Checking in on “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 6: Game Changer

Happy Wednesday TV Fans! When we last checked in on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, Virginia was still running things while Morgan started to gather his people at his new potential home.

I’ve been waiting for Fear TWD to find its edge again. That raw intense one it had in the very beginning of the series. After several seasons of singing kumbaya without any major character deaths, I was beginning to lose hope.

And then season 6, episode 8 aired which was a complete game changer for the series.

**Please note MAJOR spoilers are ahead if you are not caught up on the series.**

In season 6, episode 8, we check in on John Dorie, who has really lost his will to live. He contemplates taking his own life, but Morgan and Dakota show up to try and get him to come with them.

Morgan was in a very similar situation a while back and John Dorie was the one to give him the motivation to live again so Morgan tries to do the same for his friend.

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Although John Dorie was introduced later in the series, he quickly became a fan favorite. He always saw the good in people and refused to change his moral compass even though the world has changed, which can be a good thing and a bad thing.

His relationship with June was one of the most beautiful ones I have ever witnessed on a show and there is an authentic and real quality to their marriage. It is far from perfect and both of them have run away from their mistakes before, but they always find a way back to each other.

As we fast forward through the episode, John agrees to help Morgan and Dakota clear the bridge but he wants to be left in peace after that. Morgan takes matters into his own hands and radios to Virginia where John is so that he doesn’t have a choice, explaining that he is not going to sit by and let his best friend die.

Fear TWD season 6 episode 8 1

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After a few close calls with the horde, it looked like we were right back where we started again and then Dakota decided to show her true colors.

John sees the knife that Dakota uses on a walker and realizes that she was the one who killed Cameron. Dakota explains that he ruined her way out and now she needs to continue to keep her secret…

After John puts away his own weapon, Dakota shoots John in the chest and pushes him over the bridge.

We get this incredible moment where John is drifting to the bottom of the water but sees the photo of him and his dad and it is enough to motivate him to make it to the surface.

Morgan confronts Dakota and we find out that she was the one who initially saved Morgan’s life because she thinks that he is the only one who can actually kill her sister.

Morgan radios over to Virginia and tells them to look for John in the water and that he might need help and of course poor June is there.

June discovers John in the water and he has already turned. In a heart shattering moment, she stabs him in the head, which really had my emotions stirring.

Fear TWD season 6 episode 8 2

Images courtesy of AMC

While this is an incredibly heartbreaking moment, this needed to happen.

We needed a major character death to remind us that this is a show about the zombie apocalypse. While I appreciate the messages of hope, there has to be something that truly motivates the rest of the group to stand up against Virginia and this is it.

When you think about the other characters on the show, it had to be John to go. He was the representation of all that is good in the world and when he changed his mind about ending his life, this death became that much more tragic to me.

I also think that Dakota showing her true colors is a game changer. I was honestly getting tired of the Virginia plot and Dakota may be an even more dangerous threat. She’s clearly a sociopath and it goes to show us how dangerous children can be growing up in this world.

Look at Lydia in TWD. She grew up with a monstrous mother and still managed to turn things around, but she could have easily fallen off the deep end. Dakota is the other end of the spectrum and I am really intrigued by this plot and I have to give it to the writers who really made this twist and reveal work in their favor.

As long as Fear TWD continues on this new path, they will be able to reclaim those moments of sheer perfection I witnessed earlier in the series.

Keep it going, Fear TWD! I can’t wait to see what happens now!

I hope you enjoyed the review and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Fear TWD in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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