Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Walking Dead” Season 10 Episode 12: “Walk With Us”

Happy Sunday TV fans! After watching AMC’s The Walking Dead season 10 episode 12, we were reminded that “things don’t always work out the way you want” and sometimes what you desire most of all can lead to your downfall.

Please note MAJOR spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet. 

In tonight’s episode, “Walk With Us,” the war is here, as we get a few unexpected casualties. Meanwhile, Negan finally gives Alpha what she wants, leading to the epic ending you have been waiting for.

My top 5 moments from The Walking Dead season 10 episode 12 are:


“I’ll never walk with her.”

The opening of the episode is beyond intense. There are still flames everywhere as our group defends Hilltop. Lydia refuses to walk with her mother and runs off, but ends up bumping straight into Negan. She is initially relieved to see him, but it looks like he has another agenda up his sleeve. Where does Negan’s loyalty lie? We’re about to find out…


“Her hand just slipped out of mine.”

In the midst of all the chaos, Yumiko actually spots an injured Magna in the crowd.

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Magna was able to survive the cave-in, but says that she lost track of Connie and couldn’t find her. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Connie is dead and I am remaining positive about one of my favorite characters on the show, but I was glad to see that Magna is all right.

Magna and Yumiko take a break from the war to break up, earning some screen time during the episode.



After Mary finally gets a chance to hold baby Adam, we witness a sweet moment. It’s good to see family back with family except they are being followed by a hungry horde of walkers. Mary sacrifices everything to protect her nephew and leads the walkers away, taking them out one by one.

Images courtesy of AMC

Only Beta is waiting for her and stabs her, waiting for her to turn so that she can walk with Alpha. Mary’s actions were so brave and I was honestly so upset to see her die after showing so much promise and potential.

After being turned, Alden shoots her with an arrow to prevent her from falling victim to such a cruel fate. Beta runs off again and even takes out one of his own followers to protect his identity.


“I can stay here with you.”

Judith has always been so strong and mature, but she certainly grows up a lot after this episode and my heart goes out to her. The plans goes slightly off when Ezekiel is separated from the kids, but Earl gets them to the safe house.

Judith discovers that Earl has been bitten and offers to stay with him so that he does not have to be alone. Earl tells her that he is not alone and tells her not to come out again so that he can stop himself as a threat.

It’s not that easy to stab your own brain as we find out and poor Judith is left to take out undead Earl. Daryl and the others find the kids and they are all safe, but this has clearly taken a toll on Judith and I’m pretty sure that she has gone through more things than any other kid on the planet…ever.

Images courtesy of AMC

Even though this was heartbreaking to watch, I finally felt like Judith got a true moment to shine, channeling Carl quite a bit here.


“Took you long enough.”

Negan informs Alpha that he has found the thing she is looking for, leading her off to where he has Lydia held captive. After an interesting Lion King debate, Negan actually reveals quite a bit about his own feelings after his wife died.

Alpha explains that it is Lydia’s destiny to die because she loves her. Lydia has always been Alpha’s weakness and as Lydia breaks free, we discover that she is in a different shack.

Alpha finds her own shack empty and Negan swiftly slashes her throat. He rolls her undead animated head toward Carol, revealing that these two make quite the team.

This was probably one of the best episodes I have seen on the series and I was very satisfied with this outcome. Welcome back to the team, Negan!

So, now that Alpha is dead, what does this mean for the fate of The Whisperers? Is the threat really over or will they take revenge?

Stay tuned! Next week we finally catch up with Michonne!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on TWD in the comments section below. Thank you so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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  1. It will be fun to see Melissa and Jeffrey share some screen time together (I hope) I figured she had let him out but I do wish the show would have seeded it just a little bit better.

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