My performance of the week ending 3/14/20 on TV goes to…

Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler on AMC’s Better Call Saul season 5.

The entire cast of Better Call Saul is extremely talented and it’s difficult to outshine the infamous scene stealer himself, Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman, but somehow Rhea Seehorn’s performance each week continues to move me. Kim Wexler is the heart of the show and she is always so brilliant and believable.

**Please note some spoilers are ahead if you are not caught up on the series.**

While Saul (formerly known as Jimmy) is known to cut through some red tape to make things happen, Kim always tries to do things by the book. Sure, she certainly has had some fantastic cons with Jimmy, but you truly empathize with her internal struggle to be taken seriously as a lawyer.

Better Call Saul AMC 1
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I honestly don’t know anyone who works harder and sometimes it takes a toll on her, but she is so driven to fight for things in the right way. However, Kim recognizes that following the book doesn’t always pay off even when she has gone through every possible scenario and detail. I actually get so annoyed with the team from Mesa Verde and how they treat Kim.

They take advantage of her and don’t see how valuable she truly is. In season 5, episodes 3 and 4, Kim tries to reason with a man who refuses to leave his home, which is on land owned by Mesa Verde. Kim stands her ground, but also gets a wake-up call when the man asks her about her own morals.

Kim does everything in her power to try and find another way, but when her ideas are dismissed, she starts to realize that perhaps she does need Jimmy/Saul to get some real justice.

Kim’s moral compass is what makes her such a likable character. We accept and know that Jimmy/Saul is going to entertain us with his schemes, but Kim wavers back and forth between what is actually right and wrong. Out of all the characters on the show, Kim is the one I relate to the most. She is so real and convincing and my heart goes out to her whenever something bad happens to her because she doesn’t deserve it.

What’s next for Kim Wexler? We’ll have to see how her team-up with Saul pans out, but I’m hoping that Kim can find her way and earn the respect and recognition that she deserves. I’m also wondering what’s next for Kim and Saul. I think that they are such an adorable couple and almost remind me of a modern day Bonnie and Clyde in the attorney world, but we also know that Kim is not mentioned or seen in the Breaking Bad series.

Better Call Saul AMC 2
Images courtesy of AMC

Was it a bad breakup or do they part on good terms? I’m not sure, but it’s clear that Saul needs Kim in his life. They both are conflicted in different ways and somehow bring out the best in one another. I’m hoping that with the series wrapping up next year, we will get some kind of concrete answers and closure for them.

Since we do flash forward to the future quite a bit, there is still hope for Saul to make things right with Kim, but I am also nervous about what actually split them up in the first place because it honestly breaks my heart even though I don’t know what actually happened.

Through it all, this series continues to be one of the best on television and Rhea Seehorn shines every single week with her incredible performances. Kim Wexler is one of the strongest female characters on television right now and she is an inspiration to women everywhere. Let’s just hope that she doesn’t get caught in the middle of another mess because she deserves the world and then some.

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