My Ship of the week ending 6/15/19 on TV goes to…

Liza and Charles on Younger, better known as Charliza or Team Charles!  The chemistry between these two has been building and building for the entire series and last season, Team Charles fans everywhere got to rejoice, witnessing some sweet and steamy moments between these two.  However, it looks like their relationship can finally begin to define itself now in season 6.  Please note some spoilers are ahead.  Charles has given up so much for Liza, but clearly she is worth it.  Even though Charles has essentially sacrificed his career to choose Liza, he is finding his true identity with her, finally feeling free.  

Charliza is now also out in the open, but there is still a lot of drama surrounding them.  Scandal is following Charles’s departure, as news of his affair is leaked and Kelsey is initially blamed and there’s also the fact that Charles is still legally married.  Even though things are still beyond complicated, Charles and Liza are trying to make it work and I think that goes to show that “nothing worth having comes easy.”  Against all odds, I root for these two, even though Liza did have a fair amount of sparks with Josh.  However, with Charles, it just seems like these two connect on another level.  They understand each other and their friendship is adorable.

What’s next for Charliza?  We’ll have to stay tuned to find out, but it looks like Liza may be put in an awkward position in terms of her career when she has to choose loyalty to either Charles or Kelsey.  Even though Charles has given up so much for her, is Liza ready to do the same?  I’m hoping so, but I know that the road will continue to twist off unexpectedly for Charliza, but I expect them to come out even stronger than before.  These two are meant to be and they deserve a real chance at happiness.  I can’t wait to see what happens next for these two!

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2 thoughts on “My Ship of the week ending 6/15/19 on TV goes to…”

  1. Great post!

    Younger is one of my absolute favorite series, and I am so happy its back on tv again. I agree, I really like Charles and Liza together. I was a bit nervous after the last season finale because that look on both of their faces made it seem like they might have slightly regretted everything. But after the first episode, it looks like things are okay for now. Thank goodness for that because they are really great together.

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