyle King hallucinations are coming from the drugs and tries to recruit Ethel.  After locking Ethel up in the Gargoyle King’s chambers, Ethel comes down from her high and realizes that she is merely standing before a statue of a gargoyle.  Ethel agrees to help Betty and they capture Sister Woodhouse, looking to finally get some concrete answers.  Sister Woodhouse reveals that the game was created within their walls, but that it never should have been released into the world.  So who released the game?  Betty continues her plan by playing the part of the “Griffin Queen” to help everyone escape from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, but do they have anywhere to go now?

The town of Riverdale is now under quarantine, which means that no one can leave and no one can get back in.  At the end of the episode, Hiram is pleased and cheers to the King, revealing that he is also seeing the Gargoyle King.  So who is the actual Gargoyle King?  Whoever he or she is, they are calling the shots.  Also, Betty pointed out that the Gargoyle King is a hallucination, but we know that Alice also saw him when she was not on fizzle rocks like the rest of the Midnight club, so does this have any significance?  Alice is caught up with the farm and we still have a lot to learn about them as well.  Overall, it was a jam-packed mid-season finale and I am looking forward to new episodes returning January 16th Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale in the comments section below.  Happy viewing!

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