Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” Season 4 Episode 16: “The Locked Room”

Happy Thursday TV fans! After watching The CW’s Riverdale season 4 episode 16, we were reminded that faking your own death is no simple task. Illusions can certainly take a toll, but is it all worth it in the end to solve the perfect murder?

Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet. 

In last night’s episode, “Chapter Seventy-Three: The Locked Room,” Jughead and Betty are determined to wrap up the case once and for all. The mystery is solved, but there may be a few loose ends left after all…

My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 4 episode 16 are:


“Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Jughead Jones channels his very own Mark Twain, revealing that he is actually alive to the Stonewall Prep cronies and Mr. DuPont. He’s not holding anything back anymore and he and Betty lock everyone in the room together, determined to get to the bottom of the mystery before they open the doors again.

Riverdale The CW 1
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We certainly get a lot of reveals jam-packed into this episode. We discover that the goal was to execute the perfect murder against him so that one of his classmates could obtain the contract to the Baxter Brother series.

Mr. Chipping’s role comes into play as we learn that Moose was the original target, but Mr. Chipping decided to get him out of there before anything happened to him. This is not the first time this formula of perfect murder has been put into place, as we learn that every single ghost writer for the Baxter Brothers series went through something similar and of course they are ready to lawyer up.

Our “friendly neighborhood doctor of death” played his part to make it look like Jughead was dead, which is something I had predicted earlier on so I was happy to confirm this theory.

As the pieces all come together, Bughead is ready to serve some justice. You should really never mess with the ultimate dynamic duo…


“Let’s loop back to the original sin.”

Good idea, Jughead! Even though the Stonewall Prep cronies are responsible for Jughead’s attempted murder, Mr. DuPont is far from innocent. We learn that he murdered his three classmates and made their deaths all look like accidents.

Any time someone got close to the truth, he took them out of his way. We learn that Jughead was brought into the mix because Mr. DuPont was trying to lure out his grandfather, Forsythe, to really tie up all loose ends.

Riverdale The CW 2
Images courtesy of The CW

Well, Forsythe is “live and in the flesh,” as he shows up with FP to confront Mr. DuPont. It’s certainly over for Mr. DuPont, but he decides to jump out of the window to commit suicide rather than deal with the consequences of his own actions.

Seriously, they must fix that window a lot…


“The counter to your counter.”

Bret doesn’t seem too worried, ready to take a deal and lawyer up to protect himself, but Charles has another idea in mind. He leaves the room while FP and Jughead take over, serpent style.

Bret is beaten into a confession and it looks like he finally got what he deserved. This guy was asking for a punch every single time he opened his mouth.

So long, Bret! Hope to see you never!


“You wanted revenge.”

Even though Bret is beyond annoying, the real mastermind of the group has always been Donna. Our girl Betty pays Donna a visit, revealing that Donna’s grandmother was Jane Dallas Brown, one of the original classmates murdered by Mr. DuPont. In addition, we discover that Mr. DuPont stole the idea of Tracy True from her, explaining why Donna wanted to take over the series so much.

Donna initially doesn’t seem threatened by Betty, but Betty promises to leak this story to everyone if she doesn’t back down from the contract. After all, she can link this “entire web of death” back to her.

Tracy deserves better! Go Betty!


“Your secret’s safe with me.”

Even though the mystery is solved, Cheryl takes a moment to point out that the kiss between Betty and Archie looked pretty real. Betty assures her that it was all an act, but perhaps there was an unforeseen consequence to all of this.

Is there hope for Barchie or will Bughead continue to thrive?

Riverdale The CW 3
Images courtesy of The CW

We’ll have to stay tuned to find out. The drama now moves toward the new variety show, as Archie decides to make another vow or toast to the group. Let’s see how this one works out…

New episodes return April 8th! Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale in the comments section below. Thank you so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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