Ranking the top 5 moments from “Supernatural” Season 15 Episode 6: “I Learned From The Best”

Happy Friday TV fans!  After watching The CW’s Supernatural season 15 episode 6, we learned that even if we don’t make the rules, that doesn’t mean that we should give up.  What we do matters, but sometimes we have to see it for ourselves to be convinced.  Please note major spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet. 

In last night’s episode, “Golden Time,” an old friend crosses paths with Sam and Dean.  Meanwhile, Castiel attempts a case of his own, realizing that perhaps he is needed after all.

My top 5 moments from Supernatural season 15 episode 6 are:


“I know how it ends…”

In the beginning of the episode, Sam crosses paths with Eileen.  Remember her?  Well, Eileen is now a ghost and she escaped from hell, but she is now disappointed to find out that she will not be able to get into heaven either, as the Winchesters share what they learned from Kevin.

Sam decides to try and help Eileen by obtaining one of Rowena’s crystals, hoping that he can do something for her soul, but Dean wants to sit this one out for now.

I always felt a vibe between Sam and Eileen in previous episodes, so I’m wondering if there may be a chance for them now…


“You miss her.”

Rowena kept a secret stash for her powerful spells and documents, as Sam begins to go through some of her journals.  Eileen recognizes that Sam really misses Rowena and it’s clear that he is still feeling guilty about killing her, even though he knows it had to be done.

Sam comes across a spell that Rowena had been working on for their mother to bring her back to life and now suddenly realizes that perhaps he can finish it and help Eileen.

I love that we are still feeling Rowena’s presence even though she is gone.  Sam is the only living person who can apparently walk into her place unharmed and it seems like she has left everything for him to find, knowing that he would be able to continue her work.


“I learned from the best!”

Witches are after Rowena’s secret stash as well and the head witch plans on using Rowena’s spell to bring back her daughter.  Magic like this can only be used once, so Sam is not about to miss his chance to help someone he loves again.

After Dean shows up with perfect timing to help, it looks like Sam may be out of luck, but he ends up showing off how he learned from Rowena, taking down his enemy with a spell  of his own.  Go Sam!  Rowena would be so proud!


“It’s time for me to get back in the game.”

We finally catch up with Castiel in this episode and learn that he is on…vacation!  Well, at least he’s trying to enjoy some time relaxing and fishing, but Castiel finds himself caught up with his very own case after a boy goes missing.

Castiel agrees to help a worried mother and runs into a Djinn, taking him out, and reminding him that nothing will be able to protect him from Cass.  I was absolutely loving bad-ass Castiel in this moment!

Castiel heals the boy and reunites him with his mother, now realizing that perhaps it is finally time for him to get back in the game.  We need you Cass!


“Because we’re the guys who break the rules.”

Sam is able to use the spell to bring Eileen back to life, so I think it’s safe to say that perhaps romance isn’t off the table for these two.  Either way, this was a heartwarming moment and I think Sam really needed to do this to remind him that their actions do matter.

Dean is now taking his turn at feeling defeated, but Sam reminds him that he needs him and that they will find a way to beat Chuck/God.

Perhaps we need everyone back together again in order to make some real progress here, but I’m hoping that Sam and Dean can put their angst aside in order to continue the good fight.

Stay tuned SPN family!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Supernatural in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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