Ranking the top 5 moments from “Supernatural” season 14 episode 18: “Absence”

Happy Friday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Supernatural season 14 episode 18, Dean reminded us that sometimes we get a “get out of jail free card,” but nothing is ever really for free and everything has its price.  Please note major spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Absence,” Sam and Dean try to track down Jack and Mary with Rowena’s help and make a shocking discovery.  Meanwhile, Jack continues to be burdened by his guilt and receives a visit from an unlikely guide.  My top 5 moments from Supernatural season 14 episode 18 are:


“You cannot come back from that.”

After the major cliffhanger last week, we catch up with Jack, who is having trouble processing his actions.  Jack is greeted by Nick…or Lucifer…or actually him in his subconscious.  Nick/Lucifer/Jack channels his inner Jiminy Cricket and acts as a sort of guide or conscience for Jack, but what direction is he really pulling him toward?  Jack desperately wants to find a way to make things right and bring Mary back, as he realizes that Sam and Dean may never forgive him, but can he really accept the consequences of his actions?


“They were never alone.”

Even though we find out that Mary Winchester is truly gone, we get to see her in a series of flashbacks done brilliantly in black and white sprinkled throughout the episode.  One of my favorite flashbacks featured her and Castiel when Mary first returned from the dead.  Castiel asks Mary if she is still afraid of him and it was interesting to see how much of an impact Mary made on each and every one of them.  Later in the memory, Castiel tells Mary how happy Sam and Dean are now that she has returned to them so they don’t have to be alone and she tells Castiel that they were never alone, truly appreciating how much Castiel has looked after Sam and Dean for so many years like family.


“Don’t even say her name.”

Once Sam and Dean begin to realize that something terrible has happened, Dean’s anger gets the best of him.  Castiel comes clean with Dean and explains that he knew that something was wrong with Jack and Dean says, “If he did something to her then you’re dead to me.”  Castiel tries to explain that he was scared and that he wanted to believe that Jack was good, which is understandable, but we know that Dean has gone through so much and has a beautiful bond with Mary.  It was heartbreaking to see this reaction, but I’m hoping that he will follow Mary’s lead and continue to try and do the right thing.  However, I constantly notice that Sam, Dean, and Castiel keep things from one another to protect them and it seems like Jack has picked up on this behavior as well.  Maybe it’s about time they begin to share everything with one another to avoid moments like this.


“Mary Winchester is no longer on this earth.”

Sam and Dean look to Rowena for help, but Jack has the same idea.  Jack tries so hard to make things right, but sometimes dead is just dead.  Rowena was absolutely fantastic in this episode and it was interesting to see her try and reason with Jack.  She could have tried to fight him, but she tries to get through to him, telling him that they all want the same thing, which really shows how far Rowena has come as a character.  However, it looks like it might be too late for Jack, as he fails to bring Mary back and he is left with his subconscious Nick/Lucifer/Jack telling him that he can no longer trust the Winchesters.  Is Jack too far gone or is there some way they can still reach him?


“She is happy.”

The most resonating moment for me was when we got to see Dean’s flashback of Mary.  It wasn’t a long conversation or some epic moment.  It was just the two of them driving back together with Mary sleeping on his shoulder.  I thought that this memory was so powerful and important, reminding us that it’s the series of little moments that truly count.  Even though Mary is gone, Castiel peeks in on her personal heaven and tells Sam and Dean that she is happy and at peace with John.  Mary Winchester is complete even though this may impact Sam and Dean for the rest of their lives, but at least she is not suffering.  I had tears in my eyes when the last scene of the episode focused in on the desk with Sam, Dean, and Mary’s initials all carved in the center of it, reminding us that this bond will never be broken and that they will see each other again one day.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Supernatural in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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