Ranking the top 5 moments from “Shameless” season 9 episode 11: “The Hobo Games”

Happy Sunday TV fans!  After watching Showtime’s Shameless season 9 episode 11, I realized that you may train and train for your moment in the spotlight, but you should never underestimate the power of social media.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In tonight’s episode, “The Hobo Games,” Frank makes it into the final round of competition to become the Hobo Loco Man, but Ingrid tries to make him choose between the game and her.  Meanwhile, Fiona’s behavior does not improve, Carl gets promoted at work, and Debbie grows closer to Kelly.  My top 5 moments from Shameless season 9 episode 11 are:


“I’m pregnant.”

In this episode, Tami keeps Lip at a distance and even blows him off when she is supposed to take him and Xan to their meeting.  Lip finally tracks Tami down and she reveals that she is pregnant, which shocks Lip.  Lip has a lot of things going on in his life right now, but he would absolutely be there to support Tami.  But does she want his help?  We’ll have to stay tuned to find out, but I’m really hoping that Tami doesn’t shut Lip out because these two are adorable together.


“Why is that my scrotum’s fault?”

An excellent question, Kev.  V wants Kev to get a vasectomy, especially since their two children are threatening any other kids that live in their home.  Kev is hesitant about this and even calls “bullshit on vasectomies,” but V means business.  After hearing another patient screaming, Kev decides to pretend that he had the surgery and ends up spending the day “masturbating” and “learning the dance in Fortnite,” while high on his pain medication.  V gets a call at work and finds out that Kev never had the surgery and she reminds him that he will be going back there to complete it.  I guess it was worth a shot, Kev.


“Girl’s day!”

Debbie begins to grow closer to Kelly and explores her desires further.  Carl is not pleased by this, as he is not looking to compete over his girlfriend with his sister.  Debbie and Kelly have a fun water fight outside that Carl’s new co-workers are impressed by, but Carl reminds Debbie that Kelly is not a lesbian.  Will she give up on her new crush?  We’ll have to wait and see, but the “girl’s day” was a blast to watch for sure.


“I’m not quitting this!”

Frank and Mikey O. make it to the last round of the Hobo Loco Man competition and Frank is ready to win his $50,000 grand prize.  After testing his blood alcohol content, he is told that his “blood is basically jet fuel,” but Frank has been training for this moment for quite some time.  In the end, Frank is slightly distracted when Ingrid tries to get him to leave and Mikey O. and him both miss jumping on the train.  Frank assumes that he will still get a prize, but we learn that the default winner is chosen by how many social media fans someone has and Gloria takes the top prize.  I mean, she did end up going topless for her fans, which shows dedication and commitment.  Ingrid also makes the decision to leave with Randy, so it looks like Frank is left with nothing.  Sorry Frank, my money was on you!


“I want you out of this f*cking house.”

In the beginning of the episode, Fiona wakes up in a random hotel room and stoops to a new low, when she steals some Oxy to make a few extra bucks.  We find out that Deb did pay her bail to get her out of jail, but Fiona still needs to pay her fair share.  Later in the episode, Fiona is caught off guard during an unannounced home check to determine if Xan can stay there.  Lip is upset and Fiona tries to track him down to make things right, but she ends up having a drink and talking about her problems with Lip’s sponsee, Jason.  Fiona pours him a drink, which causes Jason to call up his dealer, ending his 100 days of being sober.  Lip is beyond angry at Fiona.  Fiona tries to explain that she didn’t know, but Lip tells her that she simply didn’t care to and that he wants her out of the house.  Fiona is shocked and hurt by Lip’s words, but will it be enough to help her get back on track?  There are only three episodes left this season and I am still wondering how Fiona will leave the show.  I’m really hoping that Jimmy comes back to take her away and help her, so that we get a happy ending, similar to Ian being reunited with Mickey, but there are endless possibilities.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts on Shameless below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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