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Villanelle and Eve on Killing Eve, better known as Villaneve!  The tension between these two has been building for two seasons now and there is so much untapped desire swirling around, begging to come out, but will Villaneve fans ever get the moment they have been waiting for?  Please note some spoilers are ahead.  Eve’s interest in tracking down Villanelle turned into an obsession in season one, but in season two, she has been discovering her darker side.  The dynamic between these two amazing characters shifted and it was interesting to see Villanelle searching for a true connection and something human, while Eve has been dancing with the devil, wondering if she has that killer instinct that comes so naturally to Villanelle.

One of my favorite moments for Villaneve in season one is when Villanelle invites herself over for dinner and Eve fears that she is initially there to kill her.  Villanelle slams her against the refrigerator and asks her if she is wearing her perfume, which escalated this game of cat and mouse into something more seductive, surprising Eve.  These two continued to share an infatuation, but Eve sparked something even greater by stabbing Villanelle in the season one finale.  You would think Villanelle would want to kill her, but she is excited by this action, recognizing that perhaps her and Eve are actually very much alike and that this proves that she really cares for her.  I mean, I guess flowers and chocolates are no longer necessary here.

During season two, the relationship between Villaneve heats up even more, as these two work together and end up becoming closer because of it.  In the episode prior to the season finale, Villanelle continues to talk to Eve over her earpiece, which prompts Eve to have sex with Hugo, while Villanelle listens in, providing these two with a beyond intimate moment.  In the season finale, Eve kills Raymond to save Villanelle, while Villanelle watches her with pleasure.  Eve has finally reached that dark side she has been exploring and Villanelle thinks that they now have a chance to be together.

Only, nothing is simple for Villaneve, as Eve begins to panic and have second thoughts, realizing that Villanelle essentially manipulated her into killing in front of her, since Villanelle had a gun with her the entire time.  In a heated moment, Villanelle slaps Eve across the face, which was probably one of the steamiest moments I have witnessed on the show.  Shout out goes to @greyhound001 on Twitter, who was amazing enough to remind me of this and I have to say that I agree 100 percent.  There is something so twisted and wrong with Villaneve and yet it works and draws the audience in even more.

Villaneve gif.gif

What’s next for Villaneve?  We’ll have to stay tuned to find out, but we are left with a major cliffhanger in the season two finale and we know that Villanelle always gets what she wants.  Has she gone too far though?  Is there any hope for Villaneve to FINALLY share a kiss?  The suspense is killing me!  I can’t wait to see what happens next for these two!

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